Supaturf: Line-marking specialists for football grounds across Australia

Supaturf is an Australian owned and operated company which plays an important role in the football community across the country.

The company, which was established in 1992, locally develops and distributes line marking machines, accessories and liquids for football fields across Australia.

Supaturf’s range of products, including their line marking and line removing liquids, are considered to be cost effective, easy to use and eco-friendly amongst other things.

Supaturf’s Redispray Line Marking Liquid.

Their reliability and profile have led the company to partner with various organisations over the years, including state governing body’s such as Football Victoria.

Supaturf’s partnership with Football Victoria has spanned multiple years and continues to be mutually effective for both sides, according to Victorian Sales Representative for Supaturf, John Hansen.

“It’s the fifth or sixth year of the partnership, basically we supply all the line marking for all the clubs,” he said.

“That’s what we specialise in…it’s why Football Victoria continue to support us, because we don’t step onto anyone else’s toes. We just do line marking, we have the line marking system, we make the machines – sell the machines, we make the paint – sell the paint, we are the wholesaler.

“We have direct access to the 350+ clubs under the Football Victoria banner which is great and the federation is very organised through Anthony Grima (Head of Commercial at the governing body).

“For Football Victoria, it gives them continuity that they’ve got a supplier that is Australian made and Australian own…basically everything is done here in Australia.”

Through the partnership, clubs are offered incentives to use and purchase products provided by Supaturf.

“We generally put out flyers and so forth, but normally there’s a conference in February, however that didn’t happen this year because of COVID. All of the clubs usually come through there and we will sell our stuff at the conference, giving them various discounts and specials.”

Supaturf doesn’t have similar deals with other football governing bodies across Australia akin to the FV deal, however, Hansen explained it was not that necessary as the company already has access to clubs across the other states.

When questioned why the rest of the football community should continue to choose and use Supaturf’s products, Hansen claimed: “Because we’ve been around for 30 years, we are the biggest in Australia.

“We export all over the world, including across to England and Japan. We’re very big in New Zealand for example as well, but most importantly we are Australian made, Australian owned and environmentally friendly.”

Supaturf’s products have been used on most major sporting stadiums in Australia as well, including famous venues such as North Sydney Oval, which once hosted Northern Spirit games in the old National Soccer League.

A-League matches have also been played at North Sydney Oval.

“To maintain a prestigious sporting field such as North Sydney Oval to it’s premium capability, the ground requires the best products and service, and with Supaturf, we can achieve those results,” said David Somerville, Assistant Grounds Manager at North Sydney Oval.

“Supaturf has been part of our field marking programme for many years now due to its high-quality paints, serviceability to its units and above all else their reliance when required in both product distribution and cost effectiveness to other similar commodities.

“Presentation is the end result to any turf manager and Supaturf allows that to happen – they will be part of our oval for many years to come.”

If any football club in Australia is looking to purchase line-marking products, here are a few reasons why it is vital to do so, according to the Supaturf blog.

This is why line-marking in stadiums is so important:

  • Directional signs on the roads alert traffic as to where to access the stadium.
  • Carparks – both traffic direction and car spacing.
  • Pathways direct spectators to entry and exit points of the stadium.
  • Emergency exits.
  • Staff entry.
  • Numbered seating in the stadium.
  • The sporting field itself.

There is a lot involved in ensuring a venue is spectator-friendly, with most of that coming down to the ease of access spectators have to the stadium and knowing where to go once they are inside.

It is crucial to understand the different responsibilities of stadiums, patrons, players and staff which is why when line-marking is applied, it needs to be reliable and durable. Supaturf’s extensive range of line-marking equipment offers options to cater to individual venues and their specific line marking needs.

For more information and product enquiries on Supaturf, visit their website here.

Philip Panas is a sports journalist with Soccerscene. He reports widely on football policy and industry matters, drawing on his knowledge and passion of the game.

Capital Football links up with sports clothing manufacturer ISC


Capital Football have announced an exciting new apparel partnership with one of Australia’s leading sports clothing manufacturers ISC.

As a result of the partnership, W-League side Canberra United and all Capital Football teams and staff will be kitted out in some of the highest quality playing and merchandise range in the market.

This announcement marks the start of a partnership that will continue until 2025, thus solidifying ISC’s goal to support and grow Australian sport.

From grassroots players right through to professional athletes, ISC has been supporting Australian talent for decades, including an almost 20-year partnership with the Canberra Raiders.

The world game continues to be the biggest participation sport in Australia’s Capital Territory (ACT) and this partnership will further support development of the sport in the region and nationally.

Capital Football CEO Phil Brown was excited to see ISC join up with Capital Football in support of the ACT region going forward.

“It’s clear that ISC takes its sportswear seriously, not only with its quality apparel but with its long running partnership with other Canberra sporting organisations,” he said.

“This deal is a really exciting one for both Capital Football and Canberra United. We look forward to working with ISC for the next four years.”

The range of products developed for Capital Football and Canberra United teams will include both technical on field and high performance off field gear.

ISC CEO and Managing Director Jason Schulman welcomed the partnership with Capital Football and was excited to see the region benefit from their quality manufacturing.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Capital Football and Canberra United in such an expansive partnership in what is a strong growth region for Australian Football.

“We look forward to forming a strong relationship with all stakeholders and delivering fantastic playing, training and merchandise kit to the participants.”

National Futsal Championships to return in 2022

Football Australia has announced today the return of the National Futsal Championships (NFC) in 2022.

Football Queensland (FQ) will host the 2022 championship, followed by Football Victoria (FV) for the 2023 edition.

Football Australia CEO James Johnson looks forward to growing futsal’s footprint in Australia after outlining a vision for a national program.

“As part of our clear strategic agenda, we outlined a vision to create a national program for futsal and beach soccer by working closely with our Member Federations in a unified, inclusive and collaborative manner,” Johnson said.

“With the culmination of this process, we are delighted that Football Queensland and Football Victoria will be hosting the National Futsal Championships in 2022 and 2023 respectively.

“There is a clear appetite throughout Australia for football to increase its imprint through futsal and beach soccer. Queensland and Victoria now have the opportunity to showcase this and bring it to life over the next two years, in a way never seen before.”

By granting the hosting rights to different cities, Football Australia believes the NFC will be a national tournament.

The Gold Coast Sports and Leisure Centre will host the relaunched tournament on the 5th-9th of January 2022.

“The National Futsal Championships are a highlight of the Australian football calendar, and we are excited to stage next year’s event at the state-of-the-art Gold Coast Sports and Leisure Centre,” FQ CEO Robert Cavallucci said.

Anthony Grima, Football Victoria’s Head of Futsal, believes the announcement was a step towards achieving FV’s futsal strategy.

“This is a huge win for Futsal in Victoria and one for me that should be dedicated to the many amazing individuals who are at the heart of the Futsal community here in Victoria,” Grima said.

“Hosting the NFC will leave a lasting legacy for Futsal and football in Victoria and inspire and enable more people to take up this amazing sport.”

The recently announced Home of the Matildas features a international sized futsal pitch, and it could host the championship.

Kimon Taliadoros, CEO of FV, said this news ensures that Victoria remains the home of sport.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating for the people of Victoria. By hosting the National Futsal Championships, we will further enhance the state’s ability to host events and tournaments and support the Victorian economy by bringing interstate visitors back to Melbourne to experience the wide range of products, services and experiences that this great state has to offer,” Taliadoros said.

“Futsal has been on the national agenda for some time now, with Football Australia recently having released the ‘XI Principles – for the future of Australian football.’”

The return of the NFC will allow a pathway for players to compete against the best talent Australia has to offer.

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