Fan engagement platform from Fortress trusted by world-leading teams 

Within the sports and entertainment industry, Fortress GB have built themselves into a trusted partner for over 130 teams around the world. 

Within the sports and entertainment industry, Fortress GB have built themselves into a trusted partner for over 130 teams around the world. 

The interactive data platform Fortress One has been developed to give teams a better understanding about who their fans are, leading to an improved fan engagement and maximises the value of this experience. 

Over 130 the world’s leading sports teams have already chosen Fortress, who transform the way stadiums and venues operate. Their highly regarded reputation has seen them link up with 16 of the 20 current English Premier League teams. By providing better access to data, Fortress can uncover new revenue streams for game day and any commercial activities. 

Fortress were found in 2001 with their technology encapsulating both radio-frequency identification (RFID) and near-field communication (NFC), to power digital ticketing implementation. 

They are committed to bringing the best to any organisation, backed by their 20 years of industry experience. Fortress can be on the front foot during events, catering for the ever-changing needs of fans and customers. Their platform ranges across four different categories. 

Loyalty: Personalise the in-venue and online experience to maximise the value to each fan. 

  • Fans can earn rewards for their participation with particular content. Each point of customer engagement is turned into a potential source of rich value. Rewards can include experiences, live campaigns, upgrades, discounts, and rich media content. 
  • 30 days of sport can grow into 365 days of engagement – hook in ticketing, attendance, concessions, merchandise, digital, interactive games, social and even sponsors and commercial partners are areas of note. 
  • Fans can access rewards anytime anywhere through a powerful mobile optimised portal, built to catch the eye.

Payment: Drive revenues from in-stadium spend, across sponsors and commercial partners. 

  • Stored value, loaded tickets, cash-back incentives and variable discounts can all be delivered in real time, through a powerful payment platform. 
  • Proven to drive spend and satisfaction as part of an overall loyalty and rewards strategy. 
  • The range of the payment program can be extended via the new Merchant Connect facility – a powerful platform add on that hooks in commercial sponsors, partners and local merchants. Fans can benefit from their day-to-day spend and taps into a rich new source of data and revenues. 

Access: Deliver the best game-day experience with real-time stadium access information 

  • Knowing who is in the stadium and understanding the complete chain of custody of any ticket is key to building a valuable database of fans and providing the best game day experience. 
  • Fortress Access components is a highly proven and robust access solution used by many of the world’s leading venues – with specific solutions for general admission, secondary, VIP and suite access. 
  • Regarded as the leading innovator in contactless RFID and mobile ticketing, Fortress is pushing the boundaries of digital identify even further as the world moves to NFC and biometric technology. 

Analytics: Generate personalised and actionable insights by unifying data across multiple sources. 

  • Understand and target fans with personalised content, rewards, incentives and services. 
  • Data is valuable if it can be applied to business questions. Access’ platform is designed for Sports Teams – focusing on delivering precise insight that can support business growth across all customer touchpoints. 
  • There’s potential to engage with fans not seen before by capturing their attention and tailoring to their interests and preferences. 

In the overall scheme of things, Fortress understands what different teams want to achieve and can then develop a strategy that brings long-term results. Among their success stories, Fortress have seen increases of 30% and 50% for first season attendance and retention rates through their loyalty program respectively, while redemption rates of in-stadium partner campaigns went up 20% and concourse spend up 25%. 

Innovation is part of Fortress’ DNA, so they are always on the lookout for new technology solutions for the world of sports and entertainment, endeavouring to match an organisation’s goals. 

To see more of Fortress in action and get an insight into their extensive clients list, you can find it here. 

Liam Watson is the Co-Founder & Publisher of Soccerscene. He reports widely on football policy, industry matters and technology.

Premier League Productions combine with Genius Sports to bring Premier League Data Zone

Premier League Data Zone

Genius Sports Limited, Football DataCo’s Official Tracking Provider, has announced a new relationship with Premier League Productions (PLP) to improve live broadcasts for fans in over 185 countries across the world through rich tracking data insights and data-driven augmentations.

PLP creates and distributes all of the Premier League’s overseas content, including the telecast of all 380 league matches each season. PLP broadcasts now include a live ‘Premier League Data Zone’ viewing option, bringing fans closer to the action with rich data and tracking metrics in a highlighted match every match round as part of a cooperation between PLP, the Premier League, Football DataCo, and Genius Sports.

Everything from player names to passing accuracy, shooting velocity, sprints, total distance travelled, touches in the final third, and field maps is integrated into live broadcasts via a distinctive L-bar, answering the ever-increasing demand for data-driven insights among Premier League fans worldwide.

To enhance the fan entertainment experience, Data Zone will also include official Fantasy Premier League updates and standings.

Genius Sports CEO Mark Locke spoke on the deal and what it meant for both parties.

“Through Premier League Productions and their international broadcast partners, Genius Sports is revolutionising the viewing experience for millions of Premier League fans around the world,” he stated via press release.

“Powered by our Second Spectrum AI technology, we deliver an enriched visual experience with advanced analytics and key performance metrics in the live broadcast.”

Genius Sports is also FDC’s authorised supplier of official live data to the worldwide sports betting business, offering the most up-to-date and accurate feed on all Premier League, English Football League, and Scottish Professional Football League games.

Genius Sports’ Second Spectrum technology provides enhanced, data-driven Premier League, NFL, and NBA broadcasts on CBS, ESPN, NBA League Pass, and TSN.

U.S. Soccer and Ticketmaster to streamline the match day experience

U.S. Soccer and Ticketmaster

U.S. Soccer have recently announced a strategic partnership with Ticketmaster to become the Federation’s official ticketing partner for the next several years.

The partnership is set to use Ticketmaster’s industry-leading technology to support all ticketing initiatives and solutions with a goal to enhance the match day experience for fans at the stadium.

Ticketmaster is one of the world’s largest ticket sales and distribution companies. They have serviced millions of events across many different countries they operate in, providing a quick and reliable online service for fans that is focused mainly on convenience.

There is an unprecedented line-up of soccer events coming to the United States over the next few years and the Federation is being proactive in its approach to ensure a reliable ticketing service.

The features being brought in will be a fresh change for fans who have previously struggled acquiring tickets to matches because of the multitude of unreliable services that were selling them outside of the U.S. Soccer website.

Ticketmaster plan to incorporate features such as mobile app integrations, use of a 3D Interactive Seat Map to enhance seat selection, and the ability to save tickets to mobile devices which eases access at the gates.

U.S. Soccer and Ticketmaster will also recognise fans through custom content that will highlight the undying commitment of fans and their journeys to U.S. Soccer-controlled events, including U.S. Women’s and Men’s National Team matches, and create unforgettable moments through engaging sweepstakes.

U.S. Soccer Chief Commercial Officer David Wright expressed his excitement for what the partnership was going to bring to U.S. Soccer

“Fans are the heartbeat of our business. Supporting our commitment to super-serve our passionate fans, we are excited to partner with Ticketmaster in our efforts to enhance the customer experience,” he said in a U.S. Soccer press release

“Ticketmaster has been at the forefront of technology and innovation in this space for years and is the perfect match as we continue to elevate and evolve as a property.”

Ticketmaster Executive Vice President & Co-Head of Sports Clay Luter explained how the partnership was going to improve fan engagement.

“The expansion of our partnership with U.S. Soccer is a testament to our commitment to celebrating passionate soccer fans,” he added via press release.

“As the game’s popularity continues to rise, we’re eager to take engagement and connectivity to the next level while actively discovering and connecting with new fans. Through our platform, we’ll deliver must-have ticketing solutions, unique content and innovations that further fuel the interest in soccer across the country.”

The focus on fan engagement through augmented reality and app activations is a fantastic touch from the U.S. Soccer Federation, doing something that Australia has yet to attempt.

The country would definitely benefit by following the U.S. in their fan-first mentality, with an overall goal of making the matchday experience memorable and addictive, especially off the back of the Matildas World Cup success story.

This partnership is attempting to put the building blocks in to ensure crowd numbers are healthy as this new generation of soccer fans start to emerge. It is very strategic and has a forward outlook that must be applauded.

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