FC Sion release mammoth 2030 stadium project

Swiss football club FC Sion has teamed up with local officials to offer an approx $904 million proposal that will include either the construction of a new stadium or the refurbishment of the Stade de Tourbillon.

FC Sion, which is presently in the second-tier Challenge League after being relegated from the Super League last season, unveiled the ‘FC Sion 2030’ vision with the Canton of Valais, City of Sion, and Valais Football Association (AVF).

FC Sion president Christian Constantin has been in charge of the club since it was saved from financial ruin in 2003, although he has lately hinted at abandoning his support due to dissatisfaction with development possibilities, particularly in terms of infrastructure. Constantin had ruled out extending the Tourbillon’s operational agreement with the City, which is set to expire at the end of the year.

The concept intends to construct a canton-wide football academy system, a stadium with around 15,000 seats, and supporting infrastructure such as 600 residences to help fund the initiative.

Constantin commented on the future of the club and its infrastructure:

“I am delighted to see that things are moving forward,” he stated via press release.

“This is not a project over a few seasons. We are talking about leaving a legacy of infrastructure for the next 60 years. We will study both variants. However, I think that building a new stadium makes more sense.

“The stadium of the future must be able to quickly adapt to any type of event, in a fluid manner. Recent constructions are sometimes already outdated and we want to avoid that.”

The letter of intent establishes a deadline of December 31 for the signature of a contract, allowing the four parties to proceed with the processes that, they claim, would legally decide the promises made and give them legal effect. The football academy will be commissioned in 2026, and the stadium will open in 2029.

A project of this capacity and cost is almost unheard of for a club outside the top flight of football in any country, even if it may be a powerhouse club in the nation such as FC Sion. The shock relegation last season was a setback for the club, however this move puts them back in the spotlight of Swiss football.

Playing in the first division again will be crucial for the club to ensure they have the fans and city on their side and believing in the team behind the ambitious project.

FC Sion will look to gain promotion back into the first flight of Swiss football and stay there for the future after planning such a costly revamp of the club’s home facility.

Saudi Arabia’s sporting presence strengthens

Saudi Arabia’s continuous growth within its entertainment sector has taken another major stride, with the Qiddiya Investment Company (QIC) involved in the creation of a futuristic Sports and Entertainment Stadium set to overlook the ever evolving, city of Riyadh.

Named after the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, The Mohammad bin Salman Stadium will hold up to 45,000 spectators.

The QIC enlisted the guidance of globally renowned architecture firm “Populous”, to assist with the conception of the complex stadium. Bold provisions, involving a retractable roof and LED wall, enable the stadium to transition depending on the requirements of the various events, it may host.

Ranging from lightshows, Football Matches, Boxing Events, E-Sport competitions. The question now begs, what Sport can it not host?

Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman has spearheaded the project, determined to guide Qiddiya, to ultimately become the World’s leading district of Sports and Entertainment. While aiming attention at shifting Saudi Arabia’s culture, through the Qiddiya philosophy,” the Power of Play”.

The Power of Play philosophy leverages extensive research showcasing how interactive activity is vital for cognitive development within society. How sport can be a driving force for unification and social cohesion.

The Stadium is another symbol, indicating the Saudi Arabian presence among the world Sport, becoming more ominous. However, what affect will this stadium have on Football? It is no surprise, given the financial competence, how Saudi Arabia continue to set trends within world football. World class players within Europe are beginning to trade continents, chasing more lucrative paydays abroad.

In what mirrors the stadium and its bold ambitions, Saudi Arabia continues to command its voice to be heard, on a global front in relation to their football. They can no longer be ignored. This state-of-the-art stadium is just another aspect of what the country is capable of, in becoming a football powerhouse.

It is beyond exciting to see Saudi Arabia spearhead a renaissance of football within Asia. Let’s see what magical moments can be created at this exciting location.

PepsiCo and Roshn Saudi League collaborate to increase fan base

The Roshn Saudi League (SPL) has confirmed a substantial agreement with PepsiCo, which will benefit both the league and its fans.

According to the terms of the arrangement, PepsiCo’s engagement will last until the completion of the current RSL season and the full 2024/25 campaign. The partnership will see PepsiCo’s well-known brands integrated into various aspects of the league’s operations, with Aquafina serving as the league’s official water partner, Pepsi as the official soft drink partner, Gatorade as the official sports drink partner, and Lay’s as the official potato chips sponsor.

The alliance intends to improve fans’ match day experiences through a series of activations and events that leverage PepsiCo’s global reputation for quality and innovation. This initiative demonstrates the RSL’s commitment to creating unique and entertaining experiences for its devoted fans.

This collaboration with PepsiCo builds on Lay’s current sponsorship of the Saudi Women’s Premier League, consolidating PepsiCo’s position in the Saudi football scene and confirming the company’s commitment to football development at all levels.

Carlo Nohra, Chief Operating Officer of the Roshn Saudi League, explained why the deal would work for both sides.

“We are delighted to welcome PepsiCo into the RSL family as a gold partner,” he said via press release.

“This partnership aligns with our mission to offer fans innovative and engaging experiences. PepsiCo’s commitment to football and its global reputation for quality will undoubtedly enhance our league’s appeal and the overall fan experience.”

Aamer Sheikh, Chief Executive Officer of PepsiCo Middle East Business Unit added via press release:

“We are thrilled to join hands with The Roshn Saudi League as Gold Sponsors for the season. This partnership signifies a shared commitment of excellence, passion, and the pursuit of victory. Together, we aim to elevate the beautiful game to new heights, delivering unforgettable experiences for fans and fostering a legacy of greatness.”

This partnership with PepsiCo, who are well-known for its strong ties in the sports and entertainment industry, underlines the importance of the league to collaborating with organisations that share a passion for football and its fans.

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