Felton Industries: Supporting the infrastructure needs of football clubs across Australia

Sporting infrastructure continues to be an important topic to address amongst community football clubs across the country.

Felton Industries is one of Australia’s leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of quality outdoor furniture, specialising in premium seating solutions for sporting clubs and environments.

The company have recently entered into an agreement with Football Queensland, becoming the state governing body’s official Shelter and Grandstand partner, as well as being the preferred supplier to the Queensland football community.

Through this partnership, Football Queensland released a Shelter and Grandstand Facility Guide earlier this year with support from Felton.

The guide outlines information, recommendations and viable solutions for clubs and local councils to install shelters and suitable seating at football facilities.

“All sporting clubs in Queensland face sun safety and weather-related challenges at their venues,” Football Queensland CEO Robert Cavallucci said.

“FQ has addressed this through the Shelter & Grandstands Facility Guide, the newest inclusion among our suite of in-depth resources for clubs, sport and recreation consultants, and local councils.

“Together with Felton, we are supporting our community with improved access to high-quality, infrastructure that transforms both the spectator experience and the atmosphere at matches.”

The planning and implementation process of infrastructure upgrades are also detailed in the guide, alongside suitable grants and methods that may financially assist clubs with purchases.

“Felton are proud to be FQ Preferred Supplier for Shelter and Grandstands and to support the infrastructure needs of Queensland Football clubs and football communities Australia-wide,” stated Gus White, National Sales Manager for Felton Industries.

“We work closely with clubs to deliver premium quality grandstands, bench and changing room seating. We are also thrilled to announce that we will be launching football dugouts at the end of this month.”

A list of Felton’s most popular grandstand and shelter solutions for football clubs are shown below:


Sunsafe Select Grandstand 

Structurally engineered all-in-one unit that provides sheltered seating for up to 40 people.

$13,850.00 ex. GST

Technical specifications

  • Seats up to 40 people
  • Structurally engineered all-in-one roof
  • Footrests & backrests with extra safety support bar
  • Built to last durable fabricated aluminium frame
  • Cyclone Rated Category C
  • Coloured Safety End Caps available in red, blue, green, purple, yellow and orange
  • 7-year warranty

Roof Coverage: 5150mm W x 3540mm D

Seating Plan: 2250mm D x 4000mm L x 900mm H (4th Tier)

Overall Plan: 5150mm L x 2400mmH (4 Tier) x 3540mm D


Select Grandstand 

Popular portable spectator seating that can be easily moved around venues and added to existing shade areas.

$6,180.00 – $9,270.00 ex. GST

Technical specifications

  • Bolt down or move around as a portable spectator seating unit
  • Available in 4m and 6m lengths.
  • 4m fits up to 40 fans and 6m up to 60 fans in the stands for your next game
  • Most popular grandstand 3 years running!
  • Coloured Safety End Caps available in red, blue, green, purple, yellow and orange
  • 7-year warranty

4m Overall Plan: 4000mm W x 1270mm H (900mm H 4th tier) x 2250mm D

6m Overall Plan: 6000mm W x 1270mm H (900mm H 4th tier) x 2250mm D


Eco-Trend Sheltered Park Setting

Sheltered seating perfect for canteen areas at football clubs.

$3,750.00 ex. GST

Technical specifications

  • Seats up to 8
  • Maximum weather protection with Colorbond Roof – Deep Ocean as Standard
  • Powder-coated frames – APO Grey
  • Seats up to 8 people comfortably
  • Latest in sleek design
  • Bolt down lugs for maximum stability and safety
  • Choice of colours available
  • Coloured Safety End Caps available in red, blue, green, purple, yellow and orange
  • 7-year warranty

Table Top: 2020mm L x 765mm W x 747mm H

Overall Plan: 2215mm L x 1975mm W x 2570mm H


Double Plank Seating 

Double plank bench seating designed for changing rooms and high-use wet environments like pools and surf clubs.

$515.00 – $1,029.00 ex. GST

Technical specifications

  • Fully aluminium – will not rust
  • Bolt down or free-standing options
  • Hose down for cleaning purposes
  • Coloured Safety End Caps available in red, blue, green, purple, yellow and orange
  • Choose from 2m, 3m, 4m or custom sizes available
  • 7-year warranty

Overall Plan: 500mm W x 450mm H

Felton’s wide range of products have fit the needs of many football clubs in Queensland, but also all across Australia, including clubs such as Port Kembla FC, who are based in NSW.

Located eight kilometres south of the City of Wollongong, the grassroots club needed a seating solution for members to watch the team’s home games.

After they secured the appropriate funding through the grants processes available, the club can now seat up to 160 members after purchasing equipment off Felton.

“Our club recently purchased 4 shelter units to provide a protected environment for our spectators to watch our teams play football,” Anthony Timilero, president of Port Kembla Pumas Football Club, said.

“From our initial inquiry to installation, Felton Industries were always focused on delivering exceptional service.”

To learn more about Felton Industries visit https://felton.net.au.


Philip Panas is a sports journalist with Soccerscene. He reports widely on football policy and industry matters, drawing on his knowledge and passion of the game.

Football Queensland’s digital broadcast continues to grow


Football Queensland have continued to go from strength to strength in 2021 with more than 390,000 unique viewers confirmed to have tuned into 711 games broadcast live and on-demand.

The number of unique viewers increased by 180 percent in 2021 as fans flocked to FQ channels to engage with local football content.

FQ CEO Robert Cavallucci outlined the investment in broadcasting has generated enormous value to players, coaches and clubs throughout the state.

“We have seen huge growth in viewership of Queensland competitions, which creates fantastic visibility for our products,” Cavallucci said.

“FQ made a strategic decision to broadcast more women’s games in 2021 and we are pleased to have seen a 187 percent increase in viewership for the NPL Queensland Women’s competition.

“Players, coaches and clubs are all benefiting from FQ’s commitment to broadcasting games live and on-demand.

“High-quality broadcasts allow players to review their games and create highlights packages which can be used for identification purposes.

“We have also received great feedback from coaches who use the on-demand and highlights packages for match analysis.

“Clubs are also using the platform to advertise their sponsors which helps to grow the Queensland football economy.

“This year alone, FQ broadcast hundreds of games in the NPL and FQPL competitions as well as FFA Cup, Kappa Women’s Super Cup, F-League, community tournaments and exhibition games.

“These competitions were boosted by live calls from our fantastic team of commentators. One of these commentators, Campbell Johnson, has since been recruited to call A-Leagues games for Paramount+.

“We will continue to create value for the Queensland football community by boosting the visibility of talented individuals working in our pathways.”

Football Queensland set to decrease registration fees


Football Queensland have announced that the cost of administering football in the state is set to drop, as a direct result of the Future of Football 2020+ reforms initiated by the member federation.

In what comes as positive news for the state’s footballers, governing body fees for every participant will be reduced and more than 500 teams in community competitions across the state will see their fees halved.

Football Queensland President Ben Richardson confirmed that governing body registration fees would be reduced in every region and the registration process would be simpler for participants.

“As promised, the once-in-a-generation Future of Football 2020+ reforms have resulted in the reduction of governing body registration fees throughout Queensland,” Richardson said.

“Affordability was one of the four key areas we outlined in our Reform Process Implementation Plan, which was published in our Recommendations Paper in March.

“Football Queensland has delivered on this promise, implementing a streamlined approach to service delivery across the state, reducing duplication and unnecessary administrative costs by more than $1 million.

“Previously, participants paid a Football Queensland registration fee as well as a zone fee. Now, the zone fee has been eliminated and nearly 50 different tiers of zone registration fees have been reduced to just three across Queensland: MiniRoos, Juniors and Seniors.

“In regional Queensland, there will be no increase to team licence fees even as clubs transition from their local Premier Leagues to the new, connected FQPL system.

“One of the key outcomes of the reform process is that all revenue from regional venue fees and Zone Legacy Funds will be retained locally to support the delivery of regional infrastructure upgrades, facility costs and improved local services.

“The pandemic has created difficulties across the Australian football economy, but here in Queensland we are proud to have lowered the cost of football while delivering record participation growth.”

FQ CEO Robert Cavallucci outlined that the reduction in registration fees has been complemented by the recruitment of key personnel to service regional participants.

“At the centre of this reform process is a commitment to continue to grow the game and lowering the cost of football for participants, with a focus on delivering better services to our football community,” Cavallucci said.

“Moving to a streamlined administrative model has reduced unnecessary layers of administration, allowing Football Queensland to make strategic investments to bolster local service delivery.

“Football Queensland staff from across the state have embraced the new, more agile organisational structure which places participants at the heart of everything we do.

“2021 has been a pivotal year in this critical reform process and we look forward to working with the football community in 2022 as we continue to unite the game in Queensland.”

MiniRoos    $50   
Juniors    $66   
Seniors    $130   

Football Australia’s National Registration Fee ($14 for Juniors, $33 for Seniors, $67.75 for Professional) will remain the same in 2022.

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