Fan engagement platform from Fortress trusted by world-leading teams 

Within the sports and entertainment industry, Fortress GB have built themselves into a trusted partner for over 130 teams around the world. 

Within the sports and entertainment industry, Fortress GB have built themselves into a trusted partner for over 130 teams around the world. 

The interactive data platform Fortress One has been developed to give teams a better understanding about who their fans are, leading to an improved fan engagement and maximises the value of this experience. 

Over 130 the world’s leading sports teams have already chosen Fortress, who transform the way stadiums and venues operate. Their highly regarded reputation has seen them link up with 16 of the 20 current English Premier League teams. By providing better access to data, Fortress can uncover new revenue streams for game day and any commercial activities. 

Fortress were found in 2001 with their technology encapsulating both radio-frequency identification (RFID) and near-field communication (NFC), to power digital ticketing implementation. 

They are committed to bringing the best to any organisation, backed by their 20 years of industry experience. Fortress can be on the front foot during events, catering for the ever-changing needs of fans and customers. Their platform ranges across four different categories. 

Loyalty: Personalise the in-venue and online experience to maximise the value to each fan. 

  • Fans can earn rewards for their participation with particular content. Each point of customer engagement is turned into a potential source of rich value. Rewards can include experiences, live campaigns, upgrades, discounts, and rich media content. 
  • 30 days of sport can grow into 365 days of engagement – hook in ticketing, attendance, concessions, merchandise, digital, interactive games, social and even sponsors and commercial partners are areas of note. 
  • Fans can access rewards anytime anywhere through a powerful mobile optimised portal, built to catch the eye.

Payment: Drive revenues from in-stadium spend, across sponsors and commercial partners. 

  • Stored value, loaded tickets, cash-back incentives and variable discounts can all be delivered in real time, through a powerful payment platform. 
  • Proven to drive spend and satisfaction as part of an overall loyalty and rewards strategy. 
  • The range of the payment program can be extended via the new Merchant Connect facility – a powerful platform add on that hooks in commercial sponsors, partners and local merchants. Fans can benefit from their day-to-day spend and taps into a rich new source of data and revenues. 

Access: Deliver the best game-day experience with real-time stadium access information 

  • Knowing who is in the stadium and understanding the complete chain of custody of any ticket is key to building a valuable database of fans and providing the best game day experience. 
  • Fortress Access components is a highly proven and robust access solution used by many of the world’s leading venues – with specific solutions for general admission, secondary, VIP and suite access. 
  • Regarded as the leading innovator in contactless RFID and mobile ticketing, Fortress is pushing the boundaries of digital identify even further as the world moves to NFC and biometric technology. 

Analytics: Generate personalised and actionable insights by unifying data across multiple sources. 

  • Understand and target fans with personalised content, rewards, incentives and services. 
  • Data is valuable if it can be applied to business questions. Access’ platform is designed for Sports Teams – focusing on delivering precise insight that can support business growth across all customer touchpoints. 
  • There’s potential to engage with fans not seen before by capturing their attention and tailoring to their interests and preferences. 

In the overall scheme of things, Fortress understands what different teams want to achieve and can then develop a strategy that brings long-term results. Among their success stories, Fortress have seen increases of 30% and 50% for first season attendance and retention rates through their loyalty program respectively, while redemption rates of in-stadium partner campaigns went up 20% and concourse spend up 25%. 

Innovation is part of Fortress’ DNA, so they are always on the lookout for new technology solutions for the world of sports and entertainment, endeavouring to match an organisation’s goals. 

To see more of Fortress in action and get an insight into their extensive clients list, you can find it here. 

Liam Watson is a Senior Journalist with Soccerscene. He reports widely on international football policy, industry matters and industry 4.0

Hosken Reserve Master Plan released for final feedback

Moreland City Council has released an initial Hosken Reserve Master Plan to the community, in preparation for a final round of feedback before a green light towards the upgrade.

Hosken Reserve serves as the primary ground of Victorian National Premier League team Pascoe Vale FC.

The plan features an upgrade to the two pitches at Hosken Reserve, as well as the development of a hybrid grass-synthetic soccer pitch to be used by Pascoe Vale FC. In addition the clubrooms, lighting and car park are being upgraded. 

In December 2020, a report was tabled at the Moreland City Council meeting recommending a new master plan developed through an in-depth community engagement process. Since then, several rounds of development and community consultation have occured.

Pascoe Vale FC President Lou Tonna explains that the plan is a result of years of consultation and it should satisfy all constituents. 

“There was a master plan in 2009, and unfortunately a lot of it hasn’t been activated. There was some community pushback in regards to that plan, and it went to community consultation. There were a few things adopted by the council and it went to a refresh group, who aimed to get a reasonable outcome for the entire community,” Tonna said.

“This being the school, the Tennis club, the football club, and also the residents. I believe this master plan has hit the mark.”

In May Moreland Mayor Cr Annalivia Carli Hannan believed the plan would satisfy members of the local community.

“Our community health and well-being is strengthened by sport participation as well as by general community use of open space. Inner metropolitan councils have increasing demands on our limited open space, with competing needs and uses. I want to thank community members, including sports clubs and local residents, for their feedback and contribution,” she said.

Tonna says that the development should be finished within three years and that the outcome is a positive one for the community.

“It’s going out to community consultation, and we are hoping it will be finished in the next one to three years,” he said.

“We’d like to thank everyone who contributed to the refresh group. We are very happy with the outcome of the master plan, and believe it’s great for everyone involved. This isn’t just about Pascoe Vale, it’s about the whole community.”

You can read more about the development of the Hosken Reserve plans, or find out how to make a community contribution, here.

Casey Comets treated to new female friendly pavilion facilities

A brand new female friendly pavilion has been completed at the home of Casey Comets, made possible by Victorian Government grants.

Situated in the heart of Cranbourne, the upgrade is part of a $954,000 investment to create two additional female friendly changerooms at the existing soccer pavilion, which has two cubicle showers, two cubicle toilets and two basins for each changeroom.

The upgrades also feature the construction of a female friendly referee room, that includes changeroom space, cubicle shower, cubicle toilet, one basin and an additional storeroom.

The project also saw four existing changerooms undergo a major refurbishment to create more female friendly spaces.

Other current facilities, including the referee change room, storerooms, community room, male and female toilets and baby change room were also renovated, while LED lighting was installed in and around the spaces.

The participation rate in Cranbourne and its surrounding suburbs have seen significant growth over many years, with these latest updates a positive step to match this demand.

City of Casey Chair of Administrators Noelene Duff acknowledged how essential the upgrades were for the community, which will further increase women’s participation in sport.

“I am very proud to deliver these facilities and hope it encourages even more local women and girls to get involved with their local sporting club,” Duff said.

“I look forward to hearing about the positive impact this space has on the Casey Comets Football Club, the facility’s other user groups and the broader Cranbourne community, over the years to come.”

The project demonstrates Council’s commitment to putting the community at the forefront of future planning. The funding was delivered in partnership between the City of Casey and the Victorian Government, who contributed a total of $250,000 from the Female Friendly Facilities Fund, with Council’s own contribution of $704,000.

SmartCart SVX the mobile touchscreen making analysis easier 

Built with versatility in mind, SmartCart SVX is the world’s first extreme brightness touchscreen system suitable for outdoor sports presentation.

Built with versatility in mind, SmartCart SVX is the world’s first extreme brightness touchscreen system suitable for outdoor sports presentation. 

Whether it be for television broadcast or coaching, this mobile solution is the best of both worlds. SmartCart SVX allows organisations to ‘get inside the game’. 

The touchscreen system, which is capable of being transported via four wheels, has been designed for live production and used in conjuction with TV sports broadcasters around the world.  

The uniqueness of this system means that rather being restricted to an indoor studio, broadcasters are now able to present in different ways via an outdoor setting. A built-in power supply and server means there’s very little hassle when setting up at location. 

SmartCart SVX has gone through rigorous testing to ensure it can stand up to extreme conditions that it may encounter, while also having the robust design that allows it to run smoothly – including adequate lighting even in bright sunshine. 

The brightness is as high as the latest stadium screens in full daylight, so there’s no trouble in making out what is being viewed. The bold and striking screen adds something extra to sports coverage, as presentation and analysis can be done live at the ground and even on the pitch, eliminating the need to cross to a studio or use a green screen background to get that match day feel. 

Most notably, SmartCart SUX was utilised throughout Euro 2016 in France, with the touchscreen technology helping to preview who would reach the final, while a comprehensive analysis of Germany’s Mats Hummels’ performance showed how he quelled the influence of Poland’s attacking duo of Robert Lewandowski and Arkadiusz Milik. Vision can be stopped so that the touchscreen can circle, highlight or even change what’s shown on screen. 

Presenters can also do interviews with players or coaches with SmartCart SVX backing them, opening the door for immediate post-match thoughts with a particular match highlight or moment analysed on the spot. This would do wonders for broadcast, giving viewers a greater insight into what goes on during a match. 

SmartCart SVX technology is tailor made not just for broadcast, but for club coaches seeking a reliable resource to communicate directly with their players. As is the case in broadcast, a coach can use the touchscreen to his or her advantage to bring up pieces of play that worked well or need improving – for instance a starting formation, attacking forays or defensive shape. The touchscreen feature allows coaches to move players around or change things on a still image to work out exactly what they are after from their team.

With the anytime, anywhere ability of SmartCart SVX, coaches can show recorded footage of gameplay that they are ideally looking for and then allow the players to immediately replicate it, with the quick turnaround between watching and putting it to action a very helpful tool during practice.

SmartCart SVX is a cost-effective alternative that requires very little equipment, but delivers coverage that gets everyone closer to the action and at the same time brings compelling content with an easy-to-use interface. It has already been trusted by major competitions UEFA Champions League, English Premier League and the aforementioned UEFA Euro 2016, while other sporting codes include the PGA Tour & European Tour (golf), European Rugby Champions Cup, Investec Ashes Series 2013 (cricket), National Football League (NFL) and the Wimbledon Championships (tennis). 

Operating throughout the United Kingdom, Europe and United States, sports broadcasters and clubs are fully supported in any analysis or coaching ventures they want to achieve.

To see more of SmartCart in action, including short videos of sports presenters using the touchscreen, you can find it here.

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