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West Ham & Skye Cloud

As London’s fastest-growing cloud services provider, Skye Cloud ensure businesses receive an agile IT platform that is easy to manage and budget for.

With head offices situated in London and Kent, Skye Cloud has seen an average growth rate of 40% year-on-year since its establishment in 2012.

In the cloud computing sector, the service offerings of Skye Cloud, the specific terminology and concept used can be somewhat tricky to understand unless you are involved in the industry. However, the general person is highly likely to use a variety of cloud-based applications during day-to-day activities unknowingly.

Cloud computing involves delivering a variety of IT services over the internet, ranging from networking, computer and storage resources to software and application. Therefore, when an individual streams their favourite tv shows on Netflix, opens an app on their phone, or shares files over the internet, they are directly interacting with cloud services.

Through its services, Skye Cloud provides companies with access to the core infrastructure, features, functionality and files of a cloud network, without having to purchase, store or maintain the system on their own devices or premises.

The benefits for organisations to jump on board with Skye Cloud include:

  • Centralised storage location – Cloud storage is instrumental for organisations whose staff require access to the same information and data to do their work. Enabling new means of collaboration and efficiency amongst colleagues. Users can rent cloud storage at a low price rather than using expensive external hard drives.
  • Cloud backup resiliency – The reliability inherent with cloud backup solutions comes from holding multiple copies of files and storing data in alternative locations. This layer of resiliency ensures that data will not be misplaced in the event of an unexpected outage or at a provider’s data centre.
  • Disaster recovery solutions – The cloud provides a fast, cost-effective disaster recovery solution, to protect a company’s data in the case of an unplanned catastrophic event.
  • Cost saving – Companies can save as much as 40% annually by migrating virtualised workload instances in the cloud, as costs are directly in line with usage.
  • Consistent updates – The software is continuously being improved and evolving to increase things like speed, capability, security, efficiency, and reliability.
  • Business continuity and business intelligence – an organisation can rely on the cloud to keep its data and applications active even if a disaster physically impacts the business.
  • Improved collaboration – Cloud collaboration tools offer benefits to employees, such as file versioning or real-time editing at any time. They can access data, applications, and services remotely from any device.
  • Increased capability – The cloud can increase or decrease, depending on what the business needs.
  • Performance and speed – Organisations can access high-performance hardware and software to improve their operations.
  • Data security – All clouds offer some degree of encryption, deterrent, and compliance, but private clouds remain the most secure from outsiders.

As a relatively recent collaboration, Skye Cloud has been West Ham United Football Club’s Official Virtual Private Server Network partner since 2020. This partnership has been extraordinarily valuable for the football club, with the organisation having a large following base demanding always-on access to live content, online merchandise and ticketing 24/7.

The Club’s fanbase banks on the website providing live updates and club news throughout the year. During a regular season, West Ham brings in an average of 58,000 home fans, with every match demanding a 10x spike in website visitor traffic, meaning the website needs to be able to perform as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Skye Cloud has enhanced the way the Club’s website operates, covering everything from organisational cyber security to software updates. Ensuring no lapses in website performance, Skye Cloud has partnered with Cloudflare, providing a secure and highly responsive match-day website experience.

As a result of the collaboration between Skye Cloud, Cloudflare and West Ham United, not only has the partnership eliminated lost merchandise and ticket revenue due to site outages and poor load times, but it has also significantly cut cloud hosting costs, with 93% of match-day requests offloaded to Cloudflare, coping with 10X traffic surges absorbed and crucially maintaining 100% uptime.

By bringing Cloudflare on board and managing the website traffic so efficiently, Skye Cloud has been able to pass savings on to West Ham United as reduced hosting fees. Thus being beneficial to all parties.

A recent addition to Skye Cloud is their new 321 service wraparound.

This new service has been specifically designed to allow the creation of a bespoke cloud solution to run on public, private or hybrid cloud, whichever suits consumer and business needs more conveniently.

Skye Cloud promises a bespoke cloud solutions strategy for the customer, followed by the company’s tried and tested migration process. The customer will be introduced to a commercial and technical account manager from day one and can expect face-to-face support, every time.

In addition to West Ham United, for the past 10 years, Skye Cloud has assisted over 30 charities and companies, saving them up to 25% on their annual IT budget.

NWSL signs Amazon as a retail and cloud tech partner

The National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) have confirmed a multi-year sponsorship with Amazon, making them the Exclusive Retail Sponsor of the NWSL and an extension of its current media deal.

This is an expansion of the previously announced multi-year rights deal that cemented Prime Video as the exclusive home for 27 NWSL matches each season at

As part of the sponsorship, it will name Amazon as an official NWSL licensee. NWSL fans can now shop Amazon Fan Shop for hundreds of officially licensed NWSL products from Merch on Demand, Amazon’s print-on-demand service. Selection includes t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, and more, spanning every NWSL team, across men’s, women’s, and youth styles and sizes.

This Amazon collaboration will also boost the media team at the NWSL with the league migrating match content from previous seasons using Amazon Web Services (AWS). This cloud-based media archive will enable NWSL to easily transfer historical footage and surface highlights, interviews, and behind-the-scenes footage to enhance fan engagement by building a more personalized connection between fans, the league, and the players they love.

Amazon Prime is also now the presenting partner for the NWSL’s Best XI Awards which recognises the best players by position on a monthly cadence throughout the season. For Prime, this represents an opportunity to bring fans closer to the players they love and joins them in celebrating the excellence of the athletes selected for this honour.

NWSL Chief Marketing & Commercial Officer Julie Haddon discussed the importance of expanding their existing deal with Amazon.

“We could not be more excited to continue to integrate Amazon more deeply into the NWSL family as they become our exclusive retail sponsor,” Haddon mentioned in a press release.

“Amazon’s global reach and customer-centric approach pairs perfectly with the NWSL’s fan-forward ethos. This partnership will not only amplify the NWSL’s fandom and growth but will also offer our fans an easy and accessible way to support their favourite teams and athletes.”

The ultimate goal is to increase the profile of the NWSL and serving customers’ growing interest in merchandise, content, and technical innovation.

The expansion is a fantastic move by the NWSL who are bringing the expertise of several Amazon businesses together in service to the league and its fans as they enter a period of incredible attendance and participation growth.

Sydney FC to utilise AI technologies with Bigtincan

Sydney FC has confirmed a ground-breaking partnership with AI-powered sales platform Bigtincan to improve fan engagement, plus player and coach development using the technology’s capabilities.

As a result of this partnership, Bigtincan will deliver a branded platform to enhance the performance of individuals and teams throughout the Sydney FC organisation.

Using AI, the company will leverage things like a player app for personalized skill development and coaching messages translated into multiple languages. Bigtincan will also help the club organise documents and information in a unified place for seamless access.

Bigtincan will utilise virtual showrooms powered by AI to showcase Sydney FC to its membership and fanbase, enabling interactive, self-guided tours and Digital Sales Rooms (DSRs).

The AI sales platform mission revolves around reshaping the future buying experience, leveraging AI and Augmented Reality to tailor experiences to the brand they partner with, and offering personalized engagements that guide customers toward confident decisions.

Bigtincan’s portfolio is wide and incredible with expertise that the biggest brand sand sporting organisations have adopted. These include Major League Baseball, Boston Red Sox, Sacramento Kings, and the Los Angeles Chargers, and other leading global leaders like Nike, Clorox, and Citibank.

The shared values of Sydney FC and Bigtincan converge on delivering engaging, empowering training experiences that enhance performance both on and off the field.

Mark Aubrey, Sydney FC CEO, discussed the club’s future vision with Bigtincan.

“Success stems from nurturing and training those entrusted with performance. Our coaches empower our players, much like Bigtincan does for major brands and global sports franchises with their AI-powered technology,” Aubrey mentioned in a press release.

“Our shared values in training and coaching create a natural alignment, and I am eager to see where this partnership takes us.”

David Keane, Co-Founder and CEO of Bigtincan, expressed enthusiasm about the digital partnership with Sydney FC.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Sydney FC, leveraging our innovative AI-driven technology to support the team on and off the pitch while expanding the reach of our sales enablement automation platform,” he added in a statement.

This partnership is a major step forward in innovation for Sydney FC who are committed to providing specialised coaching and training, mirroring the club’s investment in the development of its staff and players both on and off the pitch.

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