How a national second division could use mobile-only ticketing

While mobile ticketing has been around for over a decade, its presence is only increasing with some sporting events starting to move to mobile-only ticketing.

In 2019, U.S. Soccer extended a deal with its official ticketing provider Ticketmaster. The deal included plans to use Ticketmaster Presence a platform which replaces paper tickets with digital passes.

Most MLS clubs have been moving to mobile ticketing over the last few years with the Seattle Sounders in 2016 becoming the first MLS team to go fully mobile.

The MLS offers mobile ticketing via the league’s official app and MLS club apps.

There are now many ticketing platforms which offer mobile ticketing.

Australian soccer could use a platform such as TicketCo.

TicketCo was launched in 2013 with an aim to create a user-friendly ticketing solution.

“By providing a frictionless payment journey for the public and a single point of administration for the event organiser, TicketCo is creating the best value for both users and organisers. Through TicketCo organisers can sell both tickets, food and beverages, merchandise and accommodation,” TicketCo said on their website.

Here are the major reasons why Australian soccer should consider a move to mobile only ticketing.

COVID safe

The contactless aspect to mobile ticketing makes the technology extremely important as the FFA will be looking into how to get as many fans into stadiums safely during the pandemic.

TicketCo UK Country Manager David Kenny told fc business of the tracking and tracing ability of the TicketCo platform.

“Our traceability feature can enable football clubs to accurately record the details of everyone who enters the stadium. It works by scanning the ID of the supporter, or colleague when they enter the stadium, via a smartphone or tablet,” Kenny said.

“The information would then be stored accordance with GDPR regulation for the period required by the government for tracing. Once the time frame expires the data would automatically be deleted via an automated process.”

Self-scanning technology for mobile tickets is already in place at the major stadiums in Australia. While it may be expensive for NPL clubs to put this technology in place, it can be integrated quickly.

TicketCo can be integrated into a stadium within two weeks.

David Kenny also believes that the technology is “accessible and affordable to all clubs”.

Convenience and flexibility

Some US colleges have also decided to use mobile only ticketing for their sporting events based on the convenience and flexibility mobile ticketing offers. For the 2020/21 seasons the University of Arkansas and Florida Atlantic University have opted to move to digital ticketing systems.

Vice Chancellor and Director of Athletics at the University of Arkansas, Hunter Yurachek said that mobile ticketing options had been successful in previous seasons.

“Whether it is transferring tickets to family or friends, getting the latest update on gameday changes or self-scanning themselves into the event, our fans now can manage their tickets, at their convenience, by utilizing their smart phones,” he said

“No longer do fans need to worry about forgetting tickets at home or in the car. With mobile ticketing, our fans literally have all of the gameday options they need right in the palm of their hand.”

Florida Atlantic University shared a similar sentiment when announcing their move to mobile only ticketing.

“(A) new and convenient way for fans to access tickets to FAU home games directly on their smartphone. Ease and flexibility to transfer tickets to friends and family,” they said.


The TicketCo platform can also be used to live-stream matches with both pay-per-view and video on demand options for TicketCo TV.

David Kenny said that the live streams can be viewed on Apple TV and Android TV.

“If stadiums remain closed live streaming will become a key issue. And once physical crowds are welcomed back clubs can simply host ‘hybrid events’ by selling tickets to the stadium alongside virtual tickets,” he said.

“Introducing a robust live streaming solution now will be a sound long term investment for football clubs.”

Either by using the TicketCo platform or adapting similar technology into its own My Football Live app the FFA could create a single area where fans would be able to access both live-streams and tickets.

This would make it very straightforward for fans to have their tickets or view live-streams for Socceroos, Matildas, A-League, W-League, NPL and the new National second division matches.


The data from mobile ticketing, can tell organisers who bought tickets, who tickets were transferred to and who actually attended the event. This would be useful to help market the game.

The demographics of attendees could be analysed to give the FFA an specific idea of who their audience is.

With several benefits to mobile only ticketing, digital only tickets could soon become a reality for Australian soccer.

Daniel Foley is a sports junior journalist with Soccerscene. He reports widely on football policy and micro industry matters.

Deltatre adds sport-related functionality to AXIS

Deltatre, the global leader in fan-first video experiences, has announced the development of a new suite of sport-focused features and functionality within its user experience (UX) management tool, AXIS, to support leagues, teams and federations. 

AXIS is a targeted UX management console and suite of multi-platform Reference Apps. For many years, AXIS has been the go-to product for OTT services, including BritBox, Rogers Sports & Media and DR.

AXIS empowers an OTT service’s editorial team, reducing churn and boosting personalisation and monetisation options.

This latest evolution of AXIS brings Deltatre’s expertise to life, offering sports-focused OTT providers the ability to offer their users uniquely different ways of following specific leagues, tournament rounds, teams or players. 

By putting the power in the hands of knowledgeable editorial staff, clients consistently report increased engagement and reduced churn from their OTT offering. 

Deltatre has added the ability for broadcasters and rights holders to adapt their services, so that sports content such as competitions, events, teams, and athletes can be promoted out-of-the-box, with dedicated templates enabling easy discoverability of live and catch-up sport video content. 

In addition, a new personalisation feature allows users to follow their favourite team or player so they never miss a moment of the action. 

Using a simple drag-and-drop interface, AXIS helps editorial teams control every element of their OTT video service, including design, navigation, promotions, page layout, and content. 

This builds on an already extensive set of core AXIS functionality that includes the following features:

 A drag-and-drop management system: Enables any content producer to make real-time changes to an OTT service without needing to touch any code – helping to boost engagement and monetisation opportunities. 

 Smart lists: Streamline efficiency with ‘smart’ lists of content that combine manually curated and rules-based content.

 Advanced Segmentation Tags: Target your audience by demographic type, device, location and so on. 

 Personalisation:  Dynamically surface related content that you know your users are interested in, based on their followed items. 

 Page and row templates: Ready-to-use templates and row types let you create and configure detail pages for your competition, event, team, and other assets, that users can navigate to from anywhere in their app. 

 Monetisation options: Boost revenue potential in a non-intrusive way, by adding brand sponsored rows or banners directly into the UI. 

Gilles Mas, President of Video Experiences, Deltatre, said: “As a long-standing streaming technology provider to leading OTT platforms across sport and entertainment, Deltatre is uniquely positioned to understand the complexities and differences in the way fans and users engage with and consume different content. 

“We know how important it is to combine a greater user experience with clear, actionable audience data. Truly understanding your customers, and giving an editorial team the tools to act on that knowledge, is key to maximising engagement and reducing costs and churn.”

AXIS complements Deltatre’s comprehensive end-to-end offering across sports and entertainment, which includes its OTT player DIVA, the world’s most powerful sports publishing platform FORGE, and mtribes, a SaaS platform for real-time, data-driven UX targeting. 

StatsBomb enter Australian market with Melbourne Victory

Melbourne Victory looks set to dive deeper than ever into the world of analytics, following the announcement of its partnership with UK-based company StatsBomb.

Melbourne Victory looks set to dive deeper than ever into the world of analytics, following the announcement of its partnership with UK-based company StatsBomb.

StatsBomb confirmed the news via a press release on its website, with Victory announcing it was the first A-League Men’s club to be using StatsBomb’s services.

“Four-time A-League champions Melbourne Victory have signed up to use StatsBomb’s event data – containing over 3,400 events per game on average – and their IQ analytics software, the most advanced and customisable platform in the industry, to utilise in all sectors of the club, including in their performance, opposition, and recruitment analysis operations,” reads the StatsBomb statement.

“The Australian club will have access to StatsBomb’s deep data, which includes unique metrics such as pressures at a team and player level, pass footedness, pass height and freeze frames for shots, providing detailed defender and goalkeeper location information on every shot.”

Victory Director of Football John Didulica was proud to announce the partnership, which would help his club remain at the forefront of the analytics game.

“The football data analytics provider is industry-leading and will assist our club in staying at the forefront in the fast-paced world of Football Analytics,” he said.

StatsBomb Sales Executive Flavio Fusi was delighted to see the company move into the Australian market.

“We are proud that our first partner in Australia and Oceania is one with a rich history of success in the region,” he said.

“The analytics team at Melbourne Victory have shown they understand the importance of data and analytics in elite competition, and we’re encouraged by their ambition to integrate the use of data in all sectors of the club.”

Victory join some revered names in world football in inking this deal, with StatsBomb also a partner of Italy’s AS Roma and Clube Atletico Mineiro in Brazil.

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