How NFT technology is used in the world game


With the digital era growing rapidly, crypto continues to be a popular currency which has seen the likes of non-fungible tokens (NFT) rise. They feature distinctive identification codes that cement its entire purpose to signify ownership of a virtual asset.

Being bought and traded online using cryptocurrencies, NFT games and collectibles have emerged into the world of sport and become increasingly popular for fans around the globe.


Polarys enables athletes and clubs to launch tradable digital memberships powered by NFT technology to engage with the new generation of fans across the globe.

The platform is for athletes and sports clubs to create digital memberships which allow them to engage with their fans and give back to their community with exclusive rewards. Members can buy, use and trade their membership without any coding or web knowledge needed.

Polarys statement: Everything happens on our platform. Creators (athletes & clubs) can create digital memberships in a few clicks, without any coding or Web experience or expertise needed. Users on the platform can buy (or claim if free) memberships and unlock exclusive rewards (e.g. tickets to games, meet and greets, Q&A sessions, coaching sessions, voting for player of the game or season, tour of the stadium, give the kick-off of a game). The benefit for owners (creators) is to monetise your community in a new and engaging way, moving away from the monopole of often toxic social media.

The platform provides endless opportunities for athletes and clubs to engage with their community, especially with the new generation of fans that is online most of the time and is looking at alternatives to social media to engage with smaller communities.

This is a beneficial provider for clubs as digital presence and fan engagement is extremely important nowadays in sport. The more a club can sell themselves using their online presence the more revenue they can generate which is the ultimate goal of using an organisation such as Polarys to develop digital packages.

NFT Businesses

One of the most successful NFT companies recently is ‘Sorare’. Sorare produces and markets legally authorised player tokens or ‘cards’ that may be sold or used in online games in collaboration with major sports teams. Although a single Cristiano Ronaldo card sold for almost $100,000, most cards only cost a few dollars, and Sorare’s games provide weekly prize money in cryptocurrency.

Up until the end of 2019, Sorare was invite-only, but as soon as it became accessible to everyone, its user base immediately surged. In the first six months, sales totalled $350,000 and 70 football teams, including European powerhouse Juventus, signed on.

EA Sports, the company behind the FIFA video game franchise and Madden NFL, is the industry leader in digital sports games. With sales of almost $6 billion and a profit of $800 million

Compared to EA’s fanbase, which has 25 million players of FIFA 22 alone, Sorare’s price doesn’t seem outlandish considering its considerably quicker growth.

EA’s FIFA ultimate team or (FUT) can be seen as the original NFT, consumers buying and trading virtual cards which may have led to the inspiration of modern day NFT collectibles companies such as Sorare and Polarys produce.

Implementing NFT in our backyard

With the growth and success of this technology, the A-league could look to implement NFT’s in a bid to grow the game in Australia. A-league Fantasy Football exists, however the popularity of the game never took off compared to the likes of Premier League Fantasy and others. Introducing a set of A-league NFT collectibles may be an option which increases the online interaction between consumers and the league.

Ultimately, the downfall of NFT’s won’t happen anytime soon. With football organisations benefiting from new technology and progressing their club virtually, it seems as though this will stay a relevant as a part of the games off-field advancement.

Premier League Productions combine with Genius Sports to bring Premier League Data Zone

Premier League Data Zone

Genius Sports Limited, Football DataCo’s Official Tracking Provider, has announced a new relationship with Premier League Productions (PLP) to improve live broadcasts for fans in over 185 countries across the world through rich tracking data insights and data-driven augmentations.

PLP creates and distributes all of the Premier League’s overseas content, including the telecast of all 380 league matches each season. PLP broadcasts now include a live ‘Premier League Data Zone’ viewing option, bringing fans closer to the action with rich data and tracking metrics in a highlighted match every match round as part of a cooperation between PLP, the Premier League, Football DataCo, and Genius Sports.

Everything from player names to passing accuracy, shooting velocity, sprints, total distance travelled, touches in the final third, and field maps is integrated into live broadcasts via a distinctive L-bar, answering the ever-increasing demand for data-driven insights among Premier League fans worldwide.

To enhance the fan entertainment experience, Data Zone will also include official Fantasy Premier League updates and standings.

Genius Sports CEO Mark Locke spoke on the deal and what it meant for both parties.

“Through Premier League Productions and their international broadcast partners, Genius Sports is revolutionising the viewing experience for millions of Premier League fans around the world,” he stated via press release.

“Powered by our Second Spectrum AI technology, we deliver an enriched visual experience with advanced analytics and key performance metrics in the live broadcast.”

Genius Sports is also FDC’s authorised supplier of official live data to the worldwide sports betting business, offering the most up-to-date and accurate feed on all Premier League, English Football League, and Scottish Professional Football League games.

Genius Sports’ Second Spectrum technology provides enhanced, data-driven Premier League, NFL, and NBA broadcasts on CBS, ESPN, NBA League Pass, and TSN.

U.S. Soccer and Ticketmaster to streamline the match day experience

U.S. Soccer and Ticketmaster

U.S. Soccer have recently announced a strategic partnership with Ticketmaster to become the Federation’s official ticketing partner for the next several years.

The partnership is set to use Ticketmaster’s industry-leading technology to support all ticketing initiatives and solutions with a goal to enhance the match day experience for fans at the stadium.

Ticketmaster is one of the world’s largest ticket sales and distribution companies. They have serviced millions of events across many different countries they operate in, providing a quick and reliable online service for fans that is focused mainly on convenience.

There is an unprecedented line-up of soccer events coming to the United States over the next few years and the Federation is being proactive in its approach to ensure a reliable ticketing service.

The features being brought in will be a fresh change for fans who have previously struggled acquiring tickets to matches because of the multitude of unreliable services that were selling them outside of the U.S. Soccer website.

Ticketmaster plan to incorporate features such as mobile app integrations, use of a 3D Interactive Seat Map to enhance seat selection, and the ability to save tickets to mobile devices which eases access at the gates.

U.S. Soccer and Ticketmaster will also recognise fans through custom content that will highlight the undying commitment of fans and their journeys to U.S. Soccer-controlled events, including U.S. Women’s and Men’s National Team matches, and create unforgettable moments through engaging sweepstakes.

U.S. Soccer Chief Commercial Officer David Wright expressed his excitement for what the partnership was going to bring to U.S. Soccer

“Fans are the heartbeat of our business. Supporting our commitment to super-serve our passionate fans, we are excited to partner with Ticketmaster in our efforts to enhance the customer experience,” he said in a U.S. Soccer press release

“Ticketmaster has been at the forefront of technology and innovation in this space for years and is the perfect match as we continue to elevate and evolve as a property.”

Ticketmaster Executive Vice President & Co-Head of Sports Clay Luter explained how the partnership was going to improve fan engagement.

“The expansion of our partnership with U.S. Soccer is a testament to our commitment to celebrating passionate soccer fans,” he added via press release.

“As the game’s popularity continues to rise, we’re eager to take engagement and connectivity to the next level while actively discovering and connecting with new fans. Through our platform, we’ll deliver must-have ticketing solutions, unique content and innovations that further fuel the interest in soccer across the country.”

The focus on fan engagement through augmented reality and app activations is a fantastic touch from the U.S. Soccer Federation, doing something that Australia has yet to attempt.

The country would definitely benefit by following the U.S. in their fan-first mentality, with an overall goal of making the matchday experience memorable and addictive, especially off the back of the Matildas World Cup success story.

This partnership is attempting to put the building blocks in to ensure crowd numbers are healthy as this new generation of soccer fans start to emerge. It is very strategic and has a forward outlook that must be applauded.

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