Significant Sporting Events Program returns for 2023-24 financial year

Significant Sporting Events Program 2023-24

The Victorian Government’s Significant Sporting Events Program is back for the 2023-24 financial year, with six funding rounds available in total.

The program offers funding for football clubs to host and run events, based around the operational costs it takes to get these off the ground.

Round 1 is now open for applications until August 31, but there are plenty of opportunities all year round, as per the following:

Annual funding round Funding round opens Applications closing date Indicative notification of outcome
Round 1 1 July 31 August October
Round 2 1 September 31 October December
Round 3 1 November 31 December February
Round 4 1 January Last day of February April
Round 5 1 March 30 April June
Round 6 1 May 30 June August

In its entirety, the following organisations are eligible for funding:

  • National sporting organisations
  • State sporting associations
  • Regional sports assemblies
  • Local government authorities
  • Sport conference organisers
  • Local sporting clubs and associations
  • Private event organisations
  • Not for profit organisations
  • Venues.

Applicants are required to submit their applications at least six months prior to an event, with the timings important for any seasonal events that either begin or conclude campaigns.

With the Matildas doing the nation proud in the Women’s World Cup, the grants on offer can help to celebrate any contributions that women and girls make to our game.

It is encouraged to call the Events unit of Sport and Recreation Victoria prior to submitting an application on (03) 9623 1429.

For full details and to apply, click here.

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Volunteer Grant Opportunity to support vulnerable people

Volunteer Grant Opportunity 2023

The Federal Government’s 2023/24 Volunteer Grant Opportunity is available for community organisations from November.

Organisations wishing to be eligible were required to submit an expression of interest through their Federal MP before 28 September and where if deemed eligible forwarded on by that MP.

Each electorate was offered up to $66,225 worth of grants, marking a significant contribution from the Government to supporting volunteers.

If deemed eligible, organisations will be able to claim between $1000 to $5000 each and the funding amount will have been endorsed by their MP at the time of their expression of interest.

Organisations who are eligible will have until November 24 2023 to fulfil their application. Those who are successful will be notified in April 2024 and will be able to begin the grant program in May 2024.

The funds are intended to be used for:

  • The purchase eligible small equipment items for use by volunteers
  • To contribute to volunteers’ fuel costs, during the course of their volunteer work
  • Contribute to transport costs for volunteers with disability who are unable to drive.
  • Assist with the cost of training courses for volunteers.
  • Undertake background screening checks for volunteers.
  • Conduct activities to promote awareness of, and increase participation in, volunteering opportunities.
  • Adapt practises to support volunteers’ safety.

Organisations given the grant will have until June 30 2025 to spend the entirety of the grant on the above listed uses.

The grants are intended to support vulnerable communities helping them to engage in a number of community activities.

By focusing on supporting volunteers the Government is hoping to not only support pre-existing programs but to raise awareness of volunteering in the hope of boosting the sector in the coming years.

This program is a great way that the Government is hoping to boost community activities. Very often funding is a key barrier to entry for volunteers and the programs they support. Hence, by committing to directly helping them the Government will be also boosting the chances of those most vulnerable in the community to access programs and maintain engagement in their communities.

Giant boost for female sport as NSW Government commits $30 million

NSW Government - Level the Playing Fund

The NSW Government has confirmed that $30 million in funds for female sports facilities will be in its 2023-24 Budget.

Although the funding will seek to support several growing and established sports, the grant is likely to heavily support women’s football as a reward for the Matildas’ efforts in the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

One of the key initiatives of the announcement is a new program labelled ‘Level the Playing Field’.

This fund will be intended to help develop sporting facilities both in building new facilities as well as upgrading existing ones.

Projects that have a particular focus in empowering women to participate in sports will be eligible and the State Government hopes that the fund will be a critical step in addressing gender disparity and inclusivity in sports.

The Level the Playing Field will be able to be directly accessed by grass roots sporting groups; helping to place the direction for development in the hands of those who know the sports the best.

Under this direct funding approach, the NSW Government is hoping that up to a 100 new and upgraded facilities will be delivered.

The Government is expecting that organisations that access the fund will use it to deliver fit-for-purpose facilities and amenities such as much needed change rooms, accessibility upgrades, and improved lighting.

For a long time, these have been clear barriers to entry for women’s sport and by empowering the organisations who have been fighting for these changes to make the upgrades themselves it shows a great respect and trust between community stakeholders the NSW Government.

The state’s governing body, Football NSW, has welcomed this announcement and sees it as a pivotal step in securing the future of Women’s Football that the Matildas showed is possible during their recent World Cup campaign.

Football NSW CEO John Tsatsimas expressed this in the governing bodie’s press release.

“The FIFA Women’s World Cup was a game-changer for women’s football in Australia and New South Wales,” he said via press release.  

“We are thrilled to see the commitment of the Labor Government to further develop facilities that will empower women and girls to participate in our beloved sport. This investment aligns perfectly with our long-term vision for women’s football in NSW.

“Female friendly facilities are key component of attracting and retaining females in the game. We know that only 1 in 5 football amenity buildings across NSW are female friendly.”

Although this is a broad initiative it is clear that the program will be of pivotal importance to football in NSW and by extension Australia wide.

Football participation is strongest in NSW and by depoliticising the issue of investment in allowing direct stakeholder access, in contrast to the traditional model of waiting for code specific grants, the NSW government has shown that the paradigm is shifting.

By allowing those on the ground to dictate their own funding and to remove political or code-based bias this grant is showing that those sports that do have participation but perhaps have not be respectfully funded, such as football, may now in this new era flourish and begin to truly grow.

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