Iterpro adds confidence to a club’s decision making

Iterpro Football Intelligence supplies comprehensive data to an easy-to-use platform so clubs can make more informed decisions in quick time.

Iterpro Football Intelligence supplies comprehensive data to an easy-to-use platform so clubs can make more informed decisions in quick time.

Top clubs in Europe, such as AC Milan and Inter Milan, have counted on Iterpro to take the stress out of managing their team.

Centred around player performance and recovery, Iterpro gives clubs vital information that become valuable insights for their game-to-game preparation.

It’s the first business intelligence solution built from the ground up, aiming to connect with an entire club’s operations via an easy-to-use club management system. As Iterpro can offer data from multiple sources, it makes for a seamless, time-saving and hassle free experience.

A wide range of features cover each facet of running a team, so all members of staff can manage their relevant department through specifically-built software.

All departments of the Iterpro platform can each bring powerful insights. They thrive on improved communication, reduced injury risk and a return on investment for all clients.

Technical department:

Managing the team is quicker and smarter with an interactive team sheet. An automatic data feed can take match analysis to the next level by highlighting a player’s physical condition and availability to play.

During the week, a coach can create an activities planner for the team that keeps everyone on the same page. Some weeks may require different actions to others, so this keeps everyone organised.

A video gallery adds another dimension to coaching in a visual capacity, where unlimited training, game videos and tactical clips can be stored and shared through the player app. It gives team members all the tools they need to confidently know their role and responsibilities.

Sports science department:

A player’s physical condition can be easily tracked so that adjustments can be made as required to their individual training plan.

If a player is given a certain workload in training and manages to complete it, then it says to clubs that they are able to sustain that level or physically ready to take the next step. Conversely, some players might struggle with that same demand, so coaches can work closer with them to build on their fitness or conditioning. This means sport scientists have to look at a player’s state of fatigue and assess whether there may be a risk of injury if they do to much, where soft tissue injuries could arise without appropriate analysis.

Training session plans can be implemented so that targets can be set with the aim of achieving them in various training drills and game simulations.

Medical department:


When players sustain injuries they can be monitored week-to-week with the appropriate care to protect them so that they can get back on the pitch in an appropriate timeframe.

Organised lists can give important details about where each individual player is at in their recovery, with short-term and long-term absentees provided to medical staff which can then prompt treatment and rehabilitation to be completed.

Injuries can be managed thoughtfully so that it eliminates the temptation of rushing a player back too early, which can lead to more or worse problems over time if the player isn’t managed correctly.


An entire club can be managed on the one platform, with all financial aspects covered to put more control on spending.

Contracts are fully digitised and includes all the appropriate details of all staff members. The number of years and months remaining on contracts are easily visible.

When the transfer window is open, it can be managed through the software and even offers simulating scenarios. Clubs will be informed about how much money they have to spend on new signings if they want them, or they could instead invest this on new contracts for team members.

A full analysis of a club’s financial performance is done with real-time monitoring, where capital gain and losses are recorded. It helps navigate through the ins and outs of revenue and costs.

Talent ID:

Academy players can be tracked to assess their development en route to a senior team call up.

Iterpro allows coaches to give up and coming players attributes that can be updated over time to see how they can grown in their development.

The attributes feature is also useful for club scouts who can make note of a potential signings’ strengths and weaknesses, which can lead to decisions about how they may be a good fit for a new team.

Iterpro can play a major part for clubs looking to gain a competitive advantage, being a positive influence for future team management.

You can see all of what Iterpro has to offer here.

Liam Watson is the Co-Founder & Publisher of Soccerscene. He reports widely on football policy, industry matters and technology.

Orreco.AI: Transforming the way athletes recover and perform

Orreco.AI is a new AI technology tool that aims to help advance athlete training, athlete performance and management of injuries in sport.

This innovation in data collecting technology has one goal – to give athletes the power to control and better their performance using a range of data points never seen before in the industry.

Led by CEO and Sports Scientist Dr Brian Moore, Orreco has had a plan since 2010 to innovate sport by leveraging technology to better athletes’ performance and management.

Since its inception, Orreco has lead research findings and released new, updated technologies to fine tune the accuracy of the data they show to athletes.

They released the app ‘@thlete’, which is a data and content platform for athletes that synthesises a range of data to help athletes better their sleep, wellness, preparation and recovery.

Orreco’s Recovery Lab is the precursor to Orreco.AI, with it being a similar concept that integrates data and metrics to improve wellbeing.

Orreco also released a pioneering free app called FitrWoman which is a leader in supporting women athletes during their menstrual cycle by providing education, training and nutritional support.

Orreco is fast tracking the Orreco.AI technology that is the first of its kind. The technology gives teams player pages with basic statistics such as distance covered, top speed and performance stats but also is providing coaches with an in-depth analysis on their fitness by using blood biomarkers to accurately pick up the data.

Minute-by-minute post-game injury scores and injury signals that give coaches a head start on protecting and managing their players.

Orreco.AI aims to also improve efficiency for athlete performance coaches through voice and text prompt interactions.

Orreco have harnessed three pivotal waves of AI – advancements in computing, cloud storage, and generative AI.

Their objective is to provide differentiated, actionable data that can help athletes transform their game.

Orreco’s AI suite is at the forefront, complete high performance platform converting vast amounts of data into actionable insights. Here’s how:

AI Charting:

AI charting allows direct interaction with your data through intuitive voice commands. For example, you might ask, “Please show me Peter Brand’s inflammation levels as a line graph.” Instantly, crucial insights are displayed, enabling faster, more informed decisions to optimise athlete performance.

AI Action Models:

Our AI Action Models can provide comprehensive overviews of any dataset with simple voice commands. For instance, “Show me athletes of concern and why,”  immediate evidence based answers, securely delivered as your data never leaves the platform. This functionality ensures proactive management of player health and performance.


The TRAIN module predicts training loads based on historical GPS data, creating sessions tailored to specific criteria — sets, reps, pitch size, and duration. Adjustments can be made in real-time, offering dynamic feedback. This efficiency not only saves time but also enhances training strategies.

AI Injury Risk Modelling:

Motion Signal delivers post-game injury risk scores by identifying deviations from normal movement patterns. This advanced warning system helps prevent injuries such as hamstring strains. As in-game data becomes available, real-time injury risk scoring will further enhance preventive measures.

Orreco’s mission with this particular technology is to empower teams and players to reach its peak performance, maintain health and extend careers.

There has never been a higher demand for athletes than in the current sports landscape. More games being played, more minutes on the pitch, more travel, and an increase in high intensity training has led to the increase of a risk of injury, shortened careers and poorer performances on gameday.

This AI technology innovation highlights a shift in how professional sporting clubs and athletes are viewing the current situation and willing to do what they can to mitigate the potential soft-tissue injuries that arise.

Lumosa: Illuminating the world game through LED lighting

Lumosa are a British based technology company that provide comprehensive LED lighting to a vast variety of sporting codes on a global scale.

Specialising in sport stadium, field and ground lighting, the company prides itself upon providing a high quality series of products which are sustainable and durable.

Versatile within their line of business, they have built quite the portfolio across a vast number of sporting codes.

They have covered but not limited to golf, tennis, field hockey and football with the latter a primary focus of the business.

The objective of the company is to provide optimal visibility to sporting entities at an affordable level without the compromise of quality or the effectiveness of the products on offer.

Fundamentally the company are strict upon their sustainability mission. The products on offer, notwithstanding their size, use the lowest amount of CO2 emissions in comparison to rival lighting companies, giving Lumosa a competitive advantage within their niche field.

Footballers across all levels of the sport, from grassroots to seniors are training primarily under the floodlights of the night sky.

Although not a factor controllable by footballers themselves, they are at the forefront of how lighting can impact their performance.

Exceptional football lighting upon a pitch has been proven to give players an advantage. Movement is identified better by participants, given colours have become stronger all courtesy of high quality lights.

It allows them to make accurate passes, execute team movements, execute tactics, and anticipate movements of the opposition.

Furthermore, it enables coaches to execute training sessions thoroughly. The training of tactics, formations and team plays can all be adequately taught to players under the flood lights.

In addition, the improved visibility assists players in avoiding collisions with each other or with the ball in dispute throughout a match situation, the risk of injuries or collisions are ultimately lowered.

Also clear visibility can allow players to make better decisions regarding shooting, passing, tackling, defending positioning and attacking awareness, all leading to a more strategic, effective and decisive gameplay.

Lumosa’s optimal LED lighting products are designed upon the latest innovation within lighting. With LED lighting, it becomes the main choice in comparison to halogen and florescent choices due to its energy saving nature.

30% of energy consumption is saved within Lumosa’s products, understanding the game as a youth player and having had relatives on club boards, it is evident that lighting comes at a price.

A price in which junior clubs may not be able to afford.

There have been many instances where the lights at training go out, unreliable, yet expensive in operation costs due to their power consumption.

With adequate and weatherproof lighting, clubs are able to schedule matches and training sessions during night time sessions, this can lead to the expansion and development of their playing cohort.

Lumosa’s lighting products may be the way forward for the effective approach towards sustainable lighting for grassroots football clubs.

Although a subtle change, the possibilities of what more adequate lighting can provide to a club are endless.

The football industry in particular can benefit immensely from the implementation of Lumosa lighting around stadium and training ground facilities.

Improved spectator experience, combined with the improvement of player performance and youth development are all factors in which are hard to ignore.

With technology becoming more advanced on a broader scale, the details are now being refined in order to achieve the highest capacity possible out of every facet involved throughout the sport.

Although lighting may not be at the forefront of priorities required for the improvement of a football club’s development and operations, it is still a factor for which must be considered upon.

Looking ahead, Australian football clubs and stadiums who are in need of a sustainable yet durable lighting solution should look to Lumosa to implement the necessary changes provided by the lighting firm.

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