Manchester United partners with LGBT+ equality charity

Manchester United has partnered with LGBT+ rights charity Stonewall, in an effort to promote diversity and inclusion.

The strategic partnership sees the Premier League outfit join Stonewall’s Diversity Champions programme. The programme focuses on LGBT+ inclusion in the workplace and gives the club access to resources to support LGBT+ inclusion.

The club will also participate in Stonewall’s Workplace Allies programme – which assists non-LGBT employees to support and promote an LGBT-inclusive culture.

Manchester United Group Managing Director, Richard Arnold said that the club is committed to making equality, diversity and inclusion integral to the way Manchester operates.

“We’re immensely proud of our relationship with Stonewall and delighted to be taking it to the next level with this strategic partnership. Diversity is a source of strength for Manchester United and ensuring a welcoming environment for LGBT+ employees and fans is a crucial part of that,” he said.

Manchester has been taking steps to improve diversity and inclusion through its ‘All Red All Equal’ campaign.

The club has previously supported Stonewall, in 2017 Manchester United was the first football club to join Stonewall’s TeamPride coalition. Manchester has also supported Stonewall’s Rainbow Laces campaign in the past.

“It’s so important for organisations to actively work towards making sport everyone’s game. Many LGBT+ people want to take part in sport, either as players or fans, but at the moment not everyone feels welcome. We also know that most sports fans want to see sports be better and more inclusive,” Chief Executive of Stonewall, Nancy Kelley said.

“To make this happen, we need individuals and organisations to step up to show their support for LGBT+ people and that’s what Manchester United has done today. We’re excited to continue our journey with them from being a founding member of TeamPride, to now joining us as a Diversity Champion. We look forward to working with them to help further LGBT+ equality in football.”

Manchester United also has an LGBT+ Supporters group – the Rainbow Devils was established in February of 2019.

“We’re proud to support and work alongside a club that is committed to creating an inclusive environment for LGBT+ people. There is still a lot more work to do but this partnership with Stonewall is another welcome step in the right direction,” Leader of Rainbow Devils, Eric Najibsaid said about the partnership.

Daniel Foley is a sports junior journalist with Soccerscene. He reports widely on football policy and micro industry matters.

Soccerscene celebrates sixth-year anniversary

Soccerscene is celebrating its sixth anniversary as Australia’s business-to-business publication for the football community.

Since its inception, Soccerscene has committed to the highest standards of reporting on the most pressing topics surrounding the world of sports business. We have been the first port of call for potential buyers and sellers and deliver all the first-hand news – including interviews, discussions, product reviews, case studies and insight into all facets of the growing Australian and international football market.

Here at Soccerscene, we can’t celebrate six years without thanking all our readers, followers and the numerous industry and club communities for helping us along the way.

Special thanks goes to our major partners including Football Coaches Australia, Professional Footballers Australia and Box2Box – your constant support has been crucial to all we have achieved over these last six years.

Thank you to everyone and we are excited for the future years ahead in this constantly developing industry – from all us at Soccerscene.

South-East Victorian club grant recipients to thrive

Throughout the duration of 2024, states across the nation have showcased commitment towards the growth of community sport through various grant initiatives.

Community sport and recreational entities have been given the opportunity for funding, via an application granted on behalf of their respective government.

Victoria, following in the footsteps of NSW, have created and executed the Sporting Club Grants Program, providing funding for community sport and active recreation organisations across the south-eastern regions of Victoria.

South Eastern metropolitan MP Lee Tarlamis confirmed via social media which applicants were successful acquiring the grant.

Multiple variating facets of sporting bodies were successful within their application. Scouting groups, sports clubs, and other recreational organisations were featured within recipients list.

Football clubs within the south-east district were also featured, including FC Noble Hurricanes and Cranbourne United Soccer Club.

Football growth within Victoria has experienced a significant rate in growth, especially in female participation following the Women’s World Cup 2023.

A true emphasis on the global variation of football within the state has become symbolic throughout the growth it has experienced in recent memory.

With the international women’s and men’s sides both on the precipice tangible success, the sport continues to find financial support from the government.

Within the south-east region of Victoria, two clubs who are relishing the forecasted influx of participants now have the opportunity for financial support.

The new wave of monetary gain is compulsory in aiding and assisting football clubs in growth across multiple areas.

Newly constructed facilities, training equipment, and the acquisition of highly regarded football administrators, coaches and personnel can all be achieved by these clubs within their development stages.

The collaboration and networking with established clubs within the region has the capacity to exist, with the potential of player scouting programs having the potential to come to fruition.

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