The new innovation for video analysis

With full-scope camera angles, Spiideo is a revolutionary way to dissect every moment of training or a game.

With cameras installed in a club’s stadium, they’ll be no need to set up for recording ever again. The handy app provided by Spiideo not only offers convenience, but supreme quality with 4k resolution.

The benefit of having the recording in 4k definition is the ability to utilise its depth in pixels by being able to zoom in and roam around the whole pitch as the cameras offer the full spectrum. Coaches can pick and choose where they want to complete analysis.

It extends further by having every angle covered, whether it be behind the goals, from the air looking down or the typical side-on level. Every moment will be able to be captured and is viewable on all devices with easy-to-use controls.

As the training or game vision is played back, teams can come together and take notes as they go to improve performance. Analytics tools featured in the app include GPS tracking and player or team tracking or individual players or getting the right structure in positioning.

For clubs looking to take themselves to the next level, Spiideo is a product that would be heavily considered, as it creates a new way to dissect the game of soccer.

Liam Watson is the Managing Editor at Soccerscene. He reports widely on football policy, industry matters and technology.

Football Queensland and Stryker launch Community Heart Program

Football Queensland's Community Heart Program together with Stryker will assist clubs in the purchase of Automated External Defibrillators.

Football Queensland has launched the Community Heart Program together with Stryker, which is a new fundraising initiative that will assist clubs in the purchase of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs).

The program highlights Football Queensland’s continued commitment towards the safety of all participants, in moments where emergency care needs to be provided.

“Football Queensland is delighted to launch the Community Heart Program to support our clubs at all levels of the game in providing a safe environment for participants and attendees,” FQ CEO Robert Cavallucci said.

“We can’t stress enough how important it is for all FQ licensed clubs in Queensland to have at least one AED accessible when games are being played to provide participants with the best possible chance of surviving a sudden cardiac arrest.

“Through this new initiative and our partnership with First Aid Accident & Emergency, Football Queensland is proud to offer clubs a best practice solution with access to discounted defibrillation packages and valuable education on heart safety.

“The Community Heart Program fundraising platform provides our clubs with a simple and easy way to raise money for the purchase of an AED package, so that together we can ensure every football ground in Queensland is a safe place for all in attendance.”

Stryker is a medical technology company which manufactures AEDs. Their connection to the Community Heart Program means they will provide clubs across Queensland with access to a fundraising platform, built specifically to raise money for the purchase of an AED package.

“At Stryker, we are driven to make healthcare better and we feel proud that we are in a position to support Football Queensland with technology that could make a difference in an emergency situation,” Stryker Managing Director Ryan McCarthy said.

“Stryker and Football Queensland share many of the same values when it comes to the care of their community, whether that is promoting the health benefits of playing sport or providing vital lifesaving tools.”

You can view the Community Heart Program fundraising platform here.

You can view the First Aid Accident & Emergency website here.

How KEEPUP will revolutionise football in Australia

Late last week, the Australian Professional Leagues (APL) launched their new $30 million digital platform KEEPUP.

The main aim of the new digital hub is to convert a larger proportion of the 8 million football fans in this country into supporters of Australia’s premier domestic competitions.

“The platform was delivered to broaden and enhance the fan experience, connecting A-Leagues fans and international competition fans in one place,” a statement from the APL read.

“In its current form, the platform will focus on creating and curating content to bring fans close to the game however they choose, with significant expansion planned into the future.

“KEEPUP will feature compelling content from the best of the A-Leagues, European and world football, the Socceroos and Matildas, NPL, and FFA Cup.

“A-League clubs’ content hubs will also be integrated onto the platform to ensure fans are offered the most comprehensive football resource available in Australia.”

KEEPUP, across their website and app, have already begun producing a wide array of content from breaking news stories, expert columns from football journalists, articles on football culture, video productions and in-depth analysis features, not just on the A-League, but world football.

The KEEPUP team is led by Optus’ former director of sport Richard Bayliss, who is in charge of the editorial, social media and production practices across the platform.

KEEPUP will have a strong impetus on keeping editorial independence and not cheerlead for the APL and its clubs at every opportunity.

“Day one of the launch we had two A-League CEOs complaining about criticism on our platform, this is all about being authentic and you can’t have a propaganda site,” APL Managing Director, Danny Townsend, told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“Football fans are extremely discerning and the minute they see something that is not authentic…they’ll call that out.”

Alongside the diverse content on the platform, KEEPUP will look to innovate in ways which will engage new audiences and provide those they already have connected with, with unique experiences.

“This is just the beginning,” Chief Commercial Officer at the APL, Ant Hearne, said.

“We have a bold plan to evolve KEEPUP into an unparalleled global digital hub, expanding functionality beyond a content base to include gamification, e-Commerce, ticketing, second screen live stadium experiences and loyalty programs.”

Other codes in Australia such as Cricket, AFL and NRL have all invested heavily in their own digital content over time, however the $30 million digital investment from the APL is playing to the strategic advantages that football has over other sports.

“I look at what the other sports are doing and they’re very much wed, fortunately, to TV deals that mean they don’t need to do what we’re doing,” Townsend told the SMH.

“We’re in a situation where we’ve got an enormous base, we’ve got the youngest fan base of any sport in the country who are all digital natives. We’re going to get into the direct-to-consumer business and that will preserve the long-term revenues and build the football economy.”

If you register an account on KEEPUP (which is free to do so), you will receive a four-week trial to Paramount+ – the service which is showcasing the majority of Australian football games for the next five years.

This offer is a slice of things to come between the APL and their new broadcast partner ViacomCBS, with future plans for content from the digital platform to be integrated further into the Channel 10 Network and Paramount+.

“What Channel 10 and ViacomCBS bought into was our strategy,” Townsend told the SMH.

“The ViacomCBS deal was a really critical one for us on many levels financially, but equally the reach it delivers us. But importantly, the owners have continued to invest and put their money where their mouth is.

“The sports media and commercial landscape is changing and the days of sports just serving up content on television, taking a big cheque and playing sport are over. It’s changing in a way that requires sports to take the initiative and connect with their fans.

“We’ve got to become an entertainment business because at the end of the day, if we’re going to grow revenues of the sport, we need to engage our fans more effectively.”

The APL’s KEEPUP platform has only been around for just over a week, but its long-term agenda has the potential to change the perception of the game in this country.

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