DAZN removes paywall on women’s football including the Champions League to encourage growth

British sports streaming service DAZN revealed its decision to cancel the subscription fee for women’s football content throughout the remaining 2023-24 season in the UK, in order to help promote the women’s game.

Its New Deal for Women’s Football campaign has been introduced to help boost investment and make the women’s game financially sustainable.

The New Deal campaign is calling for clubs, sponsors, media and broadcasters and rights holders to get involved and come together to build a major global commercial sport.

The original strategy that was outlined in the agreement was that in the initial two years of the broadcast deal (21/22 & 22/23 seasons), where all 61 matches were available for free viewing.

Then in the 2023/24 season it moved to a subscription-based model, locking out fans from being able to view the games live on DAZN or its YouTube channel for free.

This announcement affects all Women’s Champions League matches, as well as the Women’s leagues in Spain, Germany, France, Italy, and Saudi Arabia, which will now be accessible without cost.

This means the remaining 29 Champions League matches, 48 Liga F matches, 48 in Frauen Bundesliga, 15 Saudi Women’s league and 50 in the Italian Serie A Femminile will be broadcast for free in the UK.

DAZN released a statement last Thursday that mentioned the reason why the streaming company decided to make the games free.

“This will drive audience growth and provide a new global home for women’s football, offering greater access to games, content and the international women’s football community,” confirming that the decision is part of its new campaign to “ensure a commercially robust future for women’s football.”

DAZN’s co-CEO of women’s sport, Hannah Brown explained what this move means for the future of the sport.

“The women’s game has significant commercial potential,” she said in a statement.

“Without it [the New Deal campaign] a golden opportunity to accelerate growth is lost.”

The numbers released by DAZN since the start of their partnership agreement with the Women’s CL also suggest that there is a magnification on women’s football.

In the competition’s inaugural broadcast year for the 2021/22 final they got 3.6 million in global viewership and a cumulative viewership of 64 million. This went up to 5.1 million for the 22/23 final and an 87 million cumulative global viewership total.

The decision to make women’s football accessible is the right one at the expense of money earned through subscriptions. The best way to grow the sport is to maintain a healthy audience and to not restrict women’s football from the masses in its time of extreme growth.

How Game Plan can navigate clubs to operational success

Australians have sport ingrained into each respective citizens DNA – regardless of ethnicity, gender, age demographic or socio-economic status.

Given the nation’s unmatched diversity, in its existence rests a plethora of diverse sports in which have been introduced into Australian culture.

The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) was founded in 1985 and acts in accordance to the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability act of 2013.

The Australian government agency is responsible for the growth, support and investment within sport across the nation.

In correspondence with the ASC’s mission statement of placing a strategic focus on continuous improvement of sporting organisations across the nation.

The opportunity is provided to all of the nation’s sporting clubs in order to seek government backed development, through the free online platform titled, Game Plan.

Game Plan is an online platform in which enables sporting clubs of all capacities to explore insights into the clubs current capability within fundamental areas of the club.

Valuable administration, participation and financial insights can be accessed by the free online platform.

Through the utilization of the online platform, clubs are able to benefit from gaining unexplored information at no cost, given that the online platform is free of charge.

Clubs now have the possibility of evaluating their personal performance, environment and strengths, while also unearthing areas in which can be managed, improved or untapped.

Furthermore, the performance of club volunteers can be evaluated, club leaders can find easy access to information upon club operations.

Within the findings, the analysis of a clubs current operations status can be reviewed, enabling a club to eradicate any hostile or unsavoury club operations.

Ensuring that viable and swiftly formulated decisions are implemented while developing plans in which will transcend the club within the near future.

In the end it is highly advised that football clubs across the nation utilise the online platform in order to gain an evaluation of the clubs current operational status.

To sign in or register an account, click here

Melbourne Knights confirm innovative alliance with ProTrainUp

Melbourne Knights Football Club has confirmed a new partnership with leading football management software company, ProTrainUp.

This collaboration is set to enhance communication and streamline operations with the Club, marking a significant step forward in the commitment to excellence and growth.

Founded in 2013, ProTrainUp is a club management system fuelled by data driven technology, created by and for the football community. ProTrainUp combines quantitative and qualitative data to enhance club operations for both staff and participants, enabling the Club to:

  1. Enhance communication between club staff and players with built-in public and private messaging services.
  2. Simplify the organization and delivery of training sessions using plans and sessions provided by top international federations and clubs, available only through ProTrainUp.
  3. Maintain an up-to-date calendar of training sessions and matches.
  4. Gather data and statistics on players to create detailed reports on individual player development and overall team progress.

ProTrainUp is a system used by clubs around the world including European clubs such as Dinamo Zagreb FC and FC Porto, highlighting its importance in modern football.

The main objective of this partnership is to enhance communication among club staff, players, and parents.

ProTrainUp’s advanced software will deliver a centralised platform for efficient and effective communication, guaranteeing that all members of the Melbourne Knights community stay well-informed and engaged.

The system is accessible both online and through the app, allowing players and parents to enable push notifications so they never miss important Club updates.

The partnership will play a huge role in upskilling the juniors program in 2025, a huge focus that President Simon Pincic spoke about in length in his exclusive interview with Soccerscene.

The Knights will leverage ProTrainUp’s comprehensive tools for training management, performance tracking, and development planning to ‘provide the juniors with the best possible environment to grow and succeed’ as per their statement.

This will help more than just the junior players however with ProTrainUp, the coaches will benefit from this technology with seamless tracking of player progress, and enhanced training experiences, all contributing to the overall development of the junior players.

The club spoke about the future of their management through this advanced technology system.

“We look forward to a successful partnership and are excited about the positive impact it will have on our Club and community. Together with ProTrainUp, we are committed to building a stronger, more connected, and highly effective football club,” Knights said in a club statement.

This is an excellent and innovative partnership by the Knights that sees them advance forward in the development of technology.

The Knights have been vocal about the importance of junior development and have historically been one of Australia’s most successful clubs at creating stars from their system, with ProTrainUp only advancing that cause.

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