TicketCo TV provides live streaming service

Altrincham FC has adapted to fans being unable to attend games by delivering pay-per-view live streaming in collaboration with TicketCo TV.

Fans haven’t been able to attend games due to Covid-19, but Altrincham FC has adapted to deliver pay-per-view live streaming in collaboration with TicketCo TV. 

The Manchester-based club, playing in the UK national league, were able to establish a secure and sustainable revenue stream with all home games streamed at The J. Davidson Stadium. 

Co-chairman Bill Waterson had previously thought about live streaming even before closed doors restrictions began. 

“Live streaming games was a service we wanted to deliver this season regardless of how Covid-19 developed in the late summer and early autumn,” he said. 

“We knew we had the technical capability to broadcast games, but we were short of a means of broadcasting it and doing so in a secure and financially viable way.  

“We wanted to use our own broadcast capabilities by using our own cameramen and commentators, but at the same time we required a strong commercial model.  

“TicketCo fit the bill for all of our requirements and we are delighted to be working with them.” 

TicketCo have worked with FC Isle of Man who launched their own live streaming service during a pre-season friendly against Guernsey FC. Isle of Man reached a new global audience using TicketCo TV’s HD quality and even sold both physical and live streaming ticketings to supporters for the game on the same platform. 

“FC Isle of Man had nothing but good things to say about the service TicketCo provided,” Waterson said.  

“One key attraction to us was the fact the payment and streaming service was all available via one platform.” 

Altrincham’s first game with TicketCo came against Salford City’s U23s where the hosts won a pre-season friendly 5-1 at The J. Davidson Stadium. Originally a test events for fans to return to terraces, it instead proved a test for upcoming live streams. 

“We marketed the live stream to supporters the day before the game as the developing Covid-19 situation meant we had little notice from Government regarding our ability to welcome supporters back into the stadium,” Waterson said. 

“Despite the short notice, 60 per cent of our season ticket holders tuned into the game using a free access code and some non- season ticket holders used TicketCo’s pay-per-view option too – it was a great success. 

“The following Saturday, 749 users tuned in to watch Altrincham’s first league game of the season against Weymouth.  

“Many of our season ticket holders live in the same household, so to have 749 individual users login to watch the game was beyond all of our expectations,” added Mr Waterson. “We believe we can push over 1,000.” 

Live streaming has the capability of reaching audiences that clubs may never thought of before. 

“The analytics really opened our eyes,” Waterson said. 

“We have viewers tuning in from Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway and Canada – and even Afghanistan!  

“It’s exciting to learn this new information. Although we only have a small fanbase outside of the UK, we will consider providing a live streaming service to supporters that live abroad once Covid-19 restrictions ease.  

TicketCo make the service we provide easy to execute, so we’d be silly not to consider these opportunities for the future.” 

If restrictions continue, Altrincham have plans to advance their live streaming capability to make the viewing experience better. 

“We have introduced graphics and captions, next we want action replays and a selection of camera angles to improve the stream’s quality,” Waterson said.  

TicketCo’s platform allows us to upsell products like programmes too, so there is an option to maximise revenue which we are keen to explore.  

“Now we know we have established a quality streaming partnership with TicketCo, we want to do develop it to offer more digitally.  

“For example, we could stream our youth team’s games should the demand be there for it.  

“That’s the beauty of TicketCo, we can almost instantly create a pay-per-view streaming service if demand is there.” 

Altrincham is a semi-professional club just like the many National Premier Leagues (NPL) clubs we have in Australia. TicketCo presents as a streaming service provider for local-based clubs wanting to extend their coverage of league and cup competitions. 

TicketCo TV’s pay-per-view is an on-demand service which is fully integrated with TicketCo’s payment platform. There are no set-up costs, an affordable pay-as-you-go price plan and streaming software is provided so a club could easily start streaming in Full HD quality with crystal-clear sound. 

“Football faces major challenges, but there are solutions that can help generate revenue and keep fans connected,” TicketCo UK Senior Key Account Manager, Joe Edwards said. 

“It is quick and easy to set up and comes with additional commercial benefits including the ability to fully brand the stream with club colours and branding and the functionality to sell sponsorship and retail products.  

“Pay-per-view live streaming is available for clubs of all sizes now and will become as important as seats in the stadium. We are here to help clubs of any size.” 

Liam Watson is a Senior Journalist with Soccerscene. He reports widely on international football policy, industry matters and industry 4.0

AFF Suzuki Cup gains enhanced coverage alongside digital platform Goal

AFF Suzuki Cup 2020 has joined forces with Footballco, allowing their flagship digital platform Goal to become the Official Football Website Partner. 

AFF Suzuki Cup 2020 has joined forces with the world’s biggest football content and media business Footballco, allowing their flagship digital platform Goal to become the Official Football Website Partner of the tournament.

The exciting partnership will mark the first time that South East Asia’s top football tournament will collaborate with Goal to increase the Championship’s reach.

Goal will be given exclusive access to the tournament, involving behind-the-scenes access and rights to use archive videos, capturing and producing compelling content. The tournament is expected to reach 10 million website and app users throughout Southeast Asia, while a social reach extends to more than 50 million for fans in the region.

Andy Jackson, VP of Media for APAC, Footballco:

“We are delighted to partner with the AFF Suzuki Cup which will undoubtedly allow us to bring the 50 million South East Asian fans Goal reaches each month, much closer to the tournament that they care about the most. We have a number of new and exciting editorial initiatives in the pipeline leading into this year’s tournament that will build excitement and anticipation amongst fans by celebrating the rich history of the tournament, shining a light on the emerging stars as well as presenting Suzuki Cup sponsors with the opportunity to benefit from the unrivalled scale we offer in the region.”

Tilman Wendt, Executive Director, Digital & Brand Marketing – SEA, Sportfive:

“We know that football fans in ASEAN have been anxiously waiting for football to return after the pandemic. With the AFF Suzuki Cup centred around the thrilling regional football rivalries and the great passion of fans, the partnership with Goal is a great opportunity for us to not only amplify the tournament campaign #RivalriesNeverDie but also a chance to create unique stories to engage with Goal’s digital audience across South East Asia. By combining Goal’s and Sportfive’s capabilities, we are confident that we can maximise the content for the benefit of our fans.”

The AFF Suzuki Cup 2020 is scheduled to take place from December 5 2021 to January 1 2022, due to the tournament being postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Vicsport partnership with AED Authority to assist clubs

Vicsport has announced a partnership with AED Authority, giving better access to AEDs for Victorian sports clubs.

Vicsport has announced a partnership with AED Authority Australia, as the defibrillator supplier will give better access to automated external defibrillators (AEDs) for Victorian sports clubs.

The improved availability of AEDs can help sports clubs be on the front foot when it comes to developing and executing emergency response plans that save lives of participants.

Vicsport’s extensive network from over 30 years of service, including 16,000 clubs and associations and over 3.9 million participants, are those who make a significant contribution to the social, physical, mental and economic wellbeing of the Victorian community.

An AED offers a portable, easy-to-use device that delivers controlled shock to an individual showing symptoms of a cardiac arrest – when the heart stops beating.

It is something that can occur to anyone, anywhere and any time, so clubs must be alert especially if it happens on the field.

Every year in Australia, around 33,000 people experience a cardiac arrest out of hospital, but as few as 5% of these people are able to survive.

A privately owned health and safety company, AED Authority aims to improve Australia sudden cardiac arrest survival rate. They help customers distinguish fact from fiction when considering an AED program, demonstrating how simple a defibrillator can be to save a life. An early use of defibrillator leads to a 70% survival rate.

Managing Director of AED Authority, Paul Klein:

“We’re excited to partner with Vicsport. AEDs are valuable protection for athletes in all fields and their communities.”

“Even healthy seemingly, low-risk youth can have underlying heart conditions that are triggered by strenuous activities. Making an AED part of every club’s emergency response plan can save lives.”

Vicsport CEO Lisa Hasker:

“Vicsport is looking forward to working with AED Authority in order to provide safe environments for all sporting clubs in Victoria.”

AED Authority knows that the purchase of a defibrillator can be confusing, based on years of experience with AED sales and management programs. This new partnership can take all the question marks out of the equation, by assisting clubs with all aspects behind a successful AED program: from site assessment and device selection, to monitoring and maintenance in conjunction with special Vicsport member packages.

City of Greater Geelong and Football Victoria form strategic partnership in regional soccer centre plans

The City of Greater Geelong has engaged with Football Victoria to further plans for a regional soccer centre.

After committing $50,000 to develop a feasibility and business plan for a regional soccer centre, the City of Greater Geelong has engaged with Football Victoria (FV) to further plans for the new facility.

Councillor Kylie Grzybek said that after a meeting on Monday, FV has committed to supporting the concept of a Geelong regional soccer centre.

“They have committed with us to engage with us throughout the entire process in terms of statistics, player numbers, and those types of things,” she said.

Grzybek added that FV was looking to renew previous plans to evaluate and renew Geelong’s football facilities.

“They’ve also looked to how they engage and renew the G21 soccer plan, which was done in 2010, and that is the document for Geelong concerning what venues have, what types of facilities are available, and what the overall vision for soccer in Geelong is. There are two different things there, the new facility and the G21 soccer plan, but they link together quite nicely,” she said.

Foddy Kyprian, FV’s club and regional ambassador for Geelong, stated the plan has the full backing of the member federation.

“We are having all the relevant government relations staff working with (councilors) Kylie and Eddy (Kontelj). The CEO Kimon Taliadoros has given his full backing to cooperate in every single way they can when working with Local and state government,” he said.

Grzybek explained that FV’s connections could create further opportunities for funding and improved facilities.

“They have great connections with both state and federal governments. Having the governing body on board with us is exciting, and we will look to how they help us get this up and running,” she said.

The City of Greater Geelong has also engaged with Mike McKinstry from the Geelong Regional Football Committee (GRFC).

“While councillor Eddy and I are spearheading this at the moment, we feel there is an opportunity for GRFC and Football Victoria to play their part in promoting Football in Geelong,” Grzybek said.

The opportunity of a regional state soccer centre is one the football community in Geelong deserves for their hard work in developing the game, according to Kyprian.

“The sooner we can have this stadium the better. We can showcase the A-League, the W-League and the FFA cup games we have,” he said.

“The clubs and the Geelong region deserve this. They’ve worked hard over the past 10 years to come together as a group. They deserve the reward for working together.”

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