Coaching courses on the rise for Football Queensland

Football Queensland (FQ) will have 28 coaches that are going to complete part one of their FFA/AFC ‘B’ Licence for the state at Meakin Park this week.

FQ High Performance Officer Pat Hedges will be part of the course that includes FFA’s Alex Epakis, Redlands United Technical Director Graham Harvey and Magpies Crusaders Technical Director Anthony Alexander as instructors at this week’s ‘B’ licence course at FQ.

They will be helping aspiring coaches in the second step of the FFA advanced coach pathway.

Hedges spoke about the need to introduce these courses and programs as the demand for advanced coach education continues to grow.

As part of the 2020-2022 Strategic Plan for football in Queensland, FQ have recognised the need to improve coaching development and the opportunities for this on offer.

“This is our second course this year, and we are scheduling two or possibly three for next year on the back of a record number of ‘C’ Licences in 2019,” Hedges said.

“We are very lucky to have four instructors with differing experiences for our course this week, the benefits of which have been shared with the candidates in attendance.

“The increased instructor to candidate ratio has been very beneficial for the learning process, and the calibre of candidates produced so far has been first class.”

All coaches will participate in this course during February of 2020, with the aim being to complete part two at that time.

FQ also have plenty of upcoming coaching courses in 2020, with those interested required to register once they have a validated 8 digit FFA number.

There are programs suited to everyone, with the main ones listed below:

  • ALDI Miniroos Coaching Certificate,
  • Skill Training Certificate,
  • Game Training Certificate,
  • Senior Coaching Certificate,
  • Futsal Certficiate,
  • Futsal Licence,
  • Community Goalkeeping Course,
  • and Coaching Workshops.

Most of these programs are held during February and March next year, but some can be completed in later months.

For details about all of the coaching on offer during 2020 and how to register for a course of interest, you can find it here: https://footballqueensland.com.au/2019/12/06/growing-demand-for-advanced-coach-education-courses-in-queensland/

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Football Queensland outlines new Opportunities Paper

Football Queensland has released the Future of Football 2020+ Opportunities Paper, to build further on their goal of uniting football in Queensland.

The recently published Opportunities Paper is split into key areas, featuring an in-depth look at the member federations’ governance, administration, competitions and affordability.

In a statement, Football Queensland CEO Robert Cavallucci is delighted to lead the way and find out how to best shape the game in the future in the state.

“FQ is excited to release this Opportunities Paper as we reach another milestone in the statewide Future of Football 2020+ consultation journey,” he said.

“We have spent the last few months engaging with our 12 stakeholder groups and inviting members of the Queensland football community to have their say on the future of the game through our Club Summits, surveys and webinars.

“It’s been fantastic to personally meet hundreds of football stakeholder from across Queensland face to face and obtain deeper insights into how thousands of community members and stakeholders view the current Queensland football landscape and better understand their demonstrated desire for reform across governance, administration, competitions and affordability.

“FQ’s Opportunities Paper brings together the views of the football community through extensive feedback and begins to present possible solutions that have the power to unlock the immense opportunity and potential of the game.

“We now look forward to hearing community feedback on the Opportunities Paper as we continue the six-month consultation process throughout September and October, and prepare for the next phase with the assembly of the First Recommendations Report and FQ’s Implementation Plan, which will deliver clear objectives and pathways to make football the game of choice for all, for life.”

You can find the Future of Football 2020+ Opportunities Paper here, with the full copy available to download.

Football Queensland has also provided an initial Consultation Paper published in May, which can be found here.

30 clubs vying to be part of National Second Division in 2022

The Association of Australian Football Clubs (AAFC) have created a partner group involving 30 NPL clubs across Australia, with the aim of beginning a national second division by 2022.

The list of clubs includes former NSL powerhouses such as South Melbourne, Melbourne Knights, Adelaide City and Sydney Olympic.

AAFC Chairman Nick Galatas believes the partner group is an important step in the process towards a connected football pyramid.

“The Championship is about creating stronger clubs and expanding the football footprint throughout our country for the benefit of our entire sport,” he said.

“The oldest club in the partner group was established in the 19th century and another two early in the 20th century, while the youngest club was established in this century. That says so much about the longevity and popularity of our sport in this country.

“Of surprise to many, perhaps, are that the three oldest clubs are from Newcastle, Hobart and Brisbane.”

The AAFC will now sort through the issues of the proposed competition, with a final report needing approval from those at FFA HQ.

Galatas claims promotion and relegation is necessary throughout the tiers of football in Australia, however A-League clubs may not be relegated immediately, once the second tier begins.

“AAFC’s view is that we cannot be properly considered as a ‘football nation’ without it and having it in place is our ultimate objective,” he said.

“While promotion and relegation with the A-League will hopefully occur (a) little later, we aim for it to start immediately with the NPL below.

“We also recognise a need to get the code back on track and financially viable and that is what we believe the Championship will help in achieving. Connecting clubs from bottom-to-top and top-to-bottom will help unite the game which will help it achieve its potential.”

The 30 clubs involved in the partner group can be viewed here.

FFA trio to join AFC Committees until 2023

FFA have announced three recently appointed management members have been assigned positions in separate AFC committees.

FFA General Manager of Commercial, Tom Rischbieth, FFA General Manager of Member Federation Relations, Robbie Middleby and current FFA Technical Director, Trevor Morgan, will join the various committees until 2023.

Rischbieth will join the AFC Marketing Committee, Middleby the AFC Development Committee, whilst Morgan will be a part of the AFC Technical Committee.

FFA CEO James Johnson explained the importance of these developments.

“In the XI Principles for the future of Australian football discussion paper, we outlined a vision for Australia to become one of the leading voices in global football, and to have our people ‘hard-wired’ into regional football matters,” he said.

“Football is the world game and it is extremely important that we become an organisation which thinks globally. These latest appointments ensure that Australia is able to tap into the vast network of global football and has the ongoing opportunity to contribute ideas and energy to discussions and projects aimed at advancing Asian football.

“Along with recent new appointments to the FFA senior management team, we are also privileged to have Tom, Robbie and Trevor contribute to a fresh new strategic agenda for football in Australia and now look forward to the positive contributions they can make to the respective Committees that they have been appointed to at the AFC.

“With their passion, experience, and expertise, I trust that each will forge connections and relationships with representatives from our fellow Member Associations that serve to enhance Australia’s relations and reputation throughout AFC,” Johnson concluded.

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