Deltatre announces evolution of OTT video player DIVA

Deltatre, the global leader in fan-first experience, has announced an evolution of its industry-leading OTT video player DIVA – as used by BT Sport, NFL Game Pass and other prominent streaming platforms – that allows for simpler integration with a client’s existing technology stack.

For close to 10 years, DIVA has been regarded as a market leading, interactive OTT video player for sport. DIVA empowers rights owners to spark new levels of engagement through an interactive OTT player which supports:

  • Interactive timelines
  • Synchronised data overlays
  • Fan engagement features
  • Monetisation support
  • Multi-camera viewing
  • 360-degree support

The new generation of the DIVA (5.0) player has been built to enable a simplified SDK integration, configuration, and set-up for clients across their apps. In essence, this new offering enables clients to integrate the best-in-class interactivity provided by the DIVA front-end with any existing video workflow.

Deltatre can now serve operators in the market that wish to adopt interactive front-end features whilst retaining their existing Online Video Platform (OVP) – greatly reducing effort-to-market and allowing clients to focus on servicing their users and providing an enjoyable viewing experience.

“Throughout Deltatre’s history we have always looked to evolve our offering in-step with changing consumer behaviour and client demand,” President – Video Experiences, Gilles Mas said.

“Our latest offering helps clients that come to us with established video workflows, but also want the interactive, engaging features that DIVA brings. Together, we can ensure the end-user experiences their favourite sports in the way they want, with the fan fully in control of how they interact with a service.”

To learn more about the evolution of DIVA, click here.

Benchwarmers: Mitigating soft tissue injuries for local players

Australian sportswear company Benchwarmers are targeting the issue of soft tissue injuries through their innovative product.

The company estimates that hamstring strain injuries account for 12-16% of all injuries in English, Australian and New Zealand professional Football. A key component of this can come from a players’ time on the bench.

Traditionally played as a winter sport, amateur soccer players are at risk of injury in cold conditions.

Speaking to product creator Andrew Lauder, the body length sportswear came about from noticing an increase in hamstring injuries at local level.

“We noticed kids and adults going out with hamstrings,” Lauder told Soccerscne.

“They’re sitting on these cold benches that are on parks everywhere, and they don’t really warm up. They just go out on the field and then they’ve pulled up with a hamstring.

“Two and two doesn’t take rocket science to figure out – sitting and cooling those muscles down and then using them straight away is fraught with danger.”

A custom designed Benchwarmer.

Designed for local and amateur players, Lauder wants to mitigate the risk associated at those levels. While elite athletes have access to the best medical staff, he doesn’t want to see younger players at risk.

“At amateur and junior level, we don’t have proper medical staff or people that understand body mechanisms, and they just send the kids or amateurs out,” Lauder continued.

“That’s when it pulls them all out. Benchwarmers is more just to say, ‘hey keep them warm’. A lot of them throw a hoodie on, but the legs and everything are still exposed.

“The main things that they are using all the time are the calves, quads and the hamstrings. We found it to be a very important thing.

“In junior and amateur level, when some of these guys and girls get hurt, they go into shock. They put them on the bench and have one of the medical staff looking at them who’s not really experienced, they might be a parent who’s done a course.”

Being custom-made, Benchwarmers offer a ultra-lightweight solution that includes insulated inside pockets, a hood, resistance to water and wind, and fully fleeced lining for extra warmth.

Football West and Healthway launch healthy gaming initiative

Football West and partner Healthway have launched a campaign to promote healthy gaming.

The campaign, which will run on the egaming Switch on Sport website and social media platforms, promotes positive screen-based behaviours.

This includes encouraging gamers to be aware of the number of hours they are playing, getting them to socialise and play sports, as well as respecting opponents.

This is all part of the Think Mental Health Couch to Pitch initiative, which is designed to create opportunities for gamers to participate in football activities in real life, promoting physical activity and active participation.

The campaign will include a series of tiles and web banners which will be shared on the Switch on Sport social media pages and website.

Switch on Sport had over 800 participants in its e-gaming programs and competitions in 2021. So far in 2022, the organisation’s three competitions have attracted around 170 participants.

A Football West survey showed 93% of survey participants identified they were interested in playing in-person football following esports.

Switch On Sport is Football West’s official esports program that currently runs FIFA22 and Rocket League competitions.

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