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Founded from Genoa in 2004, Wyscout is an international platform based in Italy which specialises in football scouting, transfer dynamics, and match analysis – regarded as one of the most used technological services in football.

Matteo Campodonico, a co-founder of Wyscout, is a former amateur footballer in Italy and upon early retirement was inspired by his playing days and his coach’s methodology. Along with Simone Falzetti, they brought Wyscout to life.

Initially, along with their colleague Piermaria, they started with filming and editing local matches – with the emergence of DVD softwares in 2004, they turned their hobby into an international business platform. Wyscout was started with the purpose to provide a set of innovative technological products for video data editing along with information on players, competition, matches, and plenty more. Through these products, football organisations are able to have an advanced view of athletes’ performances, trends of play, strategy, and more.

Since 2004, they have been pioneers in providing video analysis tools and digital databases for football operations and have aided coaches, teams, and players in their performance as well as in dealing with the football world.

Wyscout possesses one of the widest football video archives in the world, ensuring they have the most advanced information on football matches, players, teams, and competitions. This extends to major European leagues such as Premier League, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, La Liga, and Serie A, through to various youth competitions. Across the globe, more than 250 football completions are analysed. Over 200 football games are uploaded every week and Wyscout analysts segment the match data into thousands of short and easy-to-find video clips. Professional reports, rankings, searching tolls, and other advanced statistics enable football organisations to track and measure every detail.

Wyscout’s services include providing information, statistics needed to organise the day-to-day operations. Performance Analysts can measure and analyse players’ development, while heads of scouting can build travel schedules for scouts across the globe with the help of Wyscout data. Football organisations can monitor and plan to optimise their performance.

Wyscout data enables clubs to analyse opponents and individual matchups along with, managing events and enhancing the capabilities of technical teams. Advanced search situated on Wyscout’s innovative database after analysing a large amount of data in a few quick seconds offers over 100 filters to find the right player.

WyscoutThrough Wyscout data, clubs can use this for websites and social media to create content based on stats of any player, team, and coach’s performance. Integration of communication mechanisms, along with developing technical skills, is made easier by the constant update of data after every match. Coaches and video analysis teams are able to share videos, data, stats, etc with all technical staff within the football club ensuring, efficiency and alignment of the club’s vision for future outcomes. Adjusting and comparing numbers and videos at any time during the season ensures accurate analysis for any occasion to micro-manage players’ performance and work with them to develop it.

Wyscout allows football clubs to process travel schedules, policies, agendas, medical exams, training, diet programs, etc and can be integrated into internal software to improve efficiency. Scouting networks have access to high-quality analysed data of over 450,000 football players and over 220,000 catalogued games. Wyscout’s range of products aids clubs and football federations to create one digital database for videos, stats, and player/competition/match information.

Federations and clubs in minor footballing countries can create private archives to store statistics and other data, ensuring the development of technical elements of any minor/youth tournament and league across the globe. This provides custom resources for referee federations to improve adaptability and preparedness to games along with promoting and managing player portfolios to push clubs and federations to build a good network list.

Wyscout’s talent centre products are designed to collect data of under 21 players who have played in the first team for at least 20% of total minutes in the current season. This provides clubs and organisations to scroll through lists of debutants and analyse reports from the best youth and be able to discover the best young talents in the world – along with browsing global talents by filtering values like geographical region, birth date, market value, minutes, and matches played and plenty more.

Overall Wyscout is intuitive, smart, easy, and has evolved since its inception in 2004 to enhance the performances of the teams, day by day. Wyscout has an established structure and stands on the pillars of innovation and technology.

Over its course, Wyscout has become the reference point of football professionals and emerged as an enormous digital footballing database that has contributed massively to the globalisation of football.

Football NSW promote developmental opportunities in the Riverina region

Football NSW representatives have visited the Riverina regions of Albury-Wodonga, Wagga Wagga and Griffith providing several developmental opportunities to participants, clubs and associations in the area.

During this three-day trip, over 200 local players between the ages of 9 and 13 attended player clinics, more than 30 participants underwent coaching education sessions and 25 coach and association representatives attended the club development workshops.

Club Changer, Football Australia’s club developmental program designed to support all community clubs with access to support specific to their club’s needs, was also involved throughout the club development sessions in Albury and Wodonga. Clubs from Football NSW and Football Victoria attended to learn more about the resources and support from Club Changer while also planning for long-term sustainability and success.

Female Development Officer at Football Wagga Wagga, Stacey Collins, was proud to see the amount of female representation during the club developmental sessions:

“It was brilliant to have many clubs in the room for the club development session and to discuss the development of female football with these clubs,” Collins said via Football NSW media release.

“The coach education session was also predominantly female coaches, which is great to see.”

Football NSW Regional Development Officer (Riverina), Daniel Lucas was impressed with the response throughout the three-day tour:

“This shows a thirst for coaches who are wanting to continue their development after recently completing their MiniRoos and Foundation of Football coaching courses earlier this year,” he added via Football NSW press release.

Football NSW is continuing with these coach and club development programs over the next few months where they will travel to regional Western and Southern regions of NSW.

Looking at the recent responses, Football NSW’s club and coach development workshops show there is a real desire to expand the game in regional areas of Australia. If we see a similar reaction in the Western and Southern regional areas of NSW, it proves there should be more overall support when it comes to football development all over the country no matter the area of the club.

Sydney FC’s vision to expand its influence in Asia through coaching

Sydney FC is currently on a mission to expand its influence across Asia, with a dedicated focus on nurturing young talent and empowering coaches in the region.

Head of Academy Nick Susko and Head of Fan Engagement Howard Fondyke are currently in Singapore running coaching clinics and coach education sessions with the country’s rising stars.

During their visit, Susko and Fondyke engaged with a diverse group of ages and genders, working closely with over 160 boys and girls over the past week.

In addition to their coaching roles, Fondyke also was a guest speaker at SportsPro’s Conference at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, where he shared the club’s fan engagement strategy to a network of interested local business leaders.

Fondyke also touched on Sydney FC’s innovative strategy to build relationships and connections amongst the football community in Asia by completing these coaching clinics and familiarising people in the continent with the club in the hopes to expand as a brand on top of their view to nurture more talent.

Recently, the club appointed Ferrari Australasian president Dr. Jan Hendrik Voss to the clubs board of directors where he discussed in an interview about the specific vision to expand the club’s brand internationally.

The SportsPro event was one of many that the club will involve themselves in to try and connect with the international business community, so there is good reason to expect some more international partnerships and collaborations in the near future.

Starting in Asia is a good initial plan considering the club will return to Asian football through its AFC Champions League 2 qualification.

On the pitch success at that tournament will go hand in hand with its business ventures and the club seeks to build upon its $450,000 it has earned through qualifying for the group stages.

It’s an initiative that shows the commitment the Sky Blues have with fostering football talent outside of the Australian border but also underscores its role as a global ambassador for the sport.

Sydney FC remain a leader in this space in Australian football, making strides in Asia with a vision to expand further and providing valuable football education to young talent through their elite coaching set up.

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