Victorian Government’s Sporting Club Grants Program applications approaching close date for 2023

Sporting Club Grants Program 2023

With the 2023 football season done and dusted, Victorian grassroots football clubs and organisations are invited to apply for the Victorian State Government’s Sporting Clubs Grants Program, with Round 1 of funding closing 4pm, Thursday October 12.

The program’s aim is developing safety and sustainability within grassroots football clubs, as well as driving social and active local communities.

The Sporting Club Grants Program (SCGP) offers grants for a few key issues including:

  • Uniforms and essential participation equipment, first-aid, and safety
  • Increasing equity, diversity, and inclusiveness
  • Create opportunities for Victorians to participate and increase participation in areas which have low participation rates.
  • Build a sporting culture which reflects the changing community needs.

Applications are only accepted from community-based organisations involved in the delivery of sport and active recreation in Victoria.

Applicants must be non-government, not-for-profit, operating in Victoria and registered as one of the following entities:

  • an incorporated association
  • a company limited by guarantee.
  • an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporation.

Eligible applicants can only submit one application in one of the following three categories:

Category 1: On-field Uniforms or Equipment

Up to $1,000 to purchase on-field playing uniforms, participation equipment for competitors and active participants, safety, injury prevention and first-aid equipment.

Category 2: Volunteers and Officials

Up to $2,000 for projects that provide improvements to volunteering and officiating.

Category 3: Access and Engagement

Up to $1,000 for tools and resources that improve accessibility, governance and strengthen engagement with members and participants, or up to $4,000 to plan and deliver a new sport or active recreation program.

Eligible applicants can submit one or more applications in the following category:

Category 4: Competitors

Up to $750 towards the costs of travel, accommodation and event registration fees for individual athletes selected to attend representative competition, selection trials or training camps. These cannot be for team travel.

Funding notes

Organisations that received a grant from the 2022-23 SCGP cannot apply for funding in categories 1, 2 or 3 are ineligible. All eligible organisations can, however, apply for category 4 funding.

The SCGP website also has walkthrough questions and guidance, to ensure your club makes the best decision for which category will best improve your club’s infrastructure. Particularly coming off the back of the success the Matildas sparked across the country, grassroots clubs are encouraged to integrate girls’ football as much as possible into the community, increasing diversity, and equality of participation.

Applicants must submit a completed online application via the Department’s Grants Portal before 4pm on 12 October 2023. Notification outcomes are to be released in December 2023.

Round 2 of the SCGP will open February 20 2024, and close March 20 2024, with notification outcomes scheduled for May 2024.

You must apply for funding within the category for which your project is supported.  Applications submitted in the incorrect category will be ineligible for funding.

To apply and for more information, click here.

White City SC to continue supporting its esteemed youth system

White City Soccer Club are a Serbian Australian community football entity based in south-west Sydney that is a successful recipient of the Local Sport Grant Program.

Founded in 1982, synonymous within the south-west Sydney community, the club has boasted an esteemed grassroots and junior football repertoire.

Driven on the ambition of providing players within the community its rendition of the best possible opportunity.

The development of potential and existing players to grow, prosper and develop their raw ability has been symbolised through the talent WCSC have produced.

Throughout the tremendous contributions the club made within its grassroots programs, which culminated in those players emerging for clubs across the top tiers of Australian Football.

It was through Futsalroo legend Radovan Filipovic, who is most notably the clubs highest achieving alumni, given his contribution to the nation as a Futsalroo captain.

The club have experienced fruitful tenures within football across Sydney, having climbed to the first tier of NSW Football throughout the 1990s.

Currently the club are custodians of the Southern District Football Association, with the spotlight purely on the youth in whom have relished within their respective age-group competitions.

In conjunction with the Fairfield City Council, WCSC have successfully applied and received financial support on behalf of the NSW government, under the Local Sport Grant program initiative.

In accordance to the Local Sport Grant Program website, the club have received a grant of $9,340.00.

The statement in the Local Sport Program Grant website disclosing the following press release:

“By purchasing 4 sets of quality portable goals that can be used by all teams for training and which will facilitate us hosting gala days for juniors.

“We will improve our programs and enhance the experience of all WCSC players and coaches to grow and maintain active sports participation.”

The newly founded financial influx will be targeted towards the investment of portable equipment in which can be used to improve player training sessions, and allow for the facilitation of gala days.

Variety Children’s Charity guiding kids within the community

VCC are a charitable organisation dedicated in pathing a future filled with prosperity for children, regardless of ability or circumstance.

Elevating children who experience disabilities, difficulties and illnesses, VCC act as a support system for those in need when they require it most.

VCC NSW and ACT have invited schools and non-for-profit organisations to apply for a grant of up to $10,000, to allow these respective entity’s to acquire sport equipment.

In an effort to promote accessibility and inclusivity in the community for children aged from birth until early adult-hood, the grant requested must relate directly to the benefit of young citizens within the region of application.

As of 2023, VVC Australia had positively impacted 181,281 kids in need.

The grant of up to $10,000 provided by VCC NSW/ACT has effectively impacted football entities within both regions.

Despite NSW providing funding to 579 successful sporting entity’s across the state under the Local NSW Sports Grant umbrella, the opportunity for further or a newly established influx of finance has the capacity to occur.

New training equipment, coaching and player development programs are attainable by such community clubs who are fuelled by volunteers.

Acknowledging the ever-growing participation of football amongst young participants within the NSW and ACT, a grant can always enable a club of any level to prosper.

Through the installation of new equipment and development programs, young participants become further involved, immersed and tantalized by the idea of football.

Confidence is instilled through the natural progression of each youth participant, equating to better outcomes related to the improvement of a players technical ability, fitness and skill-level.

Culminating in football entity’s growing through the newly reinvigorated youth teams.

Although the grant may not be of large proportions, the ripple effect it may have upon a club has the potential to lay upon a new foundation of a clubs success moving forward.

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