Evolution of the modern soccer fan

Supporting your club, whether it be locally or abroad, can have its fair share of ups and downs.

There are many fans who all share the same interest, but they all have different ways of barracking for their team.

As times have changed, so has the ability for someone to follow their team. Never has their been more choice, less time and higher expectations, but that’s part of the ruthlessness of the sport.

It’s a matter of how clubs deal with challenges and leads to the flow on affect for whether fans want to stick fat.

It isn’t always easy, with clubs sometimes facing the prospect of a poor run of form, relegation, promotion and short-term revenue challenges.

But no matter what circumstances are thrown a club’s way, we’ve seen that there’s always people out there backing their team.

In the modern world, technology has meant that we’ve seen an increased reliance on social media.

There are the fans who will travel far and wide across the state or even country to watch their team live, while some would prefer to engage on social media while watching a stream of particular games.

As we’ve seen with NPL streams for each state, fans for their local team have the choice. Whether you’re at the game or on social media, it’s the ability for people to come together and share their views – most importantly if it’s respectful and doesn’t cross the line.

What it does show is the freedom that everyone has today, and how the game has transformed over time. Never has been more scrutiny, but at the same time if something big develops, we’re always looking to share the news.

The fact is that we live in a world where instant results are everything. Who remembers where people on the final day would have to ring their friends or family to check on other results?

It’s all a world that’s driven for change. If a player or coach is in trouble, we rally behind them. If a club is seemingly going to fold, we post and share petitions and help raise raise funds.

Every fan is different, but all have a role to play in how we shape the future of soccer. It’s what being a modern fan is all about.

Liam Watson is the Managing Editor at Soccerscene. He reports widely on football policy, industry matters and technology.

Tigres secures deal for new 65,000 seat stadium

Mexican soccer giants Tigres UANL have secured a deal to see a brand new 65,000 seat stadium ready by 2025.

Mexican soccer giants Tigres UANL have secured a deal to see a brand new 65,000 seat stadium ready by 2025.

The stadium will be based in the heart of San Nicolás de los Garza, Nuevo León, and will be replacing the old 42,000 seat stadium, known as Estadio Universitario, The previous stadia has been the home of Tigres since 1967.

The new stadium was presented on Thursday, January 13 at a meeting that included Governor of Nuevo León and Samuel García, through a Memorandum of Understanding to commence construction.

Tigres’ future home was designed by architecture firm Populous and envisioned to be entirely privately financed at a cost of $445 million AUD.

The stadium’s features will include a retractable pitch, as well as being able to host concerts and international sporting events like American football games.

As part of the overall plans, the stadium will include separate changing rooms for Tigres’ men’s and women’s teams, while the exterior stadia complex will complement with a hotel, shopping centre and restaurants. The venue is also intended to act as an incubator for local business, and will also have classrooms catering for the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León (UANL).

Juego de Pelota principle partner, César Esparza:

“There is going to be another setting for concerts and sport,” he said.

“It is a stadium prepared to host all sports, this stadium will be the postcard of Nuevo León.

“Stadium events will not be expensive for fans, as long as it has that capacity it will allow us to create different price levels for events, becoming inclusive for all people.”

UANL Tigres parent company member, Mauricio Doehner:

“Today Tigres is internationally recognised and we are always striving for more,” he said.

“Of course we deserve a new stadium, it will be the headquarters in this new era. Today, Tigres is not only a benchmark in Mexican soccer, but also on an International stadium. The Estadio Universitario has given greatness to Club Tigres and all the fans, we will honour it forever.”

Melbourne Victory names Marnong Estate as Premier Partner

Melbourne Victory has announced Marnong Estate as a Premier Partner for the 2021/22 Isuzu Ute A-League Men's season.

Melbourne Victory has announced Marnong Estate as a Premier Partner for the 2021/22 Isuzu Ute A-League Men’s season.

Marnong Estate is the Official Naming Rights Partner of the A-Lounge, providing its premium wines in the A-Lounge and Corporate Suite Foyers for tasting sessions, as well as in all Melbourne Victory’s Corporate Suite drinks packages.

As one of Melbourne’s biggest wineries, Marnong Estate also has its own boutique accommodation, as well as being able to host weddings and other functions.

Melbourne Victory Managing Director, Caroline Carnegie:

“We’re incredibly excited to be partnering with Marnong Estate and bringing a taste of their premium experience to our match days,” she said.

“Marnong Estate is an incredible facility that contributes to the local community by providing an authentic cultural and historical experience and we would love our members and fans to experience the beautiful views, food and wine as they visit Marnong itself.”

Marnong Estate General Manager, Stewart Malone:

“We are very passionate about wine, hospitality, and agriculture. The other thing we are passionate about is football and there is no greater opportunity for us than to partner with Melbourne Victory and their incredible match day experience,” he said.

“We’re excited to promote our premium wine, amazing dining options and the estate’s farm-to-fork facilities in front of one of the most dedicated fan bases in Australia.”

For more on Marnong Estate, you can find it here.

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