Football Coaches Australia Granted Provisional FFA Membership

Football Coaches Australia (FCA) was granted the status of FFA Provisional Member at yesterday’s FFA Annual General Meeting (AGM), after the resolution was passed by FFA Members.

FCA President Phil Moss, who presented to the FFA AGM prior to the vote, was delighted with the outcome.

“This is a very proud day in the short history of our organization,” he said.

“If not for the coaches who have gone before us Football Coaches Australia may not have materialized. If not for our founders Glenn Warry and James Kitching, FCA most certainly would not have physically seen the light of day.”

Founded in 2017, FCA provides a collective voice for coaches by championing advocacy, well-being, and development.

The organisation has grown significantly since its inception, with its leadership team now optimistic of achieving full membership to the now ‘Football Australia’ by 2022.

“The people involved and the outstanding work done since day one at Macquarie University in November 2017 have allowed us to arrive at Provisional Membership of the FA Congress,” Moss added.

“I’m so proud of our special ‘dressing room’ that doubles as our ExCo & various sub-committees – a group of exceptional people who continuously go above & beyond for the love of the game & respect they have for what coaches bring to the code.”

“It is an achievement that our management, Executive Committee, members & supporters should rightly celebrate today!”

“Tomorrow, though, we go again. There is so much hard work ahead with our fellow key stakeholders to ensure the future of the game & coaching is where it needs to be. On behalf of Team FCA I’d like to thank all the members who recognised the importance of coaches to the future of Australian & international football by voting for us on this historic day.”

FCA Vice President Heather Garriock also weighed in on the news, echoing Moss’ excitement at the result.

FCA Vice President Heather Garriock

“This clearly is a representation of where our organisation should be, coaches front and centre of our beautiful game.”

“To all our current members who have supported us and the coaches that don’t yet know about us, we are the future for ‘ALL’ coaches in Australia, we are Football Coaches Australia.

“Kudos to the founders of FCA, belief is everything, the journey is only beginning.”

“As we work towards Full Membership, of the now Football Australia, in November 2022, on behalf of our member coaches, FCA looks forward to continued collaboration with all stakeholders to promote and strengthen the reputation of football in Australia and the reputation of football on the world stage.”

In line with this vision FCA has launched their ground breaking professional development programs, with partner X Venture, connecting community and professional coaches, through the delivery of the 2020 FCA XV National Mind Games Cup.



FCA are also pleased to partner FNSW at this weekend’s 2020 Australian Football Coaching Conference – XVenture’s founder Mike Conway will present the webinar “Emotional Agility and Mental Coaching Techniques for Performance Improvement”.

The FNSW Conference presentation will outline the significant FCA XVenture Essential Skills program for football coaches which will be launched in February 2021. (5 modules x 30 CPD points per module).

Player sentiment up, average age down: PFA releases annual report

Sentiment is well and truly up for A-League players, according to the annual Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) report.

This time last year, only 33% of A-League players felt confident about the direction of their football careers.

According to the PFA’s latest annual report, that number is now 56%.

Of the A-League’s 312 players, 200 responded to the 2020/21 A-League survey, capturing 70% of the current cohort, with the results proving that even despite the ongoing turbulence and uncertainty of COVID-19, the majority of players feel much more confident about their futures within the game.

The report highlights that Australian players actively want to remain in the A-League, as opposed to seeking opportunities overseas.

The key numbers that demonstrate this include:

  • 55% of players said they would like to stay playing in the A-League next season, up from 45% last year.
  • 56% of players are confident about the direction of their football careers, compared to 33% in 2019/20.
  • Only 4% of players would move to an overseas league even if it was for similar money and/or playing standard.
  • Only 16% of players who would prefer to move to an overseas league would only do so if the money and standards were better.

Other highlights of the report include that the average A-League player is getting younger.

Over the last 14 years, the average age of the A-League player has consistently trended upwards.

In 2020/21, however, this changed and the average age trended downwards, dropping from 27.6 to 25.1.

The number of players utilised in the A-League who were aged 21 and under came in at 107, representing 35% of the 300 players who received A-League minutes during the 2020/21 season.

The youngest squads on average belonged to Central Coast Mariners and Adelaide United, with average ages of 23.6 and 23.9 years respectively.

Another highlight was the fact that of the league’s 312 contracted players, 300 received A-League minutes.

“These reports have been immensely valuable, helping the PFA and the players better understand the industry in which they are employed, monitor the application of high-performance standards, assess technical progress and survey the players’ experience,” PFA Co-Chief Executive Beau Busch said of the report.

“For the last five years, we have been able to utilise these reports to formulate evidence-based positions to improve the environments in which our members work through collective bargaining.

“Promisingly, after a period of significant uncertainty, the players have indicated that they are more confident in the direction of their careers and the future of the competition than this time last year, signifying a positive shift in the perception of the A-League.”

The report also highlights the fact that A-League attendances were the lowest ever in the competition, thanks in large part to COVID-19, with an average attendance of 5,660.

Foreign players in the league reduced by 12 to a total of 51, whilst the average salary in the A-League is $136,791.

Access the full report HERE.

DFL and AWS introduce two new Match Facts to Bundesliga coverage

Bundesliga analysis

The Deutsche Fußball Liga (DFL) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have announced the addition of two new Bundesliga Match Facts powered by AWS that will premiere as graphics during broadcasts and in the official Bundesliga app during the 2021-2022 season.

The two new Match Facts – Shot Efficiency and Passing Profile – will bring the total number of advanced statistics to eight, with each of them aiming to give fans deeper insights into the action on the pitch.

The first of the new advanced stats – Shot Efficiency – compares the number of goals that a player or team has scored with how many goals the player or team should have scored based on the quality of their chances.

The second – Passing Profile – provides deeper insights into the pass quality of a player or an entire team. Both of the stats are generated by gathering and analysing the match feeds from live games in real time as they are streamed into AWS.

Both new stats made their debut during Matchday 4 on the clash between German Champion FC Bayern München and the second-placed team of the previous season RB Leipzig.

The two new Match Facts will better showcase the action on the field – giving fans, coaches, players, and commentators visual support for analysing the decision-making of players and teams.

Andreas Heyden, Executive Vice President of Digital Innovations for DFL Group, was excited to further innovate the matchday experience for viewers based both domestically and internationally.

“Bundesliga Match Facts powered by AWS allows us to give fans more insight into the game of football, broadcasters more interesting stories to tell and coaches and teams, more data to excel at their game,” he said.

“Last year, the reception for Bundesliga Match Facts around the world was very positive, and we expect through ML and AI to continue to innovate on these analytics to make them even better.

“These two new stats give fans a view into player efficiency that hasn’t been achieved before, and we are just at the beginning of our relationship with AWS. I’m excited to see how technology will continue to evolve the fan experience and the game.”

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