TicketCo TV provides live streaming service

Altrincham FC has adapted to fans being unable to attend games by delivering pay-per-view live streaming in collaboration with TicketCo TV.

Fans haven’t been able to attend games due to Covid-19, but Altrincham FC has adapted to deliver pay-per-view live streaming in collaboration with TicketCo TV. 

The Manchester-based club, playing in the UK national league, were able to establish a secure and sustainable revenue stream with all home games streamed at The J. Davidson Stadium. 

Co-chairman Bill Waterson had previously thought about live streaming even before closed doors restrictions began. 

“Live streaming games was a service we wanted to deliver this season regardless of how Covid-19 developed in the late summer and early autumn,” he said. 

“We knew we had the technical capability to broadcast games, but we were short of a means of broadcasting it and doing so in a secure and financially viable way.  

“We wanted to use our own broadcast capabilities by using our own cameramen and commentators, but at the same time we required a strong commercial model.  

“TicketCo fit the bill for all of our requirements and we are delighted to be working with them.” 

TicketCo have worked with FC Isle of Man who launched their own live streaming service during a pre-season friendly against Guernsey FC. Isle of Man reached a new global audience using TicketCo TV’s HD quality and even sold both physical and live streaming ticketings to supporters for the game on the same platform. 

“FC Isle of Man had nothing but good things to say about the service TicketCo provided,” Waterson said.  

“One key attraction to us was the fact the payment and streaming service was all available via one platform.” 

Altrincham’s first game with TicketCo came against Salford City’s U23s where the hosts won a pre-season friendly 5-1 at The J. Davidson Stadium. Originally a test events for fans to return to terraces, it instead proved a test for upcoming live streams. 

“We marketed the live stream to supporters the day before the game as the developing Covid-19 situation meant we had little notice from Government regarding our ability to welcome supporters back into the stadium,” Waterson said. 

“Despite the short notice, 60 per cent of our season ticket holders tuned into the game using a free access code and some non- season ticket holders used TicketCo’s pay-per-view option too – it was a great success. 

“The following Saturday, 749 users tuned in to watch Altrincham’s first league game of the season against Weymouth.  

“Many of our season ticket holders live in the same household, so to have 749 individual users login to watch the game was beyond all of our expectations,” added Mr Waterson. “We believe we can push over 1,000.” 

Live streaming has the capability of reaching audiences that clubs may never thought of before. 

“The analytics really opened our eyes,” Waterson said. 

“We have viewers tuning in from Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway and Canada – and even Afghanistan!  

“It’s exciting to learn this new information. Although we only have a small fanbase outside of the UK, we will consider providing a live streaming service to supporters that live abroad once Covid-19 restrictions ease.  

TicketCo make the service we provide easy to execute, so we’d be silly not to consider these opportunities for the future.” 

If restrictions continue, Altrincham have plans to advance their live streaming capability to make the viewing experience better. 

“We have introduced graphics and captions, next we want action replays and a selection of camera angles to improve the stream’s quality,” Waterson said.  

TicketCo’s platform allows us to upsell products like programmes too, so there is an option to maximise revenue which we are keen to explore.  

“Now we know we have established a quality streaming partnership with TicketCo, we want to do develop it to offer more digitally.  

“For example, we could stream our youth team’s games should the demand be there for it.  

“That’s the beauty of TicketCo, we can almost instantly create a pay-per-view streaming service if demand is there.” 

Altrincham is a semi-professional club just like the many National Premier Leagues (NPL) clubs we have in Australia. TicketCo presents as a streaming service provider for local-based clubs wanting to extend their coverage of league and cup competitions. 

TicketCo TV’s pay-per-view is an on-demand service which is fully integrated with TicketCo’s payment platform. There are no set-up costs, an affordable pay-as-you-go price plan and streaming software is provided so a club could easily start streaming in Full HD quality with crystal-clear sound. 

“Football faces major challenges, but there are solutions that can help generate revenue and keep fans connected,” TicketCo UK Senior Key Account Manager, Joe Edwards said. 

“It is quick and easy to set up and comes with additional commercial benefits including the ability to fully brand the stream with club colours and branding and the functionality to sell sponsorship and retail products.  

“Pay-per-view live streaming is available for clubs of all sizes now and will become as important as seats in the stadium. We are here to help clubs of any size.” 

Liam Watson is a Senior Journalist with Soccerscene. He reports widely on international football policy, industry matters and industry 4.0

Iterpro adds confidence to a club’s decision making

Iterpro Football Intelligence supplies comprehensive data to an easy-to-use platform so clubs can make more informed decisions in quick time.

Iterpro Football Intelligence supplies comprehensive data to an easy-to-use platform so clubs can make more informed decisions in quick time.

Top clubs in Europe, such as AC Milan and Inter Milan, have counted on Iterpro to take the stress out of managing their team.

Centred around player performance and recovery, Iterpro gives clubs vital information that become valuable insights for their game-to-game preparation.

It’s the first business intelligence solution built from the ground up, aiming to connect with an entire club’s operations via an easy-to-use club management system. As Iterpro can offer data from multiple sources, it makes for a seamless, time-saving and hassle free experience.

A wide range of features cover each facet of running a team, so all members of staff can manage their relevant department through specifically-built software.

All departments of the Iterpro platform can each bring powerful insights. They thrive on improved communication, reduced injury risk and a return on investment for all clients.

Technical department:

Managing the team is quicker and smarter with an interactive team sheet. An automatic data feed can take match analysis to the next level by highlighting a player’s physical condition and availability to play.

During the week, a coach can create an activities planner for the team that keeps everyone on the same page. Some weeks may require different actions to others, so this keeps everyone organised.

A video gallery adds another dimension to coaching in a visual capacity, where unlimited training, game videos and tactical clips can be stored and shared through the player app. It gives team members all the tools they need to confidently know their role and responsibilities.

Sports science department:

A player’s physical condition can be easily tracked so that adjustments can be made as required to their individual training plan.

If a player is given a certain workload in training and manages to complete it, then it says to clubs that they are able to sustain that level or physically ready to take the next step. Conversely, some players might struggle with that same demand, so coaches can work closer with them to build on their fitness or conditioning. This means sport scientists have to look at a player’s state of fatigue and assess whether there may be a risk of injury if they do to much, where soft tissue injuries could arise without appropriate analysis.

Training session plans can be implemented so that targets can be set with the aim of achieving them in various training drills and game simulations.

Medical department:


When players sustain injuries they can be monitored week-to-week with the appropriate care to protect them so that they can get back on the pitch in an appropriate timeframe.

Organised lists can give important details about where each individual player is at in their recovery, with short-term and long-term absentees provided to medical staff which can then prompt treatment and rehabilitation to be completed.

Injuries can be managed thoughtfully so that it eliminates the temptation of rushing a player back too early, which can lead to more or worse problems over time if the player isn’t managed correctly.


An entire club can be managed on the one platform, with all financial aspects covered to put more control on spending.

Contracts are fully digitised and includes all the appropriate details of all staff members. The number of years and months remaining on contracts are easily visible.

When the transfer window is open, it can be managed through the software and even offers simulating scenarios. Clubs will be informed about how much money they have to spend on new signings if they want them, or they could instead invest this on new contracts for team members.

A full analysis of a club’s financial performance is done with real-time monitoring, where capital gain and losses are recorded. It helps navigate through the ins and outs of revenue and costs.

Talent ID:

Academy players can be tracked to assess their development en route to a senior team call up.

Iterpro allows coaches to give up and coming players attributes that can be updated over time to see how they can grown in their development.

The attributes feature is also useful for club scouts who can make note of a potential signings’ strengths and weaknesses, which can lead to decisions about how they may be a good fit for a new team.

Iterpro can play a major part for clubs looking to gain a competitive advantage, being a positive influence for future team management.

You can see all of what Iterpro has to offer here.

Deploy Football continues allegiance with Football NSW

Deploy Football have partnered with Football NSW to be the Official Community and Tournament Ball.

Deploy Football have partnered with Football NSW to be the Official Community and Tournament Ball.

Based out of the Sutherland Shire of Sydney, Deploy Football is a proudly Australian owned and leading football developer and manufacturer which services grassroots clubs and schools across the country and internationally.

Deploy’s strong focus on creating high quality products gives players, coaches and organisations the best chance to achieve great results.

A two-year agreement sees Deploy come on board as the official ball for the Waratah Cup, Country Cup, State Cup Finals and Champion of Champion Finals.

“It’s great to be back partnering with Football NSW and helping support grassroots tournaments,” Andrew Head, Founder & Managing Director of Deploy Sports Group Pty Ltd, said.

“We are creating a strong bond with local football clubs & associations and have a clear focus on bringing quality and value to the community – I’m looking forward to a great year of football.”

Football NSW are thrilled that Deploy have recommitted as a reliable locally-based partner.

“It’s fantastic to have Deploy Football on board with Football NSW as our Official Community and Tournament ball for 2021 and 2022,” Football NSW CEO Stuart Hodge said.

“We’ve worked with the brand before, so we know that they will provide a quality product for our competitions, including the Waratah Cup, State Cup, Champion of Champions and our Junior tournaments.”

Football Victoria and Melbourne Chinese Soccer Association begin formal partnership

Football Victoria (FV) has announced a formal partnership with the Melbourne Chinese Soccer Association (MCSA).

Football Victoria (FV) has announced a formal partnership with the Melbourne Chinese Soccer Association (MCSA).

The partnership was created with a mutual alignment of values, including a desire to promote sporting opportunities and social inclusion for men and women from culturally diverse backgrounds.

It builds on the positive relationship between the two organisations, ratified in 2019 with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding.

MSCA and FV share a common goal for football to be used as a platform to promote multiculturalism, gender diversity, an active lifestyle and social inclusion,” FV CEO Kimon Taliadoros said.

This partnership will make the world game more accessible for more people. This is a great result for football in Victoria.”

MCSA was established in 1995 and aims to provide opportunities for young people, predominately but not exclusively for those of Chinese heritage to play football in a friendly, competitive environment.

The association accommodates approximately 1,800 registered players, consisting of more than 70 cultural backgrounds.

As part of this collaboration, MSCA will continue to be the main organiser of the MSCA Winter League, Melbourne U-Nite Men’s Cup and Melbourne U-Nite Women’s Cup.

FV will provide MSCA with priority pitch access for bookings at Darebin International Sports Centre and Knox Regional Football Centre, as well as match balls, meeting spaces and other amenities.

The partnership will provide increased opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds to stay active and socially included.

“MSCA focuses on providing affordable football for the diverse grassroots community of Melbourne,” MSCA President Ben Lau said.

‘’MCSA is excited with the opportunity to work with Football Victoria to ensure that our diverse grassroots community is the winner.’’

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