Ausco Modular: Providing football clubs with infrastructure solutions across Australia

As football participation numbers continue to rise across Australia, so does the demand for appropriate community facilities for football clubs.

Modular buildings, which are built offsite in factories, have a range of benefits for clubs looking to address their facility challenges, including: Lower building costs, significant time savings when compared to conventional on the ground constructions, less disruptions to playing fields and less waste overall.

Ausco Modular is one of Australia’s largest providers of modular infrastructure solutions for temporary and permanent purposes throughout the sporting sector.

Ausco’s design teams have worked closely with national and state sporting codes to develop facilities that meet or exceed minimum standards across the board.

For example, the company have entered into an agreement with Football Queensland, acting as the governing body’s Official Modular Facilities Partner.

Through this partnership, Football Queensland released a Modular Sporting Facilities Guide with support from Ausco.

The guide looks to inform the local football community on viable solutions by providing a range of recommendations for clubs and councils at all levels, to install modular buildings which are the right fit for their situation.

“The Modular Sporting Facilities Guide provides clubs with everything they need to know to develop suitable change rooms or clubhouses, canteens and referee rooms,” FQ CEO Robert Cavallucci said.

“The guide outlines Football Queensland’s approved designs, which can assist Local Council Authorities, consultants, building designers and developers in constructing facilities for the state’s largest club-based participation sport.”

“We are proud to continue our support for the Queensland football community,” said Adrian Moffatt, Executive General Manager and General Counsel for Ausco Modular.

“Ausco Modular is known for producing state-of-the-art amenity buildings which are sustainable, delivered quickly and tailored specifically for football by our in-house design team.

“We are excited to continue to collaborate with clubs, zones and Football Queensland on improving football infrastructure throughout the state on an ongoing basis.”

A list of Ausco’s most popular modular solutions for football clubs are shown below:

Design 1 

2 Changerooms, 2 Amenities Rooms

Design 1 Floor Plan


Design 2 

4 Changerooms, 4 Amenities Rooms

Design 2 Floor Plan


Design 3 

2 Changerooms, 2 Amenities Rooms, 1 Referee Changeroom, 2 Storerooms, 1 Canteen

Design 3 Floor Plan


Design 4 

2 Changerooms, 2 Amenities Rooms, 1 Referee Changeroom, 2 Storerooms, 1 Canteen, 1 Unisex/Disabled Amenity

Design 4 Floor Plan


Design 5 

2 Changerooms, 2 Amenities Rooms, 1 Referee Changeroom, 2 Storerooms, 1 Canteen, 1 Unisex/Disabled Amenity, 1 Social/Function Room, 1 Cleaning Room, 1 Male/Female Amenity

Design 5 Floor Plan


All of Ausco facilities can be customised and reconfigured through the following options:


  • Disabled access toilet (with baby change table)
  • Access ramp with landing and handrails


  • Change room netting
  • Gym room 40m2
  • Sherwood gym flooring, 15mm thick
  • Ice bath including connections
  • Ice machine including connections
  • Lockers
  • Strapping tables


  • Window shutters
  • Security system


  • Additional aesthetic features
  • Air-conditioning
  • Bifold doors for social rooms
  • Breezeway
  • Canopy at entrance doors
  • Cool room store
  • Covered deck or veranda area
  • External specification upgrade
  • Skylights
  • Steps, ramps and landings with handrails
  • Solar panels


  • Retaining walls
  • External lighting
  • Terrace seating
  • Signage
A rendered image of a clubhouse to be built by Ausco for Virginia United Football Club

Ausco’s wide range of solutions have fit the needs of many football clubs around Australia, including clubs such as The Wide Bay Buccaneers, who are based in Queensland.

Ausco Modular were contacted by the club’s local council, Fraser Coast Regional Council, to begin stage 1 of a $48 million master plan development.

The development included the implementation of a 44x14m football clubhouse for the Wide Bay Buccaneers.

Within 20 weeks, Ausco had manufactured, transported and installed the clubhouse at the Hervey Bay site.

The facility included multiple unisex compliant changerooms, meeting rooms, storage areas, public amenities, referee and first aid rooms, a kiosk and much more.

“The Buccaneers do a fantastic job and to be honest with you, with this Ausco build they have one of the best facilities going around,” former Football Queensland General Manager Brendan Boss said.

Andrew Treloar, Corporate Project and Deliver Coordinator at Fraser Coast Regional Council said of the execution of the project: “Ausco helped me by delivering a superior product to budget and on-time. Their modular format and in-house design team was instrumental in the delivery process allowing Fraser Coast Regional Council to achieve its delivery objectives.”

For more information about Ausco Modular visit https://ausco.com.au/sports-facilities.



Philip Panas is a sports journalist with Soccerscene. He reports widely on football policy and industry matters, drawing on his knowledge and passion of the game.

Football Queensland to introduce new referee support measures in 2021

Football Queensland have announced they will implement a range of new referee support measures for the 2021 season.

The news comes after a host of successful initiatives were launched across the sunshine state last year.

“Football Queensland is proud to be launching a range of new referee initiatives this year to provide even stronger support and development opportunities for our match officials across Queensland,” FQ CEO Robert Cavallucci said.

“We know that the growth of our game is underpinned by the quality and number of referees and coaches which is why we are so committed to increasing the number of referees in our game by improving development opportunities for match officials at all levels.

“With FQ’s significant investment in referees in 2020, it’s fantastic to see registration numbers already 20% higher than they were at this time in 2019, and we’re confident that these additional support measures we have in place across the state will continue to build on this increase in participation levels around Queensland.

“2021 will see the introduction of seven Referee Coach and Development Officers around the state, a buddy system for junior referees and new assessor and mentor ID tags as part of the ‘No Badge, No Bench, No Ref Room’ policy. We’re confident that we are on track to achieve our strategic target of 2,200 referees by 2022.”

“Football Queensland is committed to creating a family culture amongst our referees across the state through the implementation of a range of additional support measures this year,” FQ Senior Manager – State Referees Jacqui Hurford said.

“The recent announcement of the appointment of Referee Coach and Development Officers in seven of our ten zones is a huge boost for our game, and will assist FQ in the recruitment and retention of referees around the state while providing a new level of support to match officials from a local perspective.

“We’re also about to commence a monthly junior online coaching session and are excited to this year launch a buddy system for our junior referees, with more experienced referees acting as mentors to provide guidance and assistance throughout the season.

“To help upskill our instructors, mentors and referees, FQ has recently delivered instructor workshops in Far North and North Queensland, Wide Bay and Central Queensland.

“In line with the ‘No Badge, No Bench, No Ref Room’ policy mandated across all Queensland competitions this year, all referee assessors and mentors have been assigned identification tags to ensure they are registered and hold a valid blue card, supporting the safeguarding children measures currently in place in our game.

“Some of our clubs are also doing great work to support the recruitment and retention of referees, including Caboolture FC who supported 50 of their club referees through a referee course earlier this year.

“As Football Queensland continues to implement additional support measures, we look forward to welcoming more referees to our game from across the state.”

A list of the 2021 Football Queensland Referee Support Initiatives can be found below.

2021 FQ Referee Support Initiatives

Instructor workshops across regional parts of Queensland

Referee Coach and Development Officers in seven zones

Buddy system for junior referees

Monthly junior online coaching sessions

Referee assessor and mentor ID tags


Billy Celeski’s BootLab getting off on the right foot

Former Socceroo and Melbourne Victory star Billy Celeski says cleaning boots is important for players who dream of playing professionally.

The cleaning of boots has becoming something of a time-honoured tradition amongst seasoned professional football players.

For many who have scaled the heights of this great game, the memories of cleaning boots as a youngster was a humbling reminder of where they started, and considered an important lesson in the requirements of discipline and respect that grounded them on their way to the top.

In the modern day, it is not often you see elite youth players cleaning the boots of the professional peers, but former Socceroo and Melbourne Victory star Billy Celeski says cleaning their own boots is an important discipline for players who dream of playing professionally.

It was that thought process that saw Celeski identify a business opportunity and one that he has pounced on with the launch of his new boot-cleaning product, Bootlab 101.

“I wanted something that would teach kids about the importance of respecting the tools of their trade,” he told Soccerscene.

“And that’s what boots are. They are our tools, and as players we have to take care of them.”

The Bootlab 101 Boot Brush is a visually striking product.

It wouldn’t look out of place amongst the high-tech, high-design aesthetic of an Apple store.

But when it comes to Celeski’s Boot Brush, its ingenuity is in its simplicity.

A 300 ml bottle with a squeeze valve attached to a brush.

Simply fill the bottle with water, squeeze to release the water onto the boot and use the brushes to scrub them clean. Simple!

No more dragging muddy boots through the house to laundry and no more excuses from brining muddy boots into the clubhouse.

Celeski – who was a creative force on the field as a player – said however simple its application, the conception, design and manufacture of the brush was meticulously planned and carried out.

“Initially when we looked at what we could do, the research was based on looking at what kids get when they signup for a club or an academy,” he said.

“You get your kit, you get your drink bottle and maybe some merch, which is great, but what are we giving them to teach them about the importance of caring for the tools they use to play?

“I wanted to come up with a device or product that was going to trigger them to ensure they looked after those tools.

“At the end of the day, parents spend a lot of money on registration and boots and being able to take care of those boots is an important lesson for kids to learn about having respect for what their parents do for them, and a good discipline to get into when it comes to respecting themselves as well.”

Celeski employed the services of an industrial designer to bring his vision to life and said that with the product now on the market, the feedback has been great.

The brush is already in the hands of A-League and W-League stars and internationals like Jamie Maclaren and Melissa Barbieri, and Celeski said first impressions have been good.

“We gave a couple out to some professionals just to get some feedback and the flow on from that has been great,” he said.

“The feedback is good and we are getting professionals from overseas who are getting in touch with us and buying the product for themselves.

“Hopefully if we can show that it’s good enough for the professionals, then the clubs and academies and players will want it for themselves as well.”

Celeski said the Boot Lab 101 was working with a number of clubs to make the Boot Brush a part of the kit they provide players.

“We’re speaking to a couple of A-League clubs and there’s a lot of interest from NPL clubs as well, because they have players from under-7s right up to their seniors,” he said.

“We’ve cast the net far and wide and now that the product is out there and people are starting to get it in their hands and see how effective it is we’re getting good feedback.

“Players can clean their boots on the spot and leave all that mud and dirt on the ground where it’s meant to be and out of their clubrooms, their lawns or their laundry.”

With B2B a core focus of Boot Lab 101’s sales strategy, Celeski confirmed his company is looking at the best branding possibilities for the bottles, so that they can be branded with club logos and sponsors.

Boot Lab also offers wholesale pricing for clubs, academies and associations who place large orders.

“The brand is starting to get out there,” he said.

“I feel as it is early days, but the feedback is good and we believe we’ve delivered a quite innovative product that doesn’t really have much in the way of comparable products.

“Once we start announcing some of the clubs we’re working with, I’m confident we will see a domino effect and more will come as a result.”

You can purchase the Boot Lab 101 Boot Brush via the company’s online store. 

Clubs, academies, federations and interested stockists can learn more about wholesale pricing via the Boot Lab 101 website.

Football Queensland suspends football activity in Greater Brisbane Area

Football Queensland have suspended all football activity in the Greater Brisbane Area following the news of a three-day lockdown due to a COVID-19 outbreak.

The governing body released the following statement on their website on Monday through FQ CEO Robert Cavallucci.

“Following the Queensland Government announcement this morning of a three-day lockdown in the Greater Brisbane area from 5pm today, all football activity in Greater Brisbane has been suspended pending further advice,” he stated.

“The suspension of all football activity includes any and all forms of training sessions, matches and all other football-related gatherings, and will take effect from 5pm today, Monday 29 March 2021 for all participants and clubs in the areas of Brisbane, Moreton Bay, Logan, Redlands and Ipswich. 

“Participants who have been in the Greater Brisbane area since March 20 are also required to follow the lockdown restrictions and should not participate in any football activity even if they are currently located outside of the Greater Brisbane region. 

“The current suspension of football activity will apply until 11:59pm on Thursday, 1 April, with all FFA Cup and Kappa Women’s Super Cup matches scheduled for Thursday night now postponed until further notice. 

“Football Queensland will provide a further update on the suspension of football activity in the coming days based on advice from Queensland Government.”

More information in the near future can be found here https://footballqueensland.com.au/coronavirus-covid-19/.

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