Football Victoria to host landmark women’s event in Albert Park

Football Victoria Lunch Her Way

Football Victoria will welcome the women’s football community when they host the ‘Lunch Her Way’ event at the Carousel in Melbourne’s Albert Park on August 4.

The day will focus on female leadership and empowerment, alongside the push of Victoria’s target of achieving equity in the game. This event will also be the perfect time to reflect on all of the progress made so far and looking ahead to what the future brings – highlighted by the FIFA Women’s World Cup going great guns.

As confirmed by Football Victoria, special guests are listed below:

  • CommBank Matilda Chloe Logarzo will share her own insights on how the women’s game is changing, forever.
  • Paralympic Gold medalist Madison de Rozario will share her own story of reaching the pinnacle of her sport.
  • Keynote speaker and author, Bron Williams, will inspire the room to rediscover their power, showcasing the tangible benefits of female leadership.
  • Football fan and MC Cassie Lindsay will entertain guests for the day.
  • Music from Sarah Valentine, showcasing some of our favourite tracks.

In addition, photographers on site will offer a free professional headshot for those who attend.


  • Friday, August 4, 2023
  • 12-4pm
  • Carousel, Albert Park
  • Three-course lunch with beverages, gifts and entertainment
  • Tickets: $85 each or $700 for a table of 10

To register for ‘Lunch Her Way’, you can do so here.

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Preston Lions add Boss Designer Gardens & Landscaping to their array of sponsorships

Preston Lions

Preston Lions are making quite the portfolio within their sponsorship contingent, the club has continued to align themselves with thoroughly equipped businesses entity’s both state and nationwide.

Preston are renowned for their unequivocal niche supporter base who have been on the rollercoaster journey since their early humble beginnings.

The club have had dates with destiny across Victorian competitions on four occasions, with their recent state top flight victory occurring in 2007. In the 1987 National Soccer League season where the club finished second in the nationwide top flight of football.

Within the illustrious sponsorship contingent the Lions are accumulating in their efforts to be involved and competitive in the upcoming second national tier, are a subgenre of sponsors who live and breathe the club.

Encompassing the rich history and lifeblood of the club is none other than Boss Landscaping Chief Executive Officer, Steve Spacevski.

Steve throughout his entire life has been immersed within the Lavovi, he represented the club in the late 70s as a reserves player. Despite his short lived playing tenure, his support for the club remains unmatched till this day.

Boss Landscapes are a comprehensive landscaping service operating throughout the north and west sides of Melbourne. It was on a landscaping jobsite where Preston President David Cvetkovski had offered Steve the proposal of joining the clubs sponsorship regime.

Steve without hesitation believed the partnership was a “no brainer”. He amongst the tight-knit Lions community have an ambitious goal at heart. The clubs tenure at a top-flight level have transpired in those synonymous with the club, to reignite the fire in competing within the nation’s highest level.

“To go back to the top league, Where Preston belong. From the National Soccer League days, building towards a future and finding success in the second tier league is important,” Spacevski said.

Spacevski associates success with the nourishment of the clubs lifeblood with Its community.

“We want everyone to come to games, we want the whole family to come to B.T Connor on a Friday or Saturday, whenever it may be. We want it to be a family affair,” he said.

Moving forward as a club the sponsorship contingent are contributing to the clubs prospects of innovating and creating new facilities throughout B.T Connor Reserve. With the past fuelling the present, Spacevski represents the community soul the club possesses.

“We are building as a family. Not to forget the past, but to build towards the future with it in mind,” he said.

Stemming from bottom all the way to the top, Spacevski highlighted the unique point of difference which gives himself and his fellow sponsorship partners a sense of confidence upon the clubs second tier venture.

“At the moment the people that are on the board, from the president all the way down. The vibe and communication is that everyone has the same goal,” he explained.

“Its not just at the top, it’s across the board. Investment into juniors, women’s and men’s programs, there’s no sacrificing one to build the other.”

The Lions have remained a club within Australian football who have sustained diehard support throughout the roller coaster journey it has embarked upon. With the ride heading into a new pathway, sponsors like Steve Spacevski are the fabric of a sports club.

Passion personified through Macedonian culture, the sponsorship agreement between Boss Landscapes and the Preston Lions is what symbolises Victorian football heritage.

Football Victoria choose Veo to introduce video analysis technologies

Football Victoria announced a partnership with Veo Technologies, a global leader in AI-powered sports recording platforms.

FV will integrate Veo Technology and cameras across its internal departments, including technical teams and the referee department.

This collaboration brings advanced video analysis capabilities to all aspects of football operations within FV, including technical teams and the referee department.

FV have been searching for a new company to help with their modern football analytics capabilities and chose Veo after a rigorous and detailed process.

The company met FV’s requirements and standards for elite football analysis and both companies reflect a shared commitment to innovation and excellence in football analytics, benefiting the entire Victorian football landscape.

Veo is the simple and portable sports camera. In Veo, their goal is to help every player and team take their game and sport up a level. They do it with a camera that can automatically record and live-stream sport and a state-of-the-art analysis platform, all powered by AI.

With a combination of advanced AI technology and ease of use, Veo have made this whole process easy and available for everybody, and Veo has become a natural part of sport pitches worldwide.

In their statement, the company spoke about the overall target they want to hit with this partnership.

“Our goal is to also make VEO’s technology accessible to all clubs, players, and coaches, supporting the game’s progress in Victoria,” Veo said in a statement.

Paul Iliopoulos, FV Sponsorship & Events Manager, mentioned the importance of this partnership in improving the quality of coaching and football development in the state.

“VEO’s cameras are a crucial asset for coaches, players, and clubs. This partnership will provide valuable options and benefits, enhancing education and development in football analytics across the Victorian football community,” he said in a statement.

This partnership will mainly benefit the local clubs in Victoria with an affordable deal set that will allow easier access to the fantastic technology.

Through the partnership, FV members are eligible for A$300 discount off a Veo Cam 2, this offer is eligible with the purchase of a 1 or 2-year subscription for a team or club.

To redeem this discount, enter your information at


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