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London Stadium

Venues have become much more than just a place for a football match on a Sunday. They are in use now more than ever, for concerts, functions, sporting events and training.

However, it is not every day that there is a concert or a match, leaving an empty venue sitting their awaiting its next big event. This also has meant no revenue for a club or the owners of the stadium.

Many stadiums and venues have increased their attractiveness to the public with the introduction of other activities, restaurants, and entertainment within their premises. This also can have the added effect of diversifying the public attention toward the club, with football fans going to restaurants, mini-golf courses, and other entertainment venues before or after a match, and potential walk-ins at football matches from those who attend the new entertainment venues.

However, this can bring about new challenges to a club, with innovation needing to be seamlessly integrated into a football fans experience at the club, as businesses and football clubs strive for excellence. Particularly with the ability for many games, especially in Australia, to be watched either at home or at a local pub or club, the onus is on venues and football clubs to deliver a succinct and entertaining experience for fans, to keep them coming back week on week.

The increase in reliability on technology services to engage and improve the fans experience at a football match can be costly, difficult to navigate and clustered. Many clubs tend to be on the back foot, chasing efficiency to keep up with their demand, and not proactively setting up for success in the future.

Many clubs are integrating managed service providers, such as PTI Digital, to oversee and assist in maintaining and supporting a venue’s technical operations. PTI Digitals team of IT experts house a range of skills which allow for efficient administration, security, and networking services, all of which are vital in the diversification of a venue attractions. PTI Digital also reduce costs of a venue or club, by removing the need to recruit new IT staff, or training staff with a narrow operating window, only to take care of a handful of tasks. Clubs and venues have constant access to PTI Digitals team of well-versed IT experts, who can assist in tackling challenges across a variety of areas.

PTI Digital has imposed itself within the UK sport market, with a deep understanding of sports event operations, and currently has six active managed services operations at major UK sporting venues – including Norwich Football Club, Crystal Palace, London Stadium, and London Olympic Park. PTI focuses on quality of efficiency and cost saving, with the ability to remove the need for a CTO for many of the venues that PTI oversees.

Flexibility for individual clients of PTI is also a major principle, with different infrastructure, cultures, and economic viability all taken into consideration. PTI also ensures to add a human touch to their services, allowing clients to easily digest information on their end, and do not need everything translated from a PTI expert. This is crucial for board meetings and other executive discussions, in which discussions can be held in house, with access to the bank of knowledge which PTI Digital provides to their clients. This will allow more informed decisions for future expansion plans, refurbishments, and other stadium and venue alterations.

PTI Digital’s approach for clients is simple. There is a necessity to identify a long-term goal, which PTI Digital can help extract from a club, in which to focus resources for the future successes of the club. PTI also conduct a club analysis, to identify weak points, resources, and areas in which the club is performing well at from a brand point. PTI Digital will also analyse the difference between the vision of the club and where they are situated, allowing for a practical roadmap to be set in place, and ensuring flawless execution over a long-term period.

PTI Digital’s transformation pyramid investigates the role in which technology can and is encouraged to play in an organisation’s future strategy and planning. PTI’s clients can delve into the wealth of data, and digital and commercial operations initiatives, in order to kickstart new revenue pathways, which will drive future success for a football club or venue.

Next11: A tracking system with key data for decision making

Next11 is a data analytics company who dedicates research towards improving an athlete’s capacity by analysing every aspect of either a player, manager or coaches performance.

Specialising in football, the company also covers ice hockey as its main sport. At the heart of the system, players can be tracked through a non-invasive tracking system equipped on their calf, that follows a player’s physical performance – specifically tracking their movement, action response time and reactions while also grading a players cardiovascular and muscle condition.

Furthermore, the device also tracks a players psychological tendencies, analysing their decision making ability and tactical performance. Both physical and psychological data are stored upon a smart device in which can be analysed by the player or more commonly at a professional level, can have sport scientists and coaching staff interpret the data to gain a further insight on their athletes.

Next11 are versatile in the technology they provide given that they also program equipment in which can assist clubs in tracking their players.

The business pride themselves upon their work and their passion for the world’s most renowned sport is prominent. Proclaiming their products are the “Future of Football”, is a claim in that has earnt its merit given the current interest they have accumulated across the football world.

Slowly making the occupation of sports data and analytics redundant, it’s alarming how accurate the product can pinpoint every slight movement a player can make throughout the duration of a training session or match.

Recently the technology company made a head-turning partnership with French giants Paris Saint German (PSG) striking an agreement. 

The academy team will use Next11 tracking to identify the next rising stars of the game.

“We chose to use Next11 because the tool allows us to be more precise on the quantification of the workload in the development of the player,” Cedric Bouchet, Coordinateur Technique, Paris Saint-Germain F. C. Academy, said via media release.

“Coaches can also use it in matches to get a clear idea of the player’s intensity level compared to his reference value.

“Finally, the calculation of the team load allows us to really see where we are in relation to our reference match and therefore to adapt our interventions.”

Acquiring the technology has become available for any sporting club across the globe. Despite the hefty price tag that comes with it, the product is worth it as a data and analytics representative. All the information in which is gathered through the device placed upon a player is highlighted on an app upon a smart phone or device in which can be allows for improvement across a series of aspects to an individual and team’s performance.

In relation to what was discussed by Cedric Bouchet, the product allows for training programs to be altered and influenced by the readings of the technology, therefore allowing clubs and players to strive for a unanimous goal of achieving the highest possible performance within training and more importantly, matchday.

The improvement of technology and the use of it amongst some of the highest regarded football outfits across the globe is another spoke on the wheel in the evolvement of the sport. Mirroring modern day society, the more advanced technology becomes culminates in the improvement of efficiency and effectiveness of athletes within the sport, attributing to the improvement of quality amongst it.

The sense of importance that this device and technology can possess amongst football feels as if it will transpire in it becoming a fundamental necessity in that clubs will outline as a requirement in order to get the most out of their players through gaining such a rich understanding of their physical behaviours.

Intrigue surrounds the partnership made with PSG given their pedigree within European football. Have they jumped the gun ahead of their respective European and French counterparts?

For full information on Next11, you can find it here.

Premier League confirm multi-year deal with VR developer Rezzil

The Premier League confirmed a four-year partnership with virtual reality software developer Rezzil to create a new VR video game.

The Premier League and Rezzil will work together on the development of a VR game, which is expected to be launched later this year. The game will place users on the pitch and in the boots of their favourite Premier League players, offering fans a unique opportunity to recreate iconic Premier League goals and moments from within the perspective of virtual reality.

This will be done by using Rezzil’s software and integrating it directly with Premier League match data allowing clubs to adapt the software to re-create match scenarios and replay them through a VR headset. It also gives the Premier League a way to give broadcasters and the gaming market a chance to get closer to the action on the pitch in a fun and groundbreaking way.

Rezzil is a Manchester-based VR software firm that specialise in the production of sports gaming software for athlete training and game analysis within virtual reality.

Rezzil applications are already being used by many top professional football clubs in both the premier League and around Europe.

Will Brass, the Premier League’s Chief Commercial Officer explained the importance of this innovating partnership for all parties.

“We are excited about the ongoing development of VR technology within football. Rezzil are highly respected in the field and have developed an excellent reputation with training products that are being used by many Premier League clubs alongside leading sports teams and leagues around the world,” he said in a statement.

“The applications for this technology are expanding quickly and this partnership will see the Premier League working with Rezzil on products that can help redefine player, fan and viewer experiences.”

Andy Etches, Co-Founder of Rezzil shared his excitement about partnering with the biggest domestic league in world football

“We are thrilled to embark on this new partnership with the Premier League. By combining our expertise in VR technology with the unparalleled excitement of Premier League football, we are looking forward to supporting the Premier League’s fan and player engagement ambitions. Working hand in hand together, we’re poised to bring VR technology to football in ways never seen before,” he said in a statement.

Premier League will also take an equity stake in Rezzil following this announcement of the partnership. This investment will place Rezzil and the Premier League at the forefront of exciting new developments in VR and XR (Extended Reality) technology.

This is a fantastic partnership that gives fans and broadcasters a closer perspective of the action on the pitch as well as give more clubs a chance to use important technology for team strategy and performance purposes.

It also highlights that there is potential for more exciting and innovative technology in the works that would be of the benefit of all parties and change the way we view and interact with the sport forever.

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