Perth Glory set for English Takeover

After a few tough seasons financially, Perth Glory and owner Tony Sage have found a potential investor overseas.

The London Football Exchange (LFE), a company that Sage is chairman of, is reportedly going to buy 80% of the Western Australian side, following a near $3 million loss at the end of last season.

Sage broke the news on Perth’s 6PR radio station earlier this week, proclaiming that the A-League is only going to go from strength to strength in the next few years.

“I wanted to retain (a share) because I think the future of Australian football is going to be huge,” Sage said. “We’ll be part of a group that has six or seven clubs in it over the next two years.

“I came across a group in London that have a fantastic vision for football.”

“From about next season, the owners will own the [A-League] and that’s a massive change in itself. The FFA won’t be involved.

“We’re going to be set now with a big partner, so many opportunities will arise from this transaction if it happens.”

Sage went on to add that this may merely be the beginning for the LFE, who have aspirations to own multiple clubs around the world like City Football Group.

As we know, City Football Group own A-League club Melbourne City, MLS club New York City FC and reigning Premier League champions Manchester City.

But Sage wouldn’t be satisfied just matching it with CFG. He’d want it to grow bigger and better with more clubs across the world.

“[LFE] want to own seven clubs around the world like the City [Football] Group, but instead of the City [Football] Group rebadging Melbourne Heart to Melbourne City and Yokohama City, New York City, they will let each club keep its own identity,” he said.

“There’s an offer in for a French club, an Italian club and an [English Premier League] club at the moment.”

The deal is subject to approval from the FFA.

Under regulation, the FFA can only approve a deal such as this after a review.

Reports are conflicting as to whether the FFA has been kept in the loop or not, leading the FFA to some indecision over the approval of this sale. However, it is highly unlikely that they will reject this sale.

What are your thoughts on the likely sale of one of Australia’s biggest clubs? Are you intrigued by what would happen to the A-League as a result?

Should this deal go ahead as expected, it would likely change the landscape of the soccer industry in Australia as we know it.

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Caelum Ferrarese is a Senior journalist with Soccerscene. He reports widely on micro policy within Australasia and industry disruptions at grassroots level.

Football Coaches Australia welcomes Sports Integrity Australia independent investigation


Football Coaches Australia (FCA) welcomed the broad independent investigative mandate provided by Football Australia to Sport Integrity Australia, encompassing four different areas – harassment, bullying, intimidation and discrimination.

FCA encourages current and former players, administrators, referees and coaches, as well as parents and others involved in football in Australia to come forward through this process to enhance the positive cultural development in our sport.

FCA President Phil Moss stated: “As an organisation we have sought transparency, due process and procedural fairness from day one, so we fully support an independent and wide-ranging investigation into the culture of football in Australia.

“We must, as a game, hold ourselves to the highest of standards.

“The culture we live every day, how we treat each other and ensuring we are setting up the next generation to enjoy our great game is of paramount importance and entirely non-negotiable.”

Newly elected FCA Vice President Sarah West endorsed Phil’s statement:

“Everyone in our sport, from professional players, coaches, referees, administrators and staff through to those involved at the grass roots, has the right to participate in a positive and safe environment and to be treated with respect and fairness.

“There is no place in our game for abuse or harassment of any kind. This unacceptable behaviour harms people and diminishes the game.

“As coaches we have a duty of care to those we are entrusted to work with and must endeavour to always create environments which provide safety, trust and inclusivity so that everyone can enjoy the beautiful game on and off the pitch.”

Media inquiries can be directed to FCA Chief Executive Officer, Glenn Warry, on +61 417 346 312

Manchester City teams up with Qualtrics

Manchester City Qualtrics

English Premier League side Manchester City have announced a new partnership with Qualtrics which will see the leader and creator of the Experience Management (XM) category become the Club’s Official Experience Management Software Partner.

Qualtrics empowers organisations to listen to customer and employee feedback, understand and analyse what they hear, then take action to improve experiences and design new ones, all in real time.

Manchester City and Qualtrics’ new partnership aligns with the club’s ongoing commitment to provide the best possible matchday experience for fans and will allow the club to use industry-leading experience management software to listen to fans’ feedback following each fixture.

From overall matchday experience – to catering, facilities, retail and more – Qualtrics can provide valuable insight and real-time data from fans to help the club shape their future strategic planning and decisions.

The new partnership is also expected to include further activations across wider areas of the organisation in coming months, using Qualtrics’ experience management software to listen to fan feedback and enhance the digital experience for Cityzens across the globe.

Senior Vice President of Global Partnerships Sales at City Football Group, Stephan Cieplik:

“As a club, we are continually working to improve our matchday offering for fans both in-stadium and across our digital platforms for those following across the globe,” he said.

“Through this new partnership with Qualtrics, we will be able to use industry-leading software to gather valuable feedback and insight from those at the heart of our club to help shape future decisions around matchdays.”

Qualtrics President of Products and Services, Brad Anderson:

“With Qualtrics, Manchester City can listen to and understand fan feedback in real time and take action to improve matchday experiences,” he said.

“But fan experience isn’t limited to the stadium — the digital and at-home fan experience is just as important, and Qualtrics will help Manchester City to deliver a personalized experience to their fans wherever they are.”

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