Snackr: In-seat delivery for Australian stadiums

Snackr is a food and beverage ordering app which has been created so spectators can remain in their seat while items come direct to them. 

The last thing you’d want is to miss the action. You head to the nearest vendor, only to hear the crowd roar as a big moment you’ve missed passes you by. Those days are now gone, with the inclusion of Snackr at your next sporting event. 

Established only a couple of years ago, Snackr is a food and beverage ordering app which has been created so spectators can remain in their seat while items come straight to them. 

The Snackr App, available on iOS and Android, allows fans to browse through onsite vendors and adds convenience to matchday with cashless and cardless transactions that skips all the queues. 

Snackr is a valuable solution for venues, who are committed to improving the spectator experience while addressing any logistical challenges for in-seat delivery with stadiums and events holding different requirements. They are part of Snackr’s six key values: 

  1. Enhance the spectator experience – Give spectators the option to order food and beverages from their seat for delivery or collection.

    All vendors at the venue can be accessed on the app so you can order food and drinks quicker without having to leave your seat. It adds the convenience of skipping those long queues and potentially missing out on key moments.
  2. Drive revenue – Increasing sales by adding more convenience through in-app ordering. Queues are reduced, more spend-per-head is achieved and unlocks sales opportunities by smoothing the demand profile over an event.
  3. Unlock marketing opportunities – Leverage marketing opportunities through push notifications, suggested add-ons and strategic product placement.
  4. Gain insight – Know more about customer behaviour using real stats, specific to your venue. Time-based operational data and dashboard analytics are included. 
  5. Go cashless and cardless – Secure payments can be made through the app which increases service speed, reduces hygiene issues and modernises the revenue stream. 
  6. Drive operating efficiencies – Unlock staffing and inventory management efficiencies by better understanding events in real time.  

Similar to popular food delivery apps such as Uber Eats, Snackr allows spectators to insert their location that will identify onsite vendors nearby and then payments can be made directly through the app.  

They will then get a notification to meet the runner with the food and/or drink at the end of the seating row for efficient delivery and collection. Click and collect will also be an option for users where Snackr can implement collection points. 

For customers, they can also receive suggested add ons and promotions, as Snackr continues to develop exciting ways to build on fan engagement. Their platform can be used to generate more sales with fans able to bundle orders from multiple nearby vendors and push complementary items. Targeted providers can also drive sales for specific products. 

Promotions and discounts for food and drinks can help push sales further. This offers some exciting opportunities to reach further than before.
Individual pricing can be set where customers can pick and choose exactly what they want in a easy-to-use experience similar to Uber Eats.

Promotional discounts can be incorporated during the event to encourage sales, as well as dynamic pricing – the reduction of prices through typically quiet periods can incentivise sales for venues that wouldn’t take place before. 

Working closely with operational teams, Snackr has developed a convenient and revenue-driven in-seat ordering system that is available for a wide range of venues.

Snackr’s ongoing communication between a venue and its team including the General Manager all the way down to the chefs means the software to be utilised will work best for them.

All venues are different with unique dimensions and capacity so Snackr endeavours to be adaptable when it comes to implementing a suitable program for the event. Given the current circumstances of COVID-19, they also ensure that all local government rules and obligations are met at all times.

“If our product would be valuable to you and your stadium then it would be great for you to reach out to let us know we’re on the right track,” Snackr CEO Matthew Lim said to Soccerscene. 

“Essentially the focus of what we’re trying to do is tackle a lot of the logistical solutions for companies using in-seat delivery. 

“It’s not just a case of here’s your software and it will work for you, it’s more about consulting with us and making sure that the products are useful and valuable. 

“We would love if you reach out to us and have that initial chat just to see if what we’re doing would be useful to you, for any live sport events including soccer.”

You can get in touch with Matthew Lim via

Liam Watson is the Co-Founder & Publisher of Soccerscene. He reports widely on football policy, industry matters and technology.

Australian Professional Leagues confirm official collaboration with eToro

eToro and A-Leagues deal

Ahead of the upcoming weekend of A-League Men and Women, the Australian Professional Leagues have announced a three-year sponsorship with trading and investing platform eToro.

eToro is now the Official Trading and Investing Platform of the A-Leagues, where their branding will appear on the back of all mens’ playing jerseys for the 2023/24 season, as well as on all the substitution boards across both the Isuzu UTE A-League Men and Liberty A-League Women competitions. In an example of the digital presence they will have, eToro will take ownership of the ‘eToro Assist of the Month’ and all transfers or trade editorial throughout the season.

Founded in 2007 is committed to help you invest, share and learn. Boasting over 33 million users from more than 100 countries, eToro allows everyone to invest in a simple and transparent way.

eToro has already built a significant global sponsorship portfolio – including English Premier League, German Bundesliga, Spanish Liga ACB and UK Premiership Rugby.

With the A-Leagues welcoming great crowds across the opening rounds, this deal promises to promote further fan engagement.

“We are delighted to announce eToro as our new Official Trading and Investing Platform partner for the next three years,” APL’s Commissioner Nick Garcia said via a statement:

“With attendance and viewership records already broken in the Liberty A-League Women, and the Isuzu UTE A-League Men kicking off with a bang, we are ready for an incredible season of A-Leagues football. eToro has a long standing connection with football globally and we look forward to developing our long term partnership.”

eToro Australia Managing Director Robert Francis explained how they will connect with the A-League supporters.

“We are inspired by the strong sense of community within the A-Leagues’ fan base that reflects eToro’s focus on community, collaboration and shared knowledge,” he added via media release.

“Following the success of the FIFA Women’s World Cup and as part of our mission to empower everyone to take control of their financial destinies, we are excited to be supporting both male and female teams.

“We hope to inspire more people to explore investing as a way to secure their financial future. We are looking forward to attending the games and enjoying some great football.”

Technology companies are a huge addition to Australia’s sporting landscape and with the worldwide appeal that eToro has, this will promote the A-Leagues even further.

A-Leagues Independent Chairman Stephen Conroy on how the APL will evolve post-World Cup

Stephen Conroy - A-Leagues Chairman

For Stephen Conroy and the Australian Professional Leagues (APL), it has been a time of significant change.

In his new role as Independent Chair, Conroy has recently seen the departure of former Chief Executive Officer Danny Townsend, leaving A-Leagues Commissioner Nick Garcia and KEEPUP Managing Director James Rushton to lead the APL.

Ahead of launching the 2023/24 A-Leagues season, it has proved to be a very busy period for the APL in amongst the CEO change – with the reversal of the Grand Final decision, announcing the brand-new U-Nite Round to take place in Sydney, confirming the sale of Perth Glory and identifying the preferred bidder for the Auckland licence.

After bidding farewell to the APL’s inaugural CEO, the focus has shifted to restoring faith in the A-Leagues fanbase – as the men’s and women’s World Cups need to be the kick-starter for football in Australia.

Speaking at Melbourne Victory’s Chairman function at AAMI Park before the Round 2 match against Newcastle Jets, Conroy reflected on a whirlwind period for the APL and football as a whole.

“It’s an exciting time coming off the back of the exceptional performance of the Matildas,” Conroy said.

“The standalone women’s round for the Liberty A-League was hugely positive with the record crowd and atmosphere we saw at the Sydney Derby.

“You’re seeing the enthusiasm with 1.6 million Australians and two million New Zealanders watching the two respective nations play.

“In funny because people almost forget the Socceroos and how well they did at Qatar – we talk about 2006 and the Golden Generation, but genuinely the performance in this tournament was absolutely stunning.”

The record attendances and memberships have been a huge plus for Conroy and the APL, particularly for women’s teams with numbers reaching unprecedented levels.

“As an example we’ve already seen Melbourne Victory go past 20,000 for memberships, so that’s a huge tick,” he said.

“With record turnouts and memberships, we are getting the sense that it is really happening now for people around the country in football.

“There’s so much in front of us at the moment.”

An integral part of the APL has been KEEPUP, which has recently undergone a revamp to split A-Leagues content into its own site.

Conroy outlined the digital strategies behind KEEPUP which has been a major inclusion since the APL’s inception.

“KEEPUP was launched when we unbundled from Football Australia – recently people might have been wondering why the app has morphed back into A-Leagues,” he said.

“In the rush to unbundle, we didn’t own the rights to call it the A-League app, but now we’ve got that sorted.

“What we will now start to see is a more rich product and this turns eyeballs into bums on seats or viewing on TV.

“KEEPUP’s mission is to drive people to watch the game at the ground, through free to air or streaming.”

Conroy also linked back to the numbers we saw from the Women’s World Cup, and how that will be a motivator for future growth of the A-Leagues.

“For all of us that went to any of the World Cup matches, part of it was needing to download the FIFA app,” he said.

“As we saw earlier, there’s 1.6 million Australians who want to watch a game of football – so we’ll be sitting down with Football Australia to work out how to succeed together.

“What we want to see is which team people want to support, get them to more games in-person and turn more casual fans into fully-fledged members.”

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