Soccerscene is the online business platform for Australia and Asia football industry serving as a practical guide to those involved in the business of running a football club at every level.

With the largest readership of decision makers within the football industry, Soccerscene continues to make huge strides within the industry when linking buyers & sellers as well as providing insight, discussion, research and information on all topics that impact the football industry.


Featuring product reviews, case studies, interviews, research and comment on all the areas that touch the industry from finance, stadia development, technologies, products, safety & security to disability & governance, to name but a few. Soccerscene is the first port of call for information in this ever growing industry.

Readers & Distribution
Our readers/targeted demographic are those who have a vested interest in what happens off the field in the football industry. We look to provide our target audience with a unique insight into how important decision are made, what directions companies are seeking to take the game in as well as many other aspects of the football industry we will aspire to cover.
Why Soccerscene
We are a very unique magazine in that we have found a niche in the market that we not only see great potential for but also one which unites all our staff’s passions for this area of the industry. We will aim to be simple yet detailed, professional yet relatable and above all else, hard working to ensure our work is of the best quality possible.
Professionally written editorial coupled with expert contributors
Our philosophy is that nothing gets published unless it’s up to industry standards and that it meets politically correct principles. We will report honestly, openly but most importantly we will report in a straight forward and simple manner whilst also maintaining a high level of professionalism.
Committed to supporting our commercial partners
The team at Soccerscene highly values the work being done by our commercial partners in the industry. We provide a wide variety of contribution and coverage opportunities, to maximise the value of our partners’ involvement with the publication.

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