Panomera security system featured in stadium project

Gazprom Arena, a host of the 2018 FIFA World Cup and upcoming Euro 2021, has utilised Dallmeier's Panomera security system.

Gazprom Arena, one of the host stadiums of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, upcoming 2021 European Football Championship and home of Zenit St. Petersburg, has utilised Dallmeier’s Panomera security system features. 

Hosting major events at the Gazprom Arena requires the stadium to meet strict security regulations of FIFA, UEFA and ESSMA. The solution came from German manufacturer Dallmeier, offering multifocal-sensor systems to stadia all over the world. 

The aim was to bring in video technology for the stadiums’ interior and exterior – entrance gate approaches, rooms below grandstands and the stands themselves in one of the largest stadium video security projects. 

A high-performance system had to be completed for the 60,000-capacity stadium and remain adaptable and flexible to different demands. 

One requirement of the stadium was to capture all areas of each grandstand constantly, where traceability of offenders could be achieved. For this to work, the Russian Interior Ministry opted for two key video security requirements. 

The entire grandstand area must be captured with a “minimum resolution density” of 250 pixels per metre (px/m), corresponding to the performance criterion defined and globally valid standard DIN EN 62676-4 for video security systems for purposes of enabling identification of an unknown person. The other objective is the image frequency must not fall below a frame rate of 25 frames per-second (fps). Because it is typically only the combination of the specified minimum resolution density and a fluid representation of events, that can solidify incontestable evidence that’s usable in a court of law. 

The patented Panomera multifocal-sensor system from Dallmeier can guarantee coverage of even the largest expanses with stipulated minimum resolution density and frame rate, offering greater coverage than typical megapixel or PTZ camera technologies. 

Panomera continously captures movement in full resolution and allows high-resolution zooms – both live and in recordings. Stadium operators can then track and reconstruct events at the time or after the fact. 

Another advantage of Panomera technology is the innovative 3D planning approach, where a reproduction of the Gazprom Arena was created. This makes it easy to fulfil the 250 px/m requirement and cover each area of the stadium and see where corrections might need to be made, which could be done by the stadium with less than 100 Panomera camera systems. This is not only effective in terms of resources, but saving on infrastructure costs too. 

Dallmeier’s 3D planning also includes the automatic generation of “CamCards” – showing exactly where each camera should be mounted, how high and at what angle. It not only saves time but gives planning reliability, delivering greater accuracy and minimises levels of uncertainty.  

Dallmeier has given unwavering assistance and support throughout the project, where testing by the state technical personnel in Russia was also successful in the subsequent project phases. The result of this was that the stadium operators were able to begin operating the video security system after the final project commissioning in good timing for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Today, over 1,000 single-sensor cameras have been installed in the Gazprom Arena in addition to the Panomera® systems – these safeguard every part of the stadium and safeguards those both inside and outside the venue. 

There are a large amount of camera and has seen the total storage capacity for the video security system come to more than six petabytes (or 6,000 terabytes) worth of data.   

High-performance recording appliances from Dallmeier are used to process all the information, with authorised personnel from various departments and stakeholders able to access the system at 80 different workstations. 

The video security system from Dallmeier has been trusted as a reliable solution at the Gazprom Arena, where the seven matches held there for the 2018 FIFA World Cup demonstrated the strong performance and capabilities of Dallmeier in running the Panomera security system and building a more secure stadium for everyone involved.   

Of course we were delighted that the security managers of Zenit St. Petersburg also decided to rely on Dallmeier again for their new home, the Gazprom Arena,” Director Sales Eastern Europe/RUS/ GUS at DallmeierKarlheinz Biersack said. 

“This success in the largest stadium project we have ever undertaken shows once again that Dallmeier’s holistic security and solution approach – above all the patented Panomera technology and our unrivalled project and consulting services represent an immense benefit for our customers.” 

Liam Watson is the Managing Editor at Soccerscene. He reports widely on football policy, industry matters and technology.

Football Queensland’s digital broadcast continues to grow


Football Queensland have continued to go from strength to strength in 2021 with more than 390,000 unique viewers confirmed to have tuned into 711 games broadcast live and on-demand.

The number of unique viewers increased by 180 percent in 2021 as fans flocked to FQ channels to engage with local football content.

FQ CEO Robert Cavallucci outlined the investment in broadcasting has generated enormous value to players, coaches and clubs throughout the state.

“We have seen huge growth in viewership of Queensland competitions, which creates fantastic visibility for our products,” Cavallucci said.

“FQ made a strategic decision to broadcast more women’s games in 2021 and we are pleased to have seen a 187 percent increase in viewership for the NPL Queensland Women’s competition.

“Players, coaches and clubs are all benefiting from FQ’s commitment to broadcasting games live and on-demand.

“High-quality broadcasts allow players to review their games and create highlights packages which can be used for identification purposes.

“We have also received great feedback from coaches who use the on-demand and highlights packages for match analysis.

“Clubs are also using the platform to advertise their sponsors which helps to grow the Queensland football economy.

“This year alone, FQ broadcast hundreds of games in the NPL and FQPL competitions as well as FFA Cup, Kappa Women’s Super Cup, F-League, community tournaments and exhibition games.

“These competitions were boosted by live calls from our fantastic team of commentators. One of these commentators, Campbell Johnson, has since been recruited to call A-Leagues games for Paramount+.

“We will continue to create value for the Queensland football community by boosting the visibility of talented individuals working in our pathways.”

How KEEPUP will revolutionise football in Australia

Late last week, the Australian Professional Leagues (APL) launched their new $30 million digital platform KEEPUP.

The main aim of the new digital hub is to convert a larger proportion of the 8 million football fans in this country into supporters of Australia’s premier domestic competitions.

“The platform was delivered to broaden and enhance the fan experience, connecting A-Leagues fans and international competition fans in one place,” a statement from the APL read.

“In its current form, the platform will focus on creating and curating content to bring fans close to the game however they choose, with significant expansion planned into the future.

“KEEPUP will feature compelling content from the best of the A-Leagues, European and world football, the Socceroos and Matildas, NPL, and FFA Cup.

“A-League clubs’ content hubs will also be integrated onto the platform to ensure fans are offered the most comprehensive football resource available in Australia.”

KEEPUP, across their website and app, have already begun producing a wide array of content from breaking news stories, expert columns from football journalists, articles on football culture, video productions and in-depth analysis features, not just on the A-League, but world football.

The KEEPUP team is led by Optus’ former director of sport Richard Bayliss, who is in charge of the editorial, social media and production practices across the platform.

KEEPUP will have a strong impetus on keeping editorial independence and not cheerlead for the APL and its clubs at every opportunity.

“Day one of the launch we had two A-League CEOs complaining about criticism on our platform, this is all about being authentic and you can’t have a propaganda site,” APL Managing Director, Danny Townsend, told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“Football fans are extremely discerning and the minute they see something that is not authentic…they’ll call that out.”

Alongside the diverse content on the platform, KEEPUP will look to innovate in ways which will engage new audiences and provide those they already have connected with, with unique experiences.

“This is just the beginning,” Chief Commercial Officer at the APL, Ant Hearne, said.

“We have a bold plan to evolve KEEPUP into an unparalleled global digital hub, expanding functionality beyond a content base to include gamification, e-Commerce, ticketing, second screen live stadium experiences and loyalty programs.”

Other codes in Australia such as Cricket, AFL and NRL have all invested heavily in their own digital content over time, however the $30 million digital investment from the APL is playing to the strategic advantages that football has over other sports.

“I look at what the other sports are doing and they’re very much wed, fortunately, to TV deals that mean they don’t need to do what we’re doing,” Townsend told the SMH.

“We’re in a situation where we’ve got an enormous base, we’ve got the youngest fan base of any sport in the country who are all digital natives. We’re going to get into the direct-to-consumer business and that will preserve the long-term revenues and build the football economy.”

If you register an account on KEEPUP (which is free to do so), you will receive a four-week trial to Paramount+ – the service which is showcasing the majority of Australian football games for the next five years.

This offer is a slice of things to come between the APL and their new broadcast partner ViacomCBS, with future plans for content from the digital platform to be integrated further into the Channel 10 Network and Paramount+.

“What Channel 10 and ViacomCBS bought into was our strategy,” Townsend told the SMH.

“The ViacomCBS deal was a really critical one for us on many levels financially, but equally the reach it delivers us. But importantly, the owners have continued to invest and put their money where their mouth is.

“The sports media and commercial landscape is changing and the days of sports just serving up content on television, taking a big cheque and playing sport are over. It’s changing in a way that requires sports to take the initiative and connect with their fans.

“We’ve got to become an entertainment business because at the end of the day, if we’re going to grow revenues of the sport, we need to engage our fans more effectively.”

The APL’s KEEPUP platform has only been around for just over a week, but its long-term agenda has the potential to change the perception of the game in this country.

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