Snackr: In-seat delivery for Australian stadiums

Snackr is a food and beverage ordering app which has been created so spectators can remain in their seat while items come direct to them. 

The last thing you’d want is to miss the action. You head to the nearest vendor, only to hear the crowd roar as a big moment you’ve missed passes you by. Those days are now gone, with the inclusion of Snackr at your next sporting event. 

Established only a couple of years ago, Snackr is a food and beverage ordering app which has been created so spectators can remain in their seat while items come straight to them. 

The Snackr App, available on iOS and Android, allows fans to browse through onsite vendors and adds convenience to matchday with cashless and cardless transactions that skips all the queues. 

Snackr is a valuable solution for venues, who are committed to improving the spectator experience while addressing any logistical challenges for in-seat delivery with stadiums and events holding different requirements. They are part of Snackr’s six key values: 

  1. Enhance the spectator experience – Give spectators the option to order food and beverages from their seat for delivery or collection.

    All vendors at the venue can be accessed on the app so you can order food and drinks quicker without having to leave your seat. It adds the convenience of skipping those long queues and potentially missing out on key moments.
  2. Drive revenue – Increasing sales by adding more convenience through in-app ordering. Queues are reduced, more spend-per-head is achieved and unlocks sales opportunities by smoothing the demand profile over an event.
  3. Unlock marketing opportunities – Leverage marketing opportunities through push notifications, suggested add-ons and strategic product placement.
  4. Gain insight – Know more about customer behaviour using real stats, specific to your venue. Time-based operational data and dashboard analytics are included. 
  5. Go cashless and cardless – Secure payments can be made through the app which increases service speed, reduces hygiene issues and modernises the revenue stream. 
  6. Drive operating efficiencies – Unlock staffing and inventory management efficiencies by better understanding events in real time.  

Similar to popular food delivery apps such as Uber Eats, Snackr allows spectators to insert their location that will identify onsite vendors nearby and then payments can be made directly through the app.  

They will then get a notification to meet the runner with the food and/or drink at the end of the seating row for efficient delivery and collection. Click and collect will also be an option for users where Snackr can implement collection points. 

For customers, they can also receive suggested add ons and promotions, as Snackr continues to develop exciting ways to build on fan engagement. Their platform can be used to generate more sales with fans able to bundle orders from multiple nearby vendors and push complementary items. Targeted providers can also drive sales for specific products. 

Promotions and discounts for food and drinks can help push sales further. This offers some exciting opportunities to reach further than before.
Individual pricing can be set where customers can pick and choose exactly what they want in a easy-to-use experience similar to Uber Eats.

Promotional discounts can be incorporated during the event to encourage sales, as well as dynamic pricing – the reduction of prices through typically quiet periods can incentivise sales for venues that wouldn’t take place before. 

Working closely with operational teams, Snackr has developed a convenient and revenue-driven in-seat ordering system that is available for a wide range of venues.

Snackr’s ongoing communication between a venue and its team including the General Manager all the way down to the chefs means the software to be utilised will work best for them.

All venues are different with unique dimensions and capacity so Snackr endeavours to be adaptable when it comes to implementing a suitable program for the event. Given the current circumstances of COVID-19, they also ensure that all local government rules and obligations are met at all times.

“If our product would be valuable to you and your stadium then it would be great for you to reach out to let us know we’re on the right track,” Snackr CEO Matthew Lim said to Soccerscene. 

“Essentially the focus of what we’re trying to do is tackle a lot of the logistical solutions for companies using in-seat delivery. 

“It’s not just a case of here’s your software and it will work for you, it’s more about consulting with us and making sure that the products are useful and valuable. 

“We would love if you reach out to us and have that initial chat just to see if what we’re doing would be useful to you, for any live sport events including soccer.”

You can get in touch with Matthew Lim via mlim@snackr.com.au

Liam Watson is a Senior Journalist with Soccerscene. He reports widely on international football policy, industry matters and industry 4.0

NSW Government announces $100 million fund

A new $100 million fund was announced to stimulate local economies, boost employment, and promote healthy lifestyles across New South Wales.

A new $100 million Greater Cities and Regional Sports Facility Fund was announced to stimulate local economies, boost employment, and promote healthy lifestyles across New South Wales.

It is part of the 2020-21 Budget released by the NSW Government on Tuesday that has delivered some exciting news for the community sport sector.

This funding will stretch over the next two years and be able to go towards NSW football clubs who can concentrate on upgrading and improving their facilities to a better standard.

“Right across NSW, community sport is the heart and soul of our social fabric and we want to make sure we have the best infrastructure for our State,” Acting Minister for Sport, Multiculturalism, Seniors and Veterans Geoff Lee said.

“$100 million will be injected into improving facilities and spaces across metropolitan and regional NSW to enable more people to participate in sport and active recreation.

“By investing in new and existing infrastructure we will encourage participation in grassroots sport and create employment opportunities as part of the NSW Government’s multi-billion-dollar infrastructure pipeline.

“We have seen record participation in children’s sport thanks to our Active Kids program and our investment in sports infrastructure aims to build on this success across all genders and abilities.”

Football NSW sees this funding as an opportunity to address facility issues that they identified in their NSW Football Infrastructure Strategy 2020-2030. These funds can help increase support for the largest team-based sport in NSW.

Football NSW has congratulated their State Government on this 2020/21 Budget which will make a profound impact in bouncing back from COVID-19.

The funds compliment the NSW Government’s $148 million investment in the Active Kids program this year, to further support communities to keep active and involved.

The Budget will also allocate $3 million for the development of a business case to turn Jubilee Oval in Kogarah into a revitalised suburban stadium.

CrowdedVENUE makes stadium safety simple 

CrowdedVENUE focuses on visitor safety, revenue generation and user experience to create a secure stadium event for all.

CrowdedVENUE focuses on visitor safety, revenue generation and user experience to create a secure stadium event for all. 

They have become a unique combination of IoT hardware and a purpose-built software application that collects, transmits, analyses and presents the behaviour of pedestrian/crowd movement without any need for manual processing during or after study. 

CrowdedHUB sensors merge together the very best in physical identification, including Wi-Fi scanning, Bluetooth scanning, Thermal and 3D imaging of environmental sensing to create a valuable collection of unique data that is independent of any infrastructure. 


CrowdedVENUE’s boasts an incredible data gathering hardware system that is regarded as the most secure in the industry, with automated anonymisation at the source and a multi-layered security application. 

Crowded uses the very best in technology to offer an accurate and cost-effective pedestrian movement analysis solution that addresses the growing demands of both the private and public sectors. 

A network of independent sensors are able to accumulate over 90% of individuals in most areas. That information is then sent directly to Crowded who will automatically generate data relevant to the venue or location. 

The CrowdedVENUE software application continually accesses each sensor on their own to safely extract anonymous data and perform detailed analysis, maps and charts to display all the results. 

The following areas are covered in data collection extending to both inside and outside the venue: 

  • Volume per location 
  • Dwell times per location 
  • Most popular locations by visitors,  
  • Most popular routes by visitors,  
  • Top routes by direction with average journey times 
  • Safest route analysis 
  • Event-based predictive evacuation strategy 
  • Visitor heatmap 
  • 3D imaging 
  • Raw.csv Download 

CrowdedVENUE is related to the PoC’s belonging to stadia and other high-profile indoor venues. CrowdedRAIL and CrowdedCITY are two of the other sectors under the Crowded umbrella where they are predominantly utilised by the public sector as part of a multi-faceted range of consultancy services.  

However, CrowdedVENUE has been developed to help the end-user more directly in a manner that is extra simple, clear and easy to use. This approach enables the client to improve visitor safety whilst increasing revenue generation. 


The CrowdedVENUE service creates an increased level of value compared to its core function. By providing the stadium the means to transcend all current data collection and football monitioring solutions in favour of a real-world IoT “smart” service, it has everything required to become the global standard in crowd safety and visitor experience tools. 

“CrowdedVENUE is one of several services in the range that offers seamless integration into existing infrastructure via its API function.” they said.  

“Crowded is a fantastic solution for new works as a standalone service, but when a major venue already exists, such as a stadium, it is usual for that environment to be operating a proprietary app for visitors, usually based around experience.  

“The CrowdedVENUE API gives you the best of both worlds, allowing you to retain the control and familiarity of your current services, whilst seamlessly integrating the entire value proposition of Crowded.  

“For venues that do not have a current consumer-focused application, CrowdedVENUE is again the perfect choice for you.  

We will guide you through the design, installation and testing phases of installing a visitor app and the Crowded back-end analysis package, helping you to maximise value for both the venue and its visitors, with minimal operational impact.” 

Crowded not only tracks movement of crowd behaviour accessible, robust and cost-effective, but does it in a manner that is safe and secure, making sure that personal information of all visitors is protected. 

With Data Protection and Privacy Law being such a growing concern, Crowded was built specifically to protect the personal information of visitors alongside the integrity of the data the service gathers.” they said. 

“Any potential personal information is anonymised at source, by the hardware itself. This ensures that no personal information is ever in our possession. 

“In addition to this, Crowded provides the user with all the raw data gathered in .csv format. This gives each user the opportunity to observe the integrity of both the data set and the analysis performed by the application.” 

With a variety of data capture services available, CrowdVENUE presents as the ideal point of call for the safe recommencement of fans to stadiums with COVID-19 slowly easing in Australia. 

For more information on Crowded, including extra details on each individual sector, pricing packages and contact, you can find it here. 

Football Queensland welcomes election funding for clubs

At least seven Queensland football clubs are going to benefit from a share in over $1.5 million in fresh infrastructure funding as a result of commitments made prior to the recent Queensland state election.

At least seven Queensland football clubs are going to benefit from a share in over $1.5 million in fresh infrastructure funding as a result of commitments made prior to the recent Queensland state election.

Projects including updated female change rooms and lighting improvements are now poised to proceed after the Governor of Queensland officially invited Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk to form government last week.

“Football Queensland welcomes the return of the government alongside this important funding boost for our clubs. We look forward to seeing much needed infrastructure delivered for football across Queensland,” Football Queensland President Ben Richardson said.

“Football is Queensland’s most popular organised sport. We have a broad and growing participation base, particularly with women and girls joining the game in great numbers. It’s only fair that federal, state and local government funding reflects the size of the game and its critical infrastructure needs.

“There is more to be accomplished moving forward as the major infrastructure priorities outlined in FQ’s Strategic Infrastructure Plan still need government support as we head towards preparing for the FIFA Womens World Cup in 2023.

“In the meantime, I would like to warmly congratulate Stirling Hinchliffe on his appointment as Minister for Sport, and thank Mick de Brenni for his work in the role and the conversations we have recently held in relation to unlocking the opportunity of the upcoming FIFA Women’s World Cup.”

There has been seven clubs identified for funding, with the potential for more to be included.

Three clubs are from North Queensland: Estates FC, MA Olympic FC and Saints Eagles Souths FC.

The four others are based in Brisbane: Grange Thistle FC, Mt Gravatt Hawks FC, Newmarket SFC and Tarragindi Tigers FC.

An eighth club, Wide Bay’s Bingera FC, stands to receive $200,000 for a new playing surface and lights if Queensland Labor candidate Tom Smith wins election in Bundaberg following a recount.

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