Sporting Schools program stimulates football participation growth in Queensland

Football Queensland’s implementation and delivery of Sporting Schools programs across the state has successfully reached over 7,000 students.

The Sporting Schools program is designed to encourage participants to connect with community sporting organisations and to improve physical activity for students.

After a strong showing of interest from schools, 60 football programs were implemented in Term 1 of 2021, leading to a 12% increase in Sporting Schools participant numbers compared to Term 1 last year.

Football Queensland’s Officer for Schools Participation, Laura Bryant, was delighted at the success of the program so far.

“The response is really encouraging as it shows football is becoming more popular in schools for both boys and girls,” she said.

“Sporting Schools is Australia’s largest school-based sports participation program and FQ is proud to be the provider for football programs in Queensland with support from Football Australia.”

Term 2 has seen over 100 Sporting Schools football programs approved for delivery in Term 2, while applications have opened for Term 3 funding.

“With applications now open for Term 3 program funding, we’d encourage Queensland schools to apply to deliver a football program for their students,” Bryant said.

“It’s a great introductory program designed to help kids begin their football journeys in a safe and supportive environment.

“FQ’s participation team has worked closely with Football Australia to create a sustainable teacher-delivered program.

“The coaches we have chosen from FQ have done an excellent job helping students who are interested in playing football and have been working hard to ensure the programs are fun, engaging and educational for young players.”

Football Queensland Chief Executive Officer Robert Cavallucci acknowledged the importance that this opportunity presents for football’s growth in the state.

“Sporting Schools has been a valuable opportunity for us to encourage children to be active across the state and drive ongoing participation in football, in line with our strategic commitment to engaging with schools throughout Queensland,” he said.

“Uniting football in Queensland means bringing all facets of the game together while delivering high-quality experiences for everyone involved, even with the challenges presented to us with the COVID-19 pandemic, and the Sporting Schools program has been a fantastic example of this in action.”

With the support of quality resources and educational programs, Bryant said she hopes students across the state will be able to continue developing their skills.

“FQ wants as many Queensland primary schools as possible to have the opportunity to offer the best football programs for their students,” she explained.

“We are focused on providing students with a safe and supportive environment to grow in a sport they love.”

Applications for Sporting Schools Term 3 funding are open until 8pm on Friday, June 4.

$40 million upgrades announced for iconic Leichhardt Oval

Sydney’s historic Leichhardt Oval, home to the Sydney FC Women’s team, will be receiving a $40 million upgrade to its facilities, ensuring the safety and comfort for competitors and fans into the future.

The $40 million investment will draw on the Inner West Council’s Leichardt Oval Masterplan and includes upgrades such as:

  • New female-friendly change rooms.
  • Increased seating capacity of 3,000. (20,000 > 23,000)
  • A new northern grandstand.

The Commonwealth, State and Local Governments have formed a funding partnership to secure the future of Leichhardt Oval. The Commonwealth is committing $20 million to the project, with the NSW Government and the Inner West Council investing $10 million each towards the upgrade.

Leichhardt Oval required a big investment with the outdated, crumbling infrastructure becoming an issue for tenant teams and their local supporters.

The stadium is on track to host 120 sporting fixtures in 2024, including both men’s and women’s matches across various codes which underpins its importance on local sport in NSW.

Sydney FC Chief Executive Mark Aubrey expressed his excitement for the future of the ground and was also invited to be on the design phase committee of the project.

“It’s great to be involved in the design phase of the upgrade as we continue to build Sydney FC and our Women’s game, and work towards a stable home ground for Sydney FC’s Women,” Aubrey said in an interview.

“Our Women’s crowds last season totalled over 50,000 and our semi-final had 7,000 fans inside the ground which shows there’s a huge appetite for Women’s sport, so this injection of funds is very welcome.”

Sydney FC Captain Natalie Tobin also spoke during the announcement of the upgrade about how this will directly improve the women’s game.

“These upgrades are long overdue, and the facilities will help female athletes perform better and increase the growth of our game,” Tobin added in a statement.

“It will help improve the growth of our Women’s game at all levels and increase our ability to impact our local community and girls football.”

Leichhardt Oval has become a hub and home for women’s sport hosting the rugby league, cricket and football, and this upgrade is indicative of the long-term commitment by the NSW Government to increase the participation of women and young girls in sport.

Dribl announced as Global Football Technology Partner of CONIFA


Dribl, an Australian-based leading provider of football technology solutions, has announced its partnership with CONIFA, the Confederation of Independent Football Associations.

This strategic alliance marks a significant step forward for Dribl, helping CONIFA streamline operations for their global football competitions, promoting efficiency and providing a dynamic platform for community and fan engagement.

Supporting a true grassroots and international partnership

CONIFA, renowned for its dedication to the joy of playing international football, supports representatives of football teams from nations, de-facto nations, regions, minority peoples, and sports isolated territories. This global acting non-profit organisation is committed to enhancing global relations and fostering international understanding through football.

Enhancing the Football Experience for All Dribl’s cutting-edge technology will enable CONIFA to streamline the administration of its global competitions, ensuring efficient and effective management. The partnership will introduce a centralised system that simplifies operations, facilitates better fan engagement through the Dribl app, and ultimately enhances the overall football experience for all participants and fans.

A platform for everyone, everywhere

Dribl CEO Rob Georgievski spoke to the grassroots impact:

“By partnering with CONIFA, we are taking a forward step in truly supporting grassroots football,” he said via media release.

“Our technology is designed to be accessible to everyone, everywhere, ensuring that the joy of football can be shared by all. We are excited to help CONIFA grow and reach more people, providing a seamless and engaging experience for football communities worldwide.”

Commitment to high ethical standards and global unity

CONIFA stands out as the world’s leading organisation for people, nations, and sportingly isolated regions with a commitment to high ethical standards and global unity. This partnership with Dribl aligns perfectly with CONIFA’s mission to contribute to the enhancement of global relations and international understanding through the universal language of football.

Introducing the CONIFA Match Centre

In collaboration with Dribl, CONIFA have introduced their very own Match Centre for the upcoming CONIFA Women World Football Cup 2024 Tournament. This innovative feature will provide fans and participants with real-time updates, comprehensive data, and an engaging user experience, further enriching the connection between the sport and its global audience.

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