Omnigon’s Corebine software brings fan engagement benefits

Corebine is a fan engagement platform that focuses on capturing and engaging audiences with mobile technology.

Corebine is a fan engagement platform that focuses on capturing and engaging audiences with mobile technology.

Omnigon has used Corebine for content delivery to keep up with the technological advancements we see rapidly. For customers, they are getting increasingly more tech savvy and digital consumption habits are changing with most content available on mobile devices. 

Corebine has been part of Omnigon for a few years now, which as a content management and fan engagement platform, is specifically tailored to meet the demands of sport’s growing mobile-first audience.  

As customer needs lend more to the digital side, Corebine is the direct response to any trends we still see today. 

“The desktop is not being used as much; it’s less than a majority of the time,” vice-president of products at Omnigon, Nick Arcuri said. 

“People are, especially in sport, getting their news, information and following their teams on their mobile devices. 

“We wanted to make sure we were optimising and creating an experience for the way most people are going to engage these days.” 

The development of Corebine centured around addressing the gap that exists in traditional content publishing platforms. They were not originally designed for fan engagement purposes or mobile devices. 

Corebine was built specifically with fan engagement in mind, including several features that help brands and rightholders to engage and reach their fans in a meaningful way. 

Corebine’s three ProSuite products, BracketProPollPro and MVP Vote, looks to deliver unique, compelling and customisable experiences. 

“We try to engage fans and make them interact with the content and make them feel like a part of all the experiences,” Arcuri said. 

Omnigon has worked with the German Football Association on the DFB Pokal app, developing a ‘Man of the Match’ polling product that gave fans the opportunity to vote for their favourite player in real time. 

“We put together the Man of the Match vote for every single match of the DFB Pokal,” Arcuri said. 

“Voting opened in the 60th minute of each of the 63 matches – all sponsored by Volkswagen. 

“As soon as the final whistle went, they had the Man of the Match decided via our engagement platform. The winner was eventually presented with the trophy by Volkswagen on the pitch.” 

It was a highly successful implementation, as 5,000 to 10,000 votes were generated per match in a 30-minute period. It was essential to manage the influx of activity, so Omnigon built a backend voting engine that could withstand the huge voting numbers. 

“We can pull in 100,000 to 500,000 votes in a single 10 second period – Corebine is a 100% scalable solution,” Arcuri said. 

“It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about the final of the World Cup where millions around the world are watching, down to a match in the Championship where far fewer, but no less engaged people are watching. 

“We’ve built this system to scale at a very high level, taking into account activity peaks, whether by call to action in a broadcast or during a marquee event.” 

Organisations can then look to take value from these interactions where data capture allows clubs, brands and sponsors to get a better gauge on who is interacting through the platform. 

Omnigon can then bridge that gap on how brands can gain more by knowing who interacts with their content, while there can also be more to learn about fan engagement activity where editorial decisions can be made about types of marketing. 

“You’re figuring out where your fans’ allegiances lie and you can start personalising the experience so they get value as well as the brand, club and sponsors for providing that information,” Arcuri said. 

Clubs and associations are putting considerable investment to data capture technology and analysis capability. Corebine offers a simple Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to both store data and integrate with another CRM platform. 

Corebine is also a point of difference with its speed to market. They are able to launch sites in 2-3 months compared to other projects that may take more than six months. Sports clubs can get a major head start with the shorter timeframes. 

“The longer it takes to develop something, the more costly it is and the less time you have to react to changes in the marketplace,” Arcuri said. 

“If you want to launch a site in two months because the new season is right around the corner and you don’t want to launch mid-season, speed to market is important. 

“The quicker you can develop something, the less it costs and saving money is important from any business perspective.” 

You can find out more about Corebine’s products and fan engagement features here. 

Liam Watson is the Co-Founder & Publisher of Soccerscene. He reports widely on football policy, industry matters and technology.

Lumosa: Illuminating the world game through LED lighting

Lumosa are a British based technology company that provide comprehensive LED lighting to a vast variety of sporting codes on a global scale.

Specialising in sport stadium, field and ground lighting, the company prides itself upon providing a high quality series of products which are sustainable and durable.

Versatile within their line of business, they have built quite the portfolio across a vast number of sporting codes.

They have covered but not limited to golf, tennis, field hockey and football with the latter a primary focus of the business.

The objective of the company is to provide optimal visibility to sporting entities at an affordable level without the compromise of quality or the effectiveness of the products on offer.

Fundamentally the company are strict upon their sustainability mission. The products on offer, notwithstanding their size, use the lowest amount of CO2 emissions in comparison to rival lighting companies, giving Lumosa a competitive advantage within their niche field.

Footballers across all levels of the sport, from grassroots to seniors are training primarily under the floodlights of the night sky.

Although not a factor controllable by footballers themselves, they are at the forefront of how lighting can impact their performance.

Exceptional football lighting upon a pitch has been proven to give players an advantage. Movement is identified better by participants, given colours have become stronger all courtesy of high quality lights.

It allows them to make accurate passes, execute team movements, execute tactics, and anticipate movements of the opposition.

Furthermore, it enables coaches to execute training sessions thoroughly. The training of tactics, formations and team plays can all be adequately taught to players under the flood lights.

In addition, the improved visibility assists players in avoiding collisions with each other or with the ball in dispute throughout a match situation, the risk of injuries or collisions are ultimately lowered.

Also clear visibility can allow players to make better decisions regarding shooting, passing, tackling, defending positioning and attacking awareness, all leading to a more strategic, effective and decisive gameplay.

Lumosa’s optimal LED lighting products are designed upon the latest innovation within lighting. With LED lighting, it becomes the main choice in comparison to halogen and florescent choices due to its energy saving nature.

30% of energy consumption is saved within Lumosa’s products, understanding the game as a youth player and having had relatives on club boards, it is evident that lighting comes at a price.

A price in which junior clubs may not be able to afford.

There have been many instances where the lights at training go out, unreliable, yet expensive in operation costs due to their power consumption.

With adequate and weatherproof lighting, clubs are able to schedule matches and training sessions during night time sessions, this can lead to the expansion and development of their playing cohort.

Lumosa’s lighting products may be the way forward for the effective approach towards sustainable lighting for grassroots football clubs.

Although a subtle change, the possibilities of what more adequate lighting can provide to a club are endless.

The football industry in particular can benefit immensely from the implementation of Lumosa lighting around stadium and training ground facilities.

Improved spectator experience, combined with the improvement of player performance and youth development are all factors in which are hard to ignore.

With technology becoming more advanced on a broader scale, the details are now being refined in order to achieve the highest capacity possible out of every facet involved throughout the sport.

Although lighting may not be at the forefront of priorities required for the improvement of a football club’s development and operations, it is still a factor for which must be considered upon.

Looking ahead, Australian football clubs and stadiums who are in need of a sustainable yet durable lighting solution should look to Lumosa to implement the necessary changes provided by the lighting firm.

SocialProtect joins Football Queensland to combat cyber misbehaviour

Football Queensland (FQ) have confirmed a partnership with SocialProtect to fight against online abuse and misconduct upon the football community within the state.

Attacks on players, referees and administrators are prominent across multiple football communities in which remains a negative connotation of such an amazing sport.

SocialProtect is a mobile application in which enables the real-time monitoring of online abuse without account users compromising account control.

Automated containment of abuse occurs when the technology interprets foul and derogatory language, preventing its account users from being aware of what might have been said by social media users.

The online protection device automatically deletes comments upon social media posts or pages in that contain hate speech, racial slurs, scams, and any form of content deemed harmful.

FQ CEO Robert Cavallucci disclosed his admiration surrounding the partnership

“Football Queensland is proud to partner with companies like SocialProtect, underscoring a shared commitment to prioritising the mental and physical well-being of participants by addressing and removing any instances of online abuse across social media platforms,” he said in a statement.

Having understood the effect the application has had upon the social media account operation of both professional sport teams within Australia and around the world, FQ where motivated to implement the technology upon their community.

“FQ’s zero-tolerance policy against poor behaviour, enhancing security to safeguard clubs, participants, and the public, thereby reducing mental impact and lowering self-harm risk.”

It was disclosed that clubs participating in the NPL Queensland Women’s and Men’s competitions are eligible to receive the service as its included within their license.

This enables the clubs to integrate SocialProtect into their club’s digital security for the foreseeable future.

Affiliated clubs across all parts of Queensland are able to access the service at varying stages across the season, with a monthly subscription fee incurred.

It is an unfortunate part of any sport across the globe. Anonymous online trolls have the platform to remain unidentified, and cause havoc across various social platforms.

The implementation of SocialProtect may be the fundamental tool necessary in the protection of athletes.

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