CrowdedVENUE makes stadium safety simple 

CrowdedVENUE focuses on visitor safety, revenue generation and user experience to create a secure stadium event for all. 

They have become a unique combination of IoT hardware and a purpose-built software application that collects, transmits, analyses and presents the behaviour of pedestrian/crowd movement without any need for manual processing during or after study. 

CrowdedHUB sensors merge together the very best in physical identification, including Wi-Fi scanning, Bluetooth scanning, Thermal and 3D imaging of environmental sensing to create a valuable collection of unique data that is independent of any infrastructure. 


CrowdedVENUE’s boasts an incredible data gathering hardware system that is regarded as the most secure in the industry, with automated anonymisation at the source and a multi-layered security application. 

Crowded uses the very best in technology to offer an accurate and cost-effective pedestrian movement analysis solution that addresses the growing demands of both the private and public sectors. 

A network of independent sensors are able to accumulate over 90% of individuals in most areas. That information is then sent directly to Crowded who will automatically generate data relevant to the venue or location. 

The CrowdedVENUE software application continually accesses each sensor on their own to safely extract anonymous data and perform detailed analysis, maps and charts to display all the results. 

The following areas are covered in data collection extending to both inside and outside the venue: 

  • Volume per location 
  • Dwell times per location 
  • Most popular locations by visitors,  
  • Most popular routes by visitors,  
  • Top routes by direction with average journey times 
  • Safest route analysis 
  • Event-based predictive evacuation strategy 
  • Visitor heatmap 
  • 3D imaging 
  • Raw.csv Download 

CrowdedVENUE is related to the PoC’s belonging to stadia and other high-profile indoor venues. CrowdedRAIL and CrowdedCITY are two of the other sectors under the Crowded umbrella where they are predominantly utilised by the public sector as part of a multi-faceted range of consultancy services.  

However, CrowdedVENUE has been developed to help the end-user more directly in a manner that is extra simple, clear and easy to use. This approach enables the client to improve visitor safety whilst increasing revenue generation. 


The CrowdedVENUE service creates an increased level of value compared to its core function. By providing the stadium the means to transcend all current data collection and football monitioring solutions in favour of a real-world IoT “smart” service, it has everything required to become the global standard in crowd safety and visitor experience tools. 

“CrowdedVENUE is one of several services in the range that offers seamless integration into existing infrastructure via its API function.” they said.  

“Crowded is a fantastic solution for new works as a standalone service, but when a major venue already exists, such as a stadium, it is usual for that environment to be operating a proprietary app for visitors, usually based around experience.  

“The CrowdedVENUE API gives you the best of both worlds, allowing you to retain the control and familiarity of your current services, whilst seamlessly integrating the entire value proposition of Crowded.  

“For venues that do not have a current consumer-focused application, CrowdedVENUE is again the perfect choice for you.  

We will guide you through the design, installation and testing phases of installing a visitor app and the Crowded back-end analysis package, helping you to maximise value for both the venue and its visitors, with minimal operational impact.” 

Crowded not only tracks movement of crowd behaviour accessible, robust and cost-effective, but does it in a manner that is safe and secure, making sure that personal information of all visitors is protected. 

With Data Protection and Privacy Law being such a growing concern, Crowded was built specifically to protect the personal information of visitors alongside the integrity of the data the service gathers.” they said. 

“Any potential personal information is anonymised at source, by the hardware itself. This ensures that no personal information is ever in our possession. 

“In addition to this, Crowded provides the user with all the raw data gathered in .csv format. This gives each user the opportunity to observe the integrity of both the data set and the analysis performed by the application.” 

With a variety of data capture services available, CrowdVENUE presents as the ideal point of call for the safe recommencement of fans to stadiums with COVID-19 slowly easing in Australia. 

For more information on Crowded, including extra details on each individual sector, pricing packages and contact, you can find it here. 

Liam Watson is the Co-Founder & Publisher of Soccerscene. He reports widely on football policy, industry matters and technology.

SocialProtect joins Football Queensland to combat cyber misbehaviour

Football Queensland (FQ) have confirmed a partnership with SocialProtect to fight against online abuse and misconduct upon the football community within the state.

Attacks on players, referees and administrators are prominent across multiple football communities in which remains a negative connotation of such an amazing sport.

SocialProtect is a mobile application in which enables the real-time monitoring of online abuse without account users compromising account control.

Automated containment of abuse occurs when the technology interprets foul and derogatory language, preventing its account users from being aware of what might have been said by social media users.

The online protection device automatically deletes comments upon social media posts or pages in that contain hate speech, racial slurs, scams, and any form of content deemed harmful.

FQ CEO Robert Cavallucci disclosed his admiration surrounding the partnership

“Football Queensland is proud to partner with companies like SocialProtect, underscoring a shared commitment to prioritising the mental and physical well-being of participants by addressing and removing any instances of online abuse across social media platforms,” he said in a statement.

Having understood the effect the application has had upon the social media account operation of both professional sport teams within Australia and around the world, FQ where motivated to implement the technology upon their community.

“FQ’s zero-tolerance policy against poor behaviour, enhancing security to safeguard clubs, participants, and the public, thereby reducing mental impact and lowering self-harm risk.”

It was disclosed that clubs participating in the NPL Queensland Women’s and Men’s competitions are eligible to receive the service as its included within their license.

This enables the clubs to integrate SocialProtect into their club’s digital security for the foreseeable future.

Affiliated clubs across all parts of Queensland are able to access the service at varying stages across the season, with a monthly subscription fee incurred.

It is an unfortunate part of any sport across the globe. Anonymous online trolls have the platform to remain unidentified, and cause havoc across various social platforms.

The implementation of SocialProtect may be the fundamental tool necessary in the protection of athletes.

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