Uniguest: Revolutionising the matchday stadium experience


Digital revolution has turned football clubs into global entities and a brand. But the experience for match going fans is one of the most important aspects in keeping fans coming through the turnstiles, whether that be tourists or die-hard fans.

At the heart of this, is Uniguest, a company directed toward enhancing matchday experiences in stadiums around the world.

Although once severely neglected by even the biggest teams in the world, electronic signage and TV displays are now at the heart of merchandise, catering, and gameplay at many of the world’s most popular venues. Covering NFL stadiums, NASCAR tracks, as well as 40% of the United States MLS, and 50% of all English Premier League Stadiums, Uniguest is a well-established brand, although to many consumers. They work in the background of the matchday experience, and are but a glancing thought.

Uniguest’s event triggers for stadiums accentuates the experience of the matchday attendee, with pre-set video and sound functions around the stadium during different passages of play, such as goal animations, or other celebrations or points of interest. The availability of premium experiences in V.I.P. sections of a stadium, complete with infotainment, live menus in concessions, rolling advertisements and promotions, also stand to increase R.O.I. within the stadium. These can even include directions and locations of food and merchandise stores, enticing patrons to visit these and spend money at the football club.

The platform allows football clubs and other businesses to control exactly what’s on display on any given screen, at any given time. Management from a single interface, at a cost to fit the football clubs needs and wants. Uniguest works with some of the biggest clubs in the world, Chelsea and Manchester City to name a few, however, they also work with community clubs and lower tier clubs, who are interested in improving the matchday experience for fans, as they have a smaller audience outside of the stadium itself, and thus need to put an onus on creating a memorable experience for the everyday match attendee, unlike a club of Chelsea’s stature, who has an international fanbase.

Uniguest reports that their clients have a double-digit percentage increase in concession sales, as well as overall increases in fan reception and satisfaction measures. Reports can also be generated to show sponsors of a football club how many times a logo or advertisement for a partner has been shown during a game day, which can be shown to both current and prospective sponsors of the club eager to take up the real estate around the stadium.

Digital menus for concession allow for a more free-flowing and informed traffic flow, as customers know what is on offer, and how much it will cost before they order their food or collect before paying. Customers may feel apprehensive in getting out of their seat and joining a long queue to get food and drink at a match, but with Uniguest’s digital menus, this has sped up transactions immensely. Ultimately, this leads to fans back in their seats faster, enjoying more of the matchday experience, and hungry to come back for more.

Uniguest ensure clients that through consultants, design agencies, and the football clubs themselves, that each setup is designed individually, with content, applications and infrastructure are all delicately planned, as there is no one size fits all in the industry. As Uniguest caters for hotels, education, racetracks and sports stadiums, there is a need to study and tap into the culture of each individual club, sport, and area, putting Uniguest in a strong position to assist football clubs drive and manage projects, and achieving matchday enhancement and fan engagement outcomes.

How CTN recovery technologies enable longevity in careers

CTN are a Finnish-based technology company dedicated to providing cutting-edge devices that assist in optimal recovery.

The importance of recovery across the lives of athletes, professional, semi-professional and amateur sport participants is at the forefront of the Finnish outfits’ ideologies.

The link between completing a recovery routine and long-term health is often overlooked. As the specialists in (cold) cryotherapy devices, CRT are looking to bridge the gap between the two aspects; Making recovery more convenient and effective for people across the globe.

Developments in the advancement of their current technology are compounded by the creation of new devices. The sole mission of the company is to ultimately promote recovery efficiency while improving the well-being of its users, all from the comfort of their own home through a vast number of alternating recovery devices.

The devices have many uses. Not only used as a form of pain relief, but can be used as a form of prevention for injuries, reduction of stress, prevention of illness, and to slow the human ageing process.

As the official partner of the Finnish Olympic Committee, the company is active in multiple professional sports and physical activity body’s around the globe – none more involved than the global phenomenon of football.

CTN’s headquarters.

Footballers of today’s current generation are under enormous physical endurance pressures. In 2020, a determined and willing 18-year-old by the name of Pedri, within his maiden season with Barcelona, had played 75 games of football for both the Catalonian based outfit, and the Spanish national team. It was an effort in which was mirrored by Manchester United’s Bruno Fernandes, who amassed 74 games.

With the installation of new tournaments and competitions on both a domestic and international scale, the athletic performance of a footballer has never been more crucial.

The workload involved in playing at the highest level without recovery could simply not occur.

The embodiment of this is showcased through current Chelsea FC defender and Brazilian legend Thiago Silva, who partnered with CTR in 2023.

The 39-year-old centre back is well and truly in the twilight stages of his decorated playing career. Working in conjunction with CTR as a promoter of the technology company, he is an avid user of several high-quality devices all from the comfort of his own home.

For magnetic muscle stimulation, the X-Tone device is applied to muscles in need of repair. This occurs after they’ve been used to their highest capacity.

Muscle strength and endurance is achieved through the X-TONE’s non-invasive yet effective magnetic muscle stimulation.

Development of the muscle is fast tracked through immense stimulation, stimulating the targeted muscle area with over 20,000 contractions over a 30 minute session.

There are a vast variety of benefits for athletes found in exposing the body to artic like cold temperatures in small bursts.

The reduction of inflammation, pain relief and improvement of circulation, alongside sustaining mental sharpness are just some of the many benefits found in cryotherapy.

Cryotherapy in the form of ice baths have been a focal point of athletic recovery for generations.

Through this new exciting innovation, gone are the days where athletes have to hobble to the shops to purchase ice bags to use in the shallow bath hub at home, as their ‘ice bath’.

With an understated acknowledgment of the current peak physical condition required for footballers to fulfil their playing obligations, it has reached high capacity. Devices crafted by a company dedicated to an athlete’s recovery are frankly commodities which must be utilised by those who wish to participate at their optimal athletic level.

CTN devices are evidently fundamental for a players recovery and longevity. It was no surprise to find that consummate professional Thiago Silva uses the Finnish company’s products.

Nearing 40 yet being physically able to play on a weekly basis in arguably the best league in the world, is a feat not achieved without having proven variables surrounding the player.

Going forward, are we going to see more players within the Thiago Silva plethora by extending their careers through the use of advanced recovery technology?

Eyeball: Changing the foundation of scouting

The very foundation of scouting has changed forever. 

Eyeball is an Artificial intelligence (AI) powered product designed to assist footballing entities in scouting the potential football athletes from various countries around the world.

With over 100,000 players within the technologies database all comprised of youth players, football clubs across the globe are raising their eyebrows as to what this brilliant technology can provide.

The system acts as a football scout. Remotely and in the convenience of a smartphone device, the search and evaluation of performance capacity of the players within its database can be compared to football’s finest players. The service prides itself on optimising academy recruitment, without a club worrying about the financial difficulties involved in travel or acquisition of scouting personnel.

The contemporary scouting platform has an established and researched insight database, all gathered from the youth academies of Europe’s leading football giants.

European markets including the footballing nations of Spain, England, Germany, Holland, Belgium, and Croatia are also joined by the African markets of Ghana, Mali, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Guinea, Senegal and Sierra Leone. These are the markets in which Eyeball operate within, acting as the ever growing customer base of their elite scouting technology.

Youth scouting is strenuous. Professional clubs who are struggling within their respective leagues due to being less financially opportunistic, are already on the back-foot. With its locality and lack of scouting network, the fundamental exercise in terms of growing a club and its talent pool, becomes surplus. The purpose of Eyeball and its technology is to make the scouting process simple yet effective, as it has essentially modernised the process, bridging the gap between potential players and professional clubs.

Determined to enhance its science, searchable player data is a primary focus of Eyeball in which they seek to further improve. This is through the analysation of video data from talented players throughout the globe, combatted with the collection of a prospects data.

The data collected is imperative. Driven by 13 statistical parameters, it includes shots on target, successful dribbles, incisive passes and passes in the final third – just to name a few.

The parameters collected can be searched by the club officials using the app, perhaps on the hunt for a player in whom possess specific qualities dependent on what the club requires on the pitch.

Summaries of key stats are compiled by AI based upon data collected from partner clubs that have detailed profiles upon talent within the database. The AI technology allows partnered clubs to put these prospects into AI generated match-simulations, allowing for the assessment of a players performance all through the use of Eyeball’s data breakdown technology.

The player app feature of Eyeball can be a considered a polarizing tool in which football participants can utilise in order to garner a tangible understanding of their ability. The player app allows players to access performance data from within the platform while also showcasing to the scouts using the technology, the ability in which the player possesses.

Games can be watched back by players, while Eyeball analyses the games and a breakdown of the performance. This allows players and coaches to make the necessary changes to a players training routine, showcasing the areas in which are in need of improvement.

It basically allows a player to sell themselves to scouts. Professional clubs are examining the profiles and the players are able to customize their profile, showcasing their greatest qualities in-match highlights. Matches can be watched back and analysed, as they are stored within Eyeball’s database.

Individuals can hunt for specific match moments, with a play-by-play game events feature dissecting every move a player makes throughout matches documented. Eyeball’s analysts watch each match closely, providing a breakdown of performance statistics. Players distribution performance, as well as their offensive and defensive performances are outlined.

Eyeball possesses the ambition of wanting to become a pioneer in bridging the gap between talented youth prodigies and becoming the next generational top tier of talent across the globe. All through the inclusive access of insight and data performance surveyed and interpreted through its system.

Over 100 professional clubs are using the Eyeball technology, with the company making major waves in regards to the foundation in which scouting is exercised. Perhaps it would be in the interest of Australia professional clubs to also utilise this ground-breaking technology for their benefit.  

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