Positive Start in 2022 initiative delivers football clinics

Positive Start in 2022

With many kids missing plenty of extra-curricular activities over the past two years, the Victorian Government invested $112.9 million into the Positive Start in 2022 initiative.

Through this, Football Victoria have partnered with more than 130 schools to deliver football clinics across the state.

Schools have the opportunity to choose one, or a combination of GO Girls, Futsal or Outdoor Football – all of which are delivered free and in person in a fun and engaging environment. To date, Positive Start is proving to be a resounding success, with FV having already registered to host football clinics with more than 130 schools.

Schools Program Manager Brad Atholwood was delighted with the uptake, stating he is expecting the program to continue even further in the lead up to Term 3.

“Football Victoria have been really encouraged by the initial uptake of schools for the Positive Start Initiative. It has been fantastic to see Primary & Specialist School students receive the opportunity to have trained and equipped coaches, deliver a highly engaging Football session to provide them a sample of the best and most fun aspects of our beautiful sport,” he said in a statement.

“This initiative has already engaged areas of our state that would otherwise be hungry for these types of programs. We encourage all Victorian Primary & Specialist Schools not to miss this opportunity to provide their students with an experience that will reignite or realise their passion for physical activity and football!”

Most pleasing has been the diverse range of schools getting involved. There has been a strong uptake from schools across metro and regional Victoria, along with mainstream and specialist schools.

In total, the Positive Start in 2022 initiative will provide more than 325,000 fully subsidised places for students in sporting and cultural programs. These will boost kids’ motivation and help them rebuild their connections with friends, teachers and communities.

For more information or to apply for the Positive Start in 2022 initiative, please visit the link here.

Football Victoria to tackle violence prevention through grants

$1.2 million has been allocated on behalf of Football Victoria (FV) towards the “Preventing Violence through Sports Grants Program”, for the continuation of 12 community-based sporting projects across the state to occur.

As confirmed by Prevention of Family Violence Minister Vicki Ward, and Community Sport Ministers Ros Spence, it will ensure that football has its place within the community.

Each respective minister will strive towards the mitigation and resolution of violence amongst families.

A supportive body under the umbrella of Football Victoria, Victorian University and Regional Sport Victoria, is a designated support team designated towards the installation of projects addressing structural and cultural hurdles experienced by multicultural communities, females and non-binary people through the participation of sports.

Football Victoria’s involvement within the Change Makers supportive initiative is exercised frequently. Within the football community, it is imperative that inclusivity is at the forefront upon all aspects for football to be a game for all to enjoy, succeed and prosper within.

The programs in which FV offer in collaboration with Change Makers are commonly in the prevention of violence. Changing attitudes, behaviours and patterns all correlated with violence are implemented in order to build a safer football community. In which has the prosperity to have further change upon a wider community.

Executive Manager of Equity, Growth, and Inclusion at Football Victoria, Karen Pearce OAM emphasised the need for additional funding to support their ongoing efforts said via press release:

“We are indebted to the Victorian Government’s funding, so we can continue to persist in producing enabling environments through education and training delivered in partnership with Victorian University and Regional Sport Victoria, and not lose the momentum of gains already achieved,” she said.

“As an organisation, we have learnt that all our equity work must be overlaid with a primary prevention approach that establishes the expectation that gender equality must be considered and prioritised in all current and future planning, service delivery and practice.”

Fiona McLachlan, Associate Director Research Training at Victoria University, celebrated the news.

“We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Football Victoria to support their sector-leading gender equity work. We have made a very conscious decision to work with Football Victoria for their openness to adopt research-informed and whole-of-sport approaches to preventing gender-based violence,” she added via press release.

The Change Makes program is created to assist clubs in the analysis of their environments, allowing for the identification and termination of aspects within the club that showcase inequity.

Showcased through a tangible evidence-based approach, education towards change can occur.

Furthermore, the drive in achieving gender equality can continue to drive in a forward direction throughout the analysis process.

Change makers have already established quite the presence within Victorian sport. FV, in collaboration with the supportive body, have successfully challenged and created necessary change within multiple facets of sport across the state.

Primarily, gender equality has remained at the forefront of their ongoing efforts, with the body acting as a means for change to entrenched, outdated practices the world has moved on from.

Oakleigh Cannons confirm Jack Edwards Reserve redevelopment

Oakleigh Cannons FC and the Monash City Council confirm that the redevelopment project at Jack Edwards Reserve has officially kicked off.

The key features of this mega project include:

– Construction of a safe 500 seat grandstand

– Instalment of 500 lux sports lighting for the main pitch

– Fencing & Pathways

– New pavilion and changing rooms

The budget for the project is $14.73 million which is broken down through $4 million from State Government, $2 million from the Federal Government, $530,000 from the Oakleigh Cannons Football Club and $8.2 million from Council.

The design for the development propose a new pavilion on the western boundary with 500 undercover grandstand seats, a 200m2 multi-purpose space for community use, and compliant amenities. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2025.

This would accommodate an increase in football participation, particularly by female teams, and to meet National Premier League standards.

The lighting placed on the main pitch would also be designed to Australian football standards and help with the purpose of midweek training sessions and hosting night matches for both the men’s and women’s teams.

As per the Monash City council, the new pavilion and grandstand supports the club’s goals to:

– continue competing in the NPL

– cater for a female team

– host men’s and women’s double-headers

The project includes a multi-purpose space that would be managed by Council so the football club’s needs would be met on training and match days, and broader community groups would benefit at other times from the use of this space.

Oakleigh Cannons FC Chairman Kon Kavalakis mentioned the club’s excitement at this game-changing project for the NPL Victoria club and the Oakleigh community.

“I am thrilled to announce that the start of work has brought us one step closer to constructing and operating this magnificent project,” Kavalakis said in a press release.

“On behalf of the board at Oakleigh Cannons FC, we would like to extend our public appreciation to Hon Clare O’Neil, Federal Minister for Home Affairs and Cyber Security, Steve Dimopoulos, Victoria Minister for Environment, Minister for Tourism, Sport and Major Events and Minister for Outdoor Recreation and Mr. Paul Kilsaris from Monash City Council for their valuable contributions to the project.

“Without their assistance, we would not have been able to officially begin the work on this monumental project.”

With a current capacity of 4,000 and outdated buildings, the historic Jack Edwards Reserve was due a big upgrade and funding to take this facility to the next level as the Oakleigh Cannons continue their success both on and off the field.

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